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Meet our Students from Ivory Coast

February 26, 2015


February 16, 2015


Xin chao! My name is Hao and I am from Viet Nam. I enjoy studying at ELS/Grand Rapids. In ELS, I have met many friends from around the world. And I have explored many cultures & religions. From the first time I came here until now, my English skills have improved a lot, and my social skills have improved too. ELS gives me many opportunities to adapt as fast as possible to American life. It also prepares me for my future college life too.
I am glad to study here and thanks for helping me to all teachers in ELS Grand Rapids.



February 16, 2015


HI! My name is Duy. I am from Viet Nam. This is the first time I have been to America, especially Michigan. Coming here, I can enjoy the cold weather, see snow falling, all these things I had never experienced before. I am really excited! Moreover, I attend class at ELS Language Centers/Grand Rapids, located at Grand Valley State University. I love everything here, from the artistic structures around campus, the whole-hearted teachers and the international students. I find a lot joyful, I can make friends with everyone, even the teachers. I am so proud that I study here and I will always remember this place wherever I go. This place has changed me & my life.



February 6, 2015


ELS has provided me with one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. The program has given me the opportunity to learn English as a second language and be able to meet people from different cultures.
ELS program offers a very organized course that takes you step by step into the process of learning a second language. Our teachers are very supportive and dedicated, and help us to established valuable relationship between students and teachers. I always feel encouraged to improve my skills.
In addition, ELS Grand Rapids has the advantage of being located in GVSU main Campus in Allendale, MI. It offers us the possibility of enjoying the wonderful facilities that this University has.
Finally, the staff, professors and advisors of ELS promote extracurricular activities including games, excursions, parties, and other cultural activities where we can share with American students of GVSU, and carry on a conversation with natives English Speakers.
I'm thankful for being in this supporting environment that is helping me to achieve my goal.



February 5, 2015


My name is Tinh and I am from Viet Nam. I’m very interested in study English at ELS Language Centers/Grand Rapids. The teachers are nice & they have many experiences about teaching and helping students improve English. For me, I have many friends from ELS, coming from many countries in the world. Furthermore, I love the weather here in Michigan. ELS always makes a lot of activities for me and for students: chat sessions or picnics for relaxing after school time. I think this is a good environment for practicing our English. I give my thanks to ELS Grand Rapids and all the teachers too.



February 5, 2015


I am from Honduras, and I studied Civil Engineering. When I was in classes related to structural mechanics, I had a fascination for bridges, tunnels,dams, buildings and some other structures that were built with steel and concrete so I decided to study a Master program in Structural Engineering where I graduated with the highest honors in 2011. Also, I had the pleasure to work with the best geotechnical engineer and structural engineer of Honduras. We designed a lot of kind structures together including bridges and buildings.

Finally, I decided to study in Clemson University two years ago. I have heard and read a lot of good comments about it, hence my decision to study in Clemson. I began at the ELS/Clemson-Greenville center on August 25, 2014. I will entered the PhD program with emphasis in Structural Engineering at Clemson in January, 2015. In Honduras I studied English in several courses, but it is very hard when you don't have time to study. But at the same time, I am aware that ELS program is only a platform, I have to keep reading, learning new vocabulary and practicing as much as I can.

In my opinion, everything works fine at ELS/Clemson-Greenville. The teaching system at ELS program is very similar
to Honduras’ system so I feel very comfortable. In most of classes, we have to do researches, presentations, debates and essays, that are essential requisites to study in the University.

I enjoyed my time at ELS/Clemson-Greenville very much. Thanks to the staff because they have created a big family here.

-Marcos, Honduras


February 5, 2015


I chose the unit of ELS in Grand Rapids because I knew I would not find many Brazillian people here. My focus was really learning English in both grammar and in daily life. Today I see that was the best choice! The school offered me all the support when I arrived in the city and has great teachers: very dynamic, funny and with their particular ways of teaching the English. I'm going back to my country very happy to have reached my goal and I have to thank all the members of the school for helping me and congratulate all because ELS is the best English school!



February 3, 2015


Living and studying outside of my home country is not an easy experience, but with ELS everything was simpler for me. The staff here does everything possible so we can feel comfortable and safe in the middle of so many novelties. The classes are very good and interactive. A differential ELS Hollywood is its location. For lovers of cinema us something not to be missed, because the school is located in the famous Los Angeles Film School and just a few minutes away from the Walk of Fame!”



