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September 2, 2014


ELS Ruston is one of the definitive decisions I've made for the sake of success. Living in America was not only about learning English, I learned cultures, customs, lifestyles, and more importantly the way to enter the university. I've become prepared in speaking, understanding, and perfect in writing. Studying in this institution was a huge help since, now I'm a student in a university. There are lots of things in ELS helped me to become prepared and the instructors are without a doubt the main factor.


September 2, 2014


ELS is a great place to study and improve your English language skills required in universities, colleges and simply everyday life. I am grateful that I got the chance to study in ELS, though only for a session, for it improved my language skills,especially spoken English. The classes there not only discuss about the lessons, but they also have many class discussions every day. A great place to start your study if you are going to a college or university like me.
The teachers there are also super friendly. They are very helpful in class, always giving answers our your questions, even to the silliest ones. They all know you one by one and can give out feedback depending on what you are lacking in class.



September 2, 2014


Thank you so much!!!!! I cannot express with words what I feel for ELS, but I can say that it has been the greatest experience I've ever had. All the nice people I met, all the great friends I made, all my teachers who pushed me to be better each day, ELS I'm going to carry you in my heart the rest of my life. Thanks all of you guys.


August 19, 2014


I am going to study Master's degree in microbiology.

-Mohammed,Saudi Arabia


August 19, 2014


Next month I will be studying some classes in my county that are related to dentistry.

-Ameen,Saudi Arabia


August 14, 2014


There are many excellent teachers in the ELS of Ruston to improve our English skills. They always teach us politely when we have some questions. Also, we can have fun with students from all over the world. Experience their different cultures in the United States through English is a great time for us. In addition, they are so friendly, therefore we can be friends with each other quickly through English.


August 6, 2014


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Kento: I thought this was a good place to study because it was quiet compared to the centers in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

ELS: How long have you studied with our center?
Kento: I have studied here for four months.

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while studying here?
Kento: I loved to play basketball with my international friends. It was very exciting. We played in the gym on campus sometimes
with Dominican neighbors. We didn’t limit ourselves just to basketball; we also played soccer and volleyball. I also really appreciate the staff for giving me lots of help and guidance surrounding my choice to apply for Georgetown University.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice for any future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco- North Bay?
Kento: For high schools students, you need to be independent
and self-motivated. I would also recommend the Conversation Partners Program, which gives you the opportunity to talk with American people. Also you get to learn about culture and how life is in the American school.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Kento: One thing I was surprised about was how much the teachers really care about their students. I immediately felt comfortable with my teachers and I think they tried to explain things again and again if you don’t understand. The teachers are passionate about their job and they take pride in your success.

-Kento ,Japan

Zihua "Wilson"

August 6, 2014


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco- North Bay as the center for your studies?
Wilson: My friend studies here and recommended it to me. The environment is the best.

ELS: How long have you studied at our center?
Wilson: Since September 2013.

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while studying here?
Wilson: Meeting new friends and having funny classes. Also, I really liked graduation and am happy to see students graduate onto bigger things each month.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice for any
future students who plan to study here?
Wilson: I would tell them about some studying skills- remember vocabulary and grammar. I would tell them about daily life, like
transportation. I would recommend for them to live in a host family, because it is the best way to practice your English and to learn about the way to stay in a foreign family.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Wilson: About shower time- Americans always take showers in
the morning. Also about laundry; in China we do laundry every day, while in America they do laundry once a week.

ELS: What are your plans now after studying with ELS?
Wilson: I will attend De Anza College and study engineering.

ELS: How has ELS prepared you for De Anza College?
Wilson: ELS has helped me with my English language, learning, reading and writing skills.

ELS: What is one thing you will miss about ELS?
Wilson: I will especially miss the teachers and just studying only English.

-Zihua "Wilson",China


August 6, 2014


I work for a big company in Colombia. I need English to attend international conferences and meetings with foreign people to communicate with each other. ELS Chicago has very good teachers, and they have very good aids to study English such as LTC for grammar and for listening. Students have to give presentations and practice speaking. You also meet a lot of people from many different countries and can learn about different countries. All the teachers and staff try to help students, not only with academics but with activities and staying in Chicago as well.