February 3, 2015


It's been almost 3 months since I arrived in California. It's passed too quickly. I remember when I first arrived in the host family. I was completely disoriented; the only things I wanted to do was to come back home. Today, for me, it is the opposite. I want to stay here in this beautiful place, by this fantastic family. Santa Barbara is my ideal city, in which I could live forever. It has the perfect weather, a beautiful center and a huge beach.

I spent 3 incredible months, full of emotions. I met so many new people and I have made many new friends. I had the opportunity to do many trips and therefore, to visit many cities. I had the opportunity to improve my English and I'm very happy to have chosen ELS Santa Barbara as my English school. I can not believe that my experience has come to an end. And I can not believe that I will have to say good-bye to the family that hosted me for these 3 months. I will miss them very much. I will miss having dinner with them, doing activities with them, talking to them but overall living with them.

I have been very lucky to live in this wonderful family that has always helped me when I needed it. They have been very helpful to me and they taught me many useful things for my future. However, we will remain in contact but it will not be the same because I will no longer share my experiences directly with them. I am very grateful to my parents who have allowed me to live the best experience of my life. I hope to come back here as soon as possible and meet again all the fantastic people.


Abdullah Altayar

February 3, 2015


I have been studying at ELS for more than one year. The people in the school have become as close to me as my family. The reason I stayed here so long is the great education system that ELS offers for his students as well as the welcoming atmosphere of the school. I have so many beautiful memories with classmates and teachers of the classes and fun activities we did together. I will never forget them!

-Abdullah Altayar,Saudi Arabia

Soyeon Lee

February 3, 2015


I have studied in ELS for 4 months and I really enjoyed my time there. The best things that ELS has is the "policy" of leveling up the class. The student can level up only if they have sufficient grade such as GPA or final test, which is taken the end of a session. Knowing this, most students are very motivated to fulfill all assignment they are required for class. This attitude affects not only their grades but also the atmosphere in the school. Needless to say, the more we go through all kinds of assignments, the bigger the fellowship among classmates becomes. Of course, we don't only study all the time. During class, we also enjoy games and funny activities.

-Soyeon Lee,South Korea


February 3, 2015


I had good time in ELS Atlantic City with fantastic people. Teachers are really nice and helpful. The staffs are kind and friendly. When I was here, everyone helped me to improve my English skills and to be more comfortable. I love this place I hope I can come back to study here one day!



February 3, 2015


I stayed 3 months in the ELS Atlantic City and I can say that it was one of the best experience in my life. I improved my skills and I had a lot of fun. The teachers are very friendly and teach everything they know. Thank you ELS!



February 3, 2015


ELS at Johnson City is a wonderful place to improve your English skills. It’s where you can feel at home, where you can make friends from all over the world, where you can meet great teachers!

That has been, no doubt, my best experience since I came to America. I had thought that I would have a long and hard study time before I met those nice and kind teachers in ELS. When I came to ELS for the first time, I saw a smiling face from the teachers, which made me feel relaxed and all my nerves and worries gone. What’s more, my other teachers are so kind and friendly that they are more like friends for me and we can communicate without any obstruction. In addition, I meet so many student friends here from Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, South Korea, and Brazil. They told me about their lives in their homelands. I felt the diversity but more similarity of our worlds.

It helps me to fit in American college smoothly, and makes me more confident about my English. Thanks ELS!



February 3, 2015


My favorite thing about ELS in Portland, Oregon is that the teachers have very high teaching skills. And they are friendly and always help to develop my English skill. My favorite activity is visiting some special places, such as Mt. Hood and Canon Beach on the Pacific Ocean. Of course, I would recommend ELS in Portland,
Oregon because Portland is a really safe place and every people are kind to me. I could make many friends easily.



February 3, 2015


The place where Stockton is located is wonderful. It's lush and green and I like that. People at ELS are very kind and helpful and they make me feel comfortable. It was not only a good learning experience but a very good life experience.



February 3, 2015


I decided to study at ELS in Portland, Oregon because I was told Portland is safe and the people are friendly. Thus, I came here,
and I found it was true! I like ELS school, and I recommend it! ELS/Portland offers fun activities, and the best activity that I enjoyed was a special trip to OMSI with my class. Thank you ELS to give me this chance. I also liked kayaking, paddling on the Columbia River, and going to Seattle. I would recommend ELS in Portland, Oregon to my friends in my home country because of the good behavior and manner from the teachers and the administration.



February 3, 2015


The reason I decide to come to ELS Portland is because somebody recommended it to me. The thing I like the most about ELS in Portland, Oregon is that the teachers teach well and with passion. All staff is so kind and friendly, and here are not too many Koreans. The biggest challenge that I face as an international student is using English and studying English as native speakers. To new international students, I would recommend try to speak and use English even if it is tough to you, try to meet and talk with Americans, and talk and hang out with international students without your using your language. I would recommend ELS in Portland, Oregon to my friends in my home country because Portland is good place to stay! It is not too hot or too cold. It has many delicious food and great landscape. Here is a very organic and natural city! My favorite thing about Portland is that it has no sales tax, friendly people, and the safety. My favorite place to go in the city is shopping at Woodburn outlet mall and going downtown to hang out with my friends. After I finish ELS in Portland, Oregon, I will go to College in Seattle and study business.

-Joun,South Korea


February 3, 2015


One of the most beautiful experiences in my life, I really appreciate every single moment here, it was amazing. I learned a lot.



February 3, 2015


My experience on ELS Atlantic City was incredible and amazing. They have excellent teachers that are really concerned about their students to learn as much as possible. The administrative personnel is also excellent, and they really care about the students not only in the academic aspect. I totally recommend it!



February 3, 2015


My name is Thu and I am from Viet Nam. I am a new student at
ELS Language Centers/Grand Rapids. The first day I came here, I was impressed by teacher’s enthusiasm. Moreover, I have met many international students and I can practice my speaking skills when I communicate with them, teachers & friends. I believe that I will speak English fluently & my English will improve in the future.


ELS/Grand Rapids Celebrates Teacher's Day!

January 27, 2015


January 27, 2015


January 27, 2015

-Saud,Saudi Arabia


January 8, 2015


I love all of the teachers and people at ELS Ruston.
Sometimes Americans come to ELS to talk with the students.

When I first came here, I didn’t know anything. I just said
“yes” or “no” because my English wasn’t good, but not I can understand what people say.

I have met lots of people, especially talking with Americans
helped me. What I want to say is “don’t be shy about your English, you came to study English.”

-Sangu,South Korea

Monserrat and Efren

January 8, 2015


We arrived as a part of the Proyecta 100,000 - university students from Mexico. Right away, we saw that we were very welcome and we noticed how friendly the center is. It felt like home. Everything was prepared and ready for us. In Mexico, I am employed in advertising. My best memory from ELS DeKalb was a research project and presentation that I did about advertising. My teachers helped me prepare for this verbally and in writing. The material that is taught here is helpful because it is intensive and it is very practical. The language we learn we can use in everyday English. Of course, we enjoyed all of the resources made available to us and the activities. The Latino Resource Center prepared activities for us and showed us how Latino college students live and study in this country. We also participated together as a center in many activities such as our trip to Chicago where we shopped and saw the sites. We also went bowling and had many lunches together. Really, everything could not have been better. Right away when you begin at ELS DeKalb you can see that ELS DeKalb and this community is the perfect place to for your studies. Thank you ELS DeKalb, we will never forget you.

It was my first time visiting the United States. I wasn't sure what to expect. The first thing I noticed was how nice everyone was and the professionalism of the center. The teachers here are great - my favorite memory is preparing weekly for our presentations. The English that we learn, the quality is very good and the pace is very good. Studies here are intensive and I think it motivates students to really care about their education. My favorite experience here was our trip to Chicago with Mr. Tom. I have never been to a big city like Chicago before, so it was great where we arrived at Navy Pier and then in groups we went into downtown to view different sites and attractions. That will be a memory I will never forget.

-Efren and Monserrat,Mexico


January 8, 2015



I like the family atmosphere the most. Even though everybody comes to the program to learn English, there is something more behind it. Everyone,especially teachers, care not only for improving English, but also they really care about who you are and where come from.


Studying at ELS helps you to find a way to overcome your culture shock. Because everyone is so friendly here, you would know that you are not alone. Moreover, ELS program prepares students for future education at the university, academic’s structure of the program is designed for the students to be ready for challenges in the future.


My English has improved in many ways, but the most helpful for me were tons of group discussions in the classroom where I needed to express myself without preparing. It was the best practice!


When I came to the program, I did not expect that I met such a great number of Arabic students. I learned a lot about their culture and religion. I even had many opportunities to try some of their national food; so delicious.