August 6, 2014


In my opinion,everything I have learned at ELS is useful for me. Every single day I learn something new from my teachers, from the LTC labs, even from my classmates. Studying at ELS will help me in the future to get a good job in my country and when I travel to other countries where people speak English. I will be able to communicate with them because at ELS Chicago I have gotten good English skills.



August 6, 2014


I would like to thank every single teacher in this school as well as the administration without exception. They helped me a lot in a very professional manner. They even help the students with admission to the university, English in general, and how to
speak English to Americans outside of class. I came to Chicago because it is a big city that has about five universities with my major. I choose ELS Chicago because I heard about the agreement it has with approximately 600 universities around the US that will admit students to their programs without taking an English proficiency test.

-Abdul-Kareem,Saudi Arabia


August 6, 2014


My cousin who attended ELS Chicago a long time ago recommended this school to me. He always says that the base of his international business is the friends he made at ELS and the English he studied has helped him communicate with people from all over the world. ELS Chicago offers a good combination of cultures in every class. In ELS Chicago every single class has a huge variety of people from different countries and cultures. Most of my classmates are professionals. This allows me to have deep conversation and develop professional vocabulary for business.

Finally, at the end of each session the teachers give me really personal recommendations about my English and what I should practice more. This is so important and helps me a lot.



August 6, 2014


I have had a good experience in all areas at ELS. I have classmates from every part of the world, and I have improved my English a lot. Studying at ELS Chicago helped me get a good job in the United States. I am grateful to ELS Chicago. The staff are very professional. The director always asks the students how we are doing in class, and the Academic Director arranged a special tutoring course for me to prepare for my interview. It was the perfect class for me.



August 6, 2014


I chose ELS because it has prestige all over the world. The best part is the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world and practice my English with them. ELS Chicago gives me different skills and knowledge to communicate in the best way
for my job at an international company. All teachers and staff at ELS Chicago help me as much as possible to study without limits.



August 6, 2014


When I came here I thought I knew a lot of English, but I am surprised about all the academic vocabulary that I have learned. This has helped me a lot. ELS also gives me the chance to enter many universities. The director at ELS helped me to apply for the university.

-Wedad,Saudi Arabia


August 6, 2014


The best part of studying in ELS Chicago is that the facilities are excellent and the schedule is suitable for learning English in the shortest time possible. Studying English will help me in my future to communicate with my customers and open new business opportunities in my small tourist company in Panama because 90% of my clients speak English!



August 5, 2014


I chose ELS Chicago because I think it is a great city and you can do many things in this amazing city. ELS is the best option to learn English. The best part of studying English in Chicago is the facility located at Dominican University and the great classes because I have learned a lot. ELS will help me in the future in many ways. I can find better job opportunities in my country.



July 25, 2014


ELS is a very good school to learn English. It's a very beautiful school! Their facilities are well equipped to take in students from all over the world! They provided us with excellent books to learn from, and the teachers followed the curriculum very well. They taught in a way that we could understand. The teachers are all very helpful and always try and make you feel comfortable. Especially because they know that we are from a foreign country, and that we are far away from our friends and family. The school places you in a dormitory that is very near to the facilities and classrooms. They are spacious enough for two people, it has a restroom and is air conditioned. They also provide a kitchen for the students who would like to use. The campus is very nice and welcoming. Not only ELS is a great school, but it's located in a great city. San Antonio is a city that is very welcoming and receptive of foreign people. For sure, here is good place for your beginning.



July 25, 2014


Hello. My name is MINGI LEE. I am from Korea. For me, ELS is one of best place to study English and meet many international students. When I came to America, I was scared because I knew nobody in America. But, I could make many foreign students by taking a class and talking with other people in ELS. Also, many teachers in ELS helped me to adjust to live more comfortable in America. If you want to make a good relationship with foreign students and adjust to America, I recommend you to attend ELS.

-Mingi,South Korea


July 25, 2014


I have been studying for eight months in paradise, that’s how I call Hawai’i. I have extremely improved my everyday language as well as my academic English in ELS Honolulu. The teachers always support me in my studies. All in all, learning English in such a wonderful place is like a vacation.

Maria Pilar

July 25, 2014


ELS Atlanta has good teachers with a lot of patience and [who are] very involved in our development. It is total immersion, you speak English all day with your classmates, teachers, when you go to the supermarket, etc. I really improved my level of English. I feel more comfortable when I speak. And the best - you get to know people with different languages, cultures and traditions. It's a good life experience.

-Maria Pilar,Chile


July 25, 2014


When I arrived to ELS Atlanta, the first thing that I noticed was the quality in all the things around me. The administrative employees and the professors want the best for you, and they show interest in your learning. Besides, you can know people from the other side of the world and learn about their culture, too. This is an amazing experience and I'm so happy to be here.


Raul Fernandez and Marilyn Torrealba

July 25, 2014



We are Raul Fernandez and Marilyn Torrealba. We are from Venezuela. We both have a bachelors of Science in Computer Systems Engineering.

Our best choice....

We came to St. Louis with the main goal of obtaining a degree from the University of Missouri, but we needed to learn English first. We came to ELS St. Louis with great expectations about our new life and how learning English would be. After two months of living and studying here, we can say that our expectations have been surpassed.

ELS St.Louis has excellent teachers and staff. They are well trained, and willing to help and support us. They always reward our efforts. All of this makes us feel comfortable, confident, and eager to learn more every day. Also, the people from St. Louis are very kind and friendly, they are willing to speak and help us any time we need it.

At ELS not only do we learn English, but we have also met and shared with people from all over the world, learning about their culture and customs. We have enjoyed a lot of recreational and fun
activities, such as BBQs, Six Flags amusement park, Cardinals' Baseball Games and the Art Museum.

For all of these reasons, we recommend, not only to study English, but to learn English at ELS St. Louis. You will have unforgettable and invaluable experience.

-Raul Fernandez and Marilyn Torrealba,Venezuela


July 25, 2014


-Do you want to live and study in places you love?
-Do certain locations inspire you and bring out the best in you?
I think ELS Centre in Atlanta is the best place where you can learn English with the best teachers. :)



July 25, 2014


I have been studying at ELS for 8 months now. It really is a good language school because we are like one family together. The teachers are great here, too.

-Fahad,Saudi Arabia


July 25, 2014


I really found my path to complete my education in ELS. They supported me to learn the English language. In fact, they also assisted me in improving my learning skills. Also, they have many activities every session that are so interesting, and you will never, ever get bored.

-Muath,Saudi Arabia

Yoohwa Testimonial Video

July 24, 2014


July 22, 2014


Going to Ruston to learn English was one of the best experiences that I have had in my life. The ELS program was simple but very accurate. Meeting students from USA helped me to improve my English. Suddenly, the language became easier and joyful. I found lots of friends there who assisted me to get my goal of studying engineering. I will never forget the teachers and their jokes that always made me smile and helped me to understand the American culture. I
have missed ELS because I experienced too many remarkable moments that I always smile each time that I remember.


Raghad at One World Trip to NYC

July 22, 2014


Those five days I spent in New York will always be on my mind. I was inspired by all the people I met there, who were cultivated, talented and creative. Learning about different cultures around the world is one of the things I enjoy doing, ELS gave me the chance to do that. The first day was the day we arrived to Adelphi University, where we stayed for five days. On that day, we were told about the things we were going to do on the program. The second day was the hardest day. We prepared a presentation about peace and how we can achieve it, and then we presented it in Adelphi University theatre. On the third day, we visited the United Nations, which was a big honor for me, I met Mr. Ward; one of the teachers who corrected my essay. After that, we had dinner together at Hard Rock Cafe. I loved the atmosphere there; the 80’s rock and roll music. On the fourth day, which was the busiest day, we visited The Empire State Building. The view of New Your City at the top of The Empire State Building was
breathtaking, I felt like the world was mine! After that, we went shopping and took a tour around New York. When we went back to the University, we had a farewell dinner and took some pictures together. Finally, we had a closing party in Black Box Theatre, where we danced and had fun together for the last time. The fifth day was the day we said goodbye to each other. Those last moments were really hard, because we all felt that the five days were not just five days! We felt like we had known each other for a long time! Ah. Just writing about this trip makes want to go back there! Thank you to all my teachers in ELS Seattle. I am thankful for all the staff of ELS.