January 8, 2015


It is hard to decide about the best part of studying at ELS Chicago because everything has been wonderful, the school, the teachers, the staff, the building managers, the classmates, the roommate . . I mean every single aspect of this process. I have acquired much more confidence in the use of the English language, and most of all I have learned how to use the language in real situations, which means much greater potential in my skills as a teacher, being able not only to speak English but to share it with my Spanish-speaking students.



January 8, 2015


Studying at ELS Boston Newton is one of the most important and interesting experiences I have ever had. Here I improve all my skills and abilities in English, such as listening, writing and speaking. You can make friends from other countries and learn from them a lot of things. The teachers are very prepared and organized, and in the classes I feel in confidence with my teachers and with my classmates.

Definitely I think ELS Boston Newton is a good option to improve your English because you practice it a lot. I will recommend to my friends in Mexico!

-Librado ,Mexico

Valeria Casillas Santiago

January 8, 2015


I have enjoyed my classes at ELS, I had teachers that always help me to improve my English, they correct to me when I made a mistake. I think that I improve my speaking, writing, reading and listening, because I always tried to practice all the time with my classmates. It's a great experience to know people from another countries because we shared things and get to know about cultures. Actually the other part of the group of ELS, I mean administrative, helped us with things like travel, homestay, places, and they always gave to me kind words!

-Valeria Casillas Santiago,Mexico


January 8, 2015


I'm so glad and grateful to be here. Beyond of knowledge that I've gotten, I have to say that ELS gave me one of the best experiences that I've ever had. This school gave me the opportunity to have some friends from different parts of the world, and they opened my eyes in so many things that I realize that we're just a little piece of the puzzle, but by the time you accept others as they are, you start to have a great experience which makes you to spread your vision. So now I have great friends from other countries and also a great family.

It's hard for me to say goodbye but this is just the beginning because I'll do my best to return and to keep in touch with my new friends, and even though it won't ever be the same, I'll always have those lessons and experiences that my teachers, classmates, friends and homestay gave to me. So many kinds of personalities I really appreciate!


Alma Duran Velazquez

January 8, 2015


I really appreciate all the attention received. Excellent, magnificent teachers, I've really had a good time. Thank you all, my best experience ever!!

-Alma Duran Velazquez,Mexico

Fangio Lopez

January 8, 2015


First of all, I want to say thank you to ELS staff for all your help and attention that you have done for me. It has been a wonderful experience studying here because I have learned many things on every subject. The teachers over here at ELS Boston Newton are really good. Most teachers have good methods or strategies to teach. I would like to have the opportunity to come back again to continue learning.

-Fangio Lopez,Mexico


January 8, 2015


ELS helped me improve my language and by giving me a chance to work with other students from Asia and South America.



January 8, 2015


This had been the best experience I've eve had. Not only did I improve my English but also I made a lot of friends from different parts of the world.

-Haydee Garcia,Mexico


January 8, 2015


ELS has a lot of nice teachers. It is an awesome place where you can improve your English. The center has a very friendly atmosphere. The staff organizes many activities where all students share experiences while they are learning. I made a lot of friends. I had such a great time there. Thank you ELS :)

-Lorena Juarez,Mexico


January 8, 2015


I have studied at ELS Honolulu for four months. At the beginning of my studying at ELS, my English skills were not sufficient to study at any university and I was nervous to be in a new environment. However, I have improved quickly. Teachers were very friendly and helpful. They helped me to determine my deficiencies in English to develop myself. I also have made a lot of friends from different countries. ELS Honolulu has also many facilities to improve your English; such as weekend activities with other ELS students, meetings with HPU students, and extra lessons according to your request. Most importantly, I have really enjoyed my time visiting different beaches on O'ahu!



January 8, 2015


Hello, I'm Sunny!
I really enjoyed Hollywood with awesome friends, teachers, and the environment at Los Angeles Film School. I'm very happy to be one of the first students to study at the new ELS center, and I'd like to thank ELS and Los Angeles Film School for an unforgettable experience and memory!

-Sunny,South Korea


December 5, 2014


ELS Ruston gave me numerous opportunities and chances to become familiar with daily life and study on campus. This made me adapt as fast as possible to American college life. Here I met a lot of new friends from all over the world. This is a great opportunity to experience various cultures. Teachers here are all friendly and helpful. With no doubt they will try their best to help you with any difficulty you faced in your life. Most important things is my English skill, especially listening and speaking, have been greatly improved. In a word, study in ELS Ruston is the best decision that I have ever made for going to university in America. It gives me great help for both study and normal life.