-Raghad,Saudi Arabia


July 16, 2014


I could not see myself in other language center. ELS Language Center is great for those who are seeking to learn English for different purpose. As a student of the Center I recommend to anyone because the staff of this Center is built by lovely and friendly people starting from the Center director to the teachers. They will make you have fun while you are learning. ELS Language Center is the best I've ever seen. If you are trying to improve or develop your skills you must take a look at ELS Language Center. I promise you'll not regret it.


July 16, 2014


I've been at ELS Lubbock center for one year and have been really helpful for me. We are all faced with many cultures and traditions. I've been learning a lot with that, such as respect and knowledge. The teachers and directors are great and really polite. Many things have changed in my life because of ELS, I just have to say thanks for all of them.


Wesam Al-Jeddawi

July 16, 2014


I got much experience at ELS Greenville due to I shared my culture
with a lot of international students, learned American culture, and improved my speaking, writing, and listening. The great thing is that ELS Greenville has great teachers and staff.

Actually, I spent a wonderful time at ELS/ Clemson-Greenville. I visited many beautiful
places in South and North Carolina with lots of international students and that was one of the activities that ELS made for us. When I graduated from ELS, all of my instructors kept in touch with me especially the Center Director who was always taking care of all students if they needed any help. Furthermore, when I graduated from Clemson University, the Center Director came to attend my graduation ceremony to encourage me and push me to work harder. Therefore, I encourage everyone who would like to study abroad to come to ELS/ Clemson- Greenville to study English language program before going to any university to improve his or her skills in writing, speaking and listening.

I am so proud of all ELS Greenville staff and I am so proud of my
great university which is Clemson University.

M.S. in Food
Science and Human Nutrition, Clemson University

-Wesam Al-Jeddawi,Iraq


July 11, 2014


First of all, I love all the instructors and how they act and how they
treat students. They treat them like a family and they are very helpful. I love
the way that the school is very organized and the way they grade students
because it’s very clear and you can understand. Everyone knows how to pass the
level and what to do to succeed in your level. There are always activities
going on! Cedar Point was my favorite activity as it was the best of the best.
It was perfect! I’m going to miss the staff, the teachers, and I feel like I am
among my family. Now that I have graduated, I am going to study at Widener
School of Law to study law. Some advice I’d like to give is that school is not
everything to help you improve your language. You have to put a lot of effort
in order to improve your language and don’t compare yourself with others. The
circumstances that happen to other students might not happen with you. Don’t
get so disappointed if you don’t see the results early because in the process
of learning any language you have to be very patient.

-Naif,Saudi Arabia


July 11, 2014


Ashkhen Oganesyan, Russia/Parents’ Testimonial

Our family really appreciates the fact that Ashkhen has been provided with a great learning experience at the Garden City ELS center at Adelphi University. Although she has been learning English for quite a few years at school, she has never had an opportunity to immerse herself in the English speaking environment the way it is provided here. Our family is very impressed with the progress she made over the past eight
months. Never before was she able to tell stories, make jokes, understand the language of movies and TV programs in English, and even enjoy reading books written by English and American authors. The width and
depth of knowledge she is getting makes our conversations about some aspects of English very interesting and educational. In addition, she developed a great deal of appreciation for diversity. A very important part of the ELS learning environment is new friendships with students from the USA and various Asian,
European and Latin American countries. Her entire experience here makes our family happy, and we would like to express our gratitude to her masterful teachers and effective administrators.


Andrea and Valeria

July 11, 2014


We have been at ELS for 3 months and we really enjoy being here because we have made a lot of friends from different countries. The teachers at ELS are the best! They are extremely friendly and they are always available to help students. The school is located in an excellent spot because it's surrounded by shops and restaurants and it is right across the street from the Boston Commons, which is a beautiful park to visit. This has been an unique experience and we are very grateful for the memories that ELS has created in our hearts!

-Andrea and Valeria,Venezuela


July 11, 2014


Hi guys, my name is Mohamad, I am from Saudi Arabia I chose
to come to Oklahoma because it is a cheap state and it has the best school in the United States. I am so happy, I just
graduated from ELS and I got the acceptance letter from the University of Tulsa! Really, it’s good advice for you to come to
Oklahoma. ELS has the best teachers and
the will help you with everything you want.

-Mohamad,Saudi Arabia


July 11, 2014


My name is Yo and I come from Thailand. I have been at ELS since March and I am very proud of myself because I have improved my English skills since I started. Everyday I come here and I always learn something new from my teachers and my classmates. Beside this, I always have a good time with the friends I made here and I have learned a lot about their cultures. This is a great experience that I wish everyone to have! Also, if you are trying to go to university, ELS will help you because it has more than 600 partner schools. My experience here is unforgettable!



July 11, 2014


Being part of ELS is a wonderful experience. I had a very good time with my teachers and my classmates. I feel grateful for having the experience to interact with people from different countries because you can learn many things from each person.

Before I came to the United States thought that I just was going to learn English but I have learned many things because I have had the opportunity to interact with many people and visit many cities in the country.

Once I started taking classes at ELS, I started to enjoy everything in the center because there are many activities inside and outside the classes. The center gives you the opportunity to learn and enjoy at the same time. I have realized that I have improved my English because now I can communicate with American people and I can watch American TV programs and movies understanding almost everything.

Every week there are different kinds of activities with affordable prices, which is very good for all the students. The staff is very kind, which is very good because every morning I felt welcome at ELS, everybody is very nice, and everybody wanted me to feel very good.



July 11, 2014


you can dream it you can do it" - Walt Disney. Believing in me and
the support of my parents were my principle reasons for coming to learn English
at ELS New Haven, USA apart from the academic reasons. What began as an
adventure ended becoming in one of the best experiences of my life. IN
ELS I found friends for all over the world with great personalities and
diversity of cultures but, also I had the pleasure of meeting amazing teachers
and the entire staff of ELS, people who I personally admire. Furthermore, living in homestay I found a second family
away from home, who makes everyday my experience in USA remarkable. It is just unbelievable how ELS program is so
effective. I started at level 102 just
saying and understanding few words and right now I’m almost finishing level 112
and my English is much better as you can see haha! My goal right now is being able to be
accepted in an American university to study International Business. Thanks to ELS I will continue making my
dreams true.

-Orianna ,Venezuela


July 11, 2014


Studying at ELS Dallas has been one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of my life. It helped me to enhance my English skills like speaking and writing but I learned so much more than just English. I gained confidence by practicing the language every day with native speakers. ELS Dallas is my home away from home and the teachers are friendly and helpful. Moreover, I had the opportunity to meet people from different countries. I really loved the atmosphere at ELS and I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with different cultures and be a student at ELS Dallas.



July 11, 2014


Hello, my name is Jesus. I have come from Colombia. My experience at ELS Language Center has been very rewarding because I have had the opportunity to have excellent teachers who have taught me many things about reading, writing, and speaking. Indisputably, my English has improved significantly. For example, before I came to ELS I was not able to have a long conversation in English and now I am able to. Also, I have learned so much about how to write different types of essays that before I did not know. Besides, I have the opportunity to share with people from different countries. It has let me know their culture, customs, and even a little bit about their languages. I am happy for having chosen ELS to study English. Everybody here is friendly and always willing to help.



July 11, 2014


“It is not only language center but also cultural

When I came to the United States, It was difficult to
speak or connect with everyone because their culture was different than my culture as well as
the language. When I started studying in the ELS I met very friendly and kind teachers and they were
professional. I learned not only English, but also I learned the US culture.
ELS taught us English and how to connect with people in their culture. The best thing I saw was
the teachers were like my family. Their goal was to help students by all
possible means to improve the language. Now, I don't find it difficult to study
in the University because my language is improved because of ELS.

Hashim Alhashimi


ELS Graduate

Current University of New Haven



July 9, 2014


I studied at ELS - Johnson City for over a year. I was nervous about what I would find in the United States. When I arrived, the center director helped to get rid of my fears. I also stayed with a great host family that helped me adjust to life in America. After I joined the university, I still visited my host family almost every weekend, and still stopped at ELS once in a while for advice and help. I have just finished my first semester at ETSU and I am grateful for the preparation ELS gave me. Thank you ELS Johnson City!

-Yasir ,Saudi Arabia


July 9, 2014


“I came to Boston to learn English. I chose ELS Boston-Downtown and it really exceeded my expectations! It provided me with all the tools to improve my English and the people who work there are always in a good mood and ready to help you. I love ELS because it gave me the opportunity to learn English in a short time. If you want to study English, I recommend you ELS … I am sure you will keep it in your heart for the rest of your life! “



July 9, 2014


“ Hello, my name is Badr and I am a student at ELS Boston-Downtown. ELS is really the best school I have ever studied at! I would like to share my journey at ELS … First of all, the teachers are amazing and they helped me a lot. Second, the people who study at ELS are very friendly. Third,the location of the school is great, right in the heart of Boston. Finally,don’t waste your time applying to other schools! ELS is the best! “

-Badr,Saudi Arabia


July 9, 2014


Hello, I am Maho. I am from Japan and I have been in ELS Boston Downtown for 4 months. I like the location of the school because it's near shops, restaurants and museums! Also, at school we have many academic classes that will help us to go to university. All the teachers are helpful, friendly and flexible. I really enjoy my time at ELS and the friendships I made here!


Jong In (Jaden)

July 9, 2014


I got a lot of support from having a GVSU student as a Conversation Partner. I am excited to be on campus with GVSU students because we can contact with GVSU students so easily. When I talk to GVSU students they have been so kind and some are very interested in Korean culture. I have attended the Korean Culture Club and the atmosphere there was a lot of fun.

-Jong In (Jaden) ,South Korea


July 9, 2014


I came to ELS because GVSU is a university which interested me due to its diversities and its high implication with international student. The education provided there is highly appropriate to myself. I intend to pursue an Accounting major, thus GVSU could give me experience and formation in that domain, I really intend to be a part integrated to GVSU community. Also with ELS I think everything is facilitated because students from ELS have some advantages.

-Laurianne,Cote D Ivoire


July 9, 2014


I contacted Kettering University asking for an admission from English Language institute and they recommended me to contact ELS Grand Rapids. I searched by Internet about ELS GR and many students like it except the weather in winter. When I came here, people are friendly and helpful and the weather is getting warmer.

-Sami,Saudi Arabia


July 9, 2014


ELS adopted me when I was a caterpillar learning English. They raised me until I got my wings to fly and reach my dreams at Seattle University. I really appreciate ELS and keep in mind that nothing is hard and everything is possible if you believe.

-Mansour,Saudi Arabia


June 26, 2014


Shogo has studied with us for over one year and he just recently graduated level 112 from our Semi-intensive program. He plans to start at the University of San Diego in the fall. We are all very proud of him!

ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?

Shogo: I really liked how far it is from the big city. It takes 20 minutes to get to San Francisco. I think this is good for studying, because there is no place to distract you.

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while studying here?

Shogo: Traveling with my friends. I also really enjoyed playing Frisbees with the teachers during the school activity last summer. It was really fun playing on the lawn with the sun shining on us. I really like the activities that ELS plans for us.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice for any future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco- North Bay?

Shogo: Students shouldn’t make boundaries or walls for themselves. They should make good relationships with many different cultures. It is good to know other cultures other than Japanese. Don’t talk to only the students from your culture
because other students will feel left out.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?

Shogo: One thing I was very surprised about is that when I lost my wallet, it was returned to me. I was very surprised to have it back. This is different in Japan. I also learned the phrase “pay it forward” and I really like this.



June 26, 2014


Xinyi stopped by ELS today to say hello. She just graduated from Dominican University of CA with an International Business degree. She studied with ELS for 6 months before attending the university.

ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?

Xinyi: It is safe and small. The center is located at Dominican University of CA and that was the school I wanted to attend. I also wanted to know about the environment before going to the university.

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while studying here?

Xinyi: Wow that is a long time ago. I do remember when my friends and I went to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and we rented bikes. We biked over the Golden Gate Bridge and then took the ferry back. It was so much fun and a beautiful time of the year. Plus I remember getting a sun burn.

ELS: You recently graduated from Dominican University of CA. How did ELS San Francisco-North Bay help you with the transition to the university?

Xinyi: ELS taught me how to communicate well with native speakers. Also, the research project we did was very helpful, because they taught me how to do citations. In China, we do not do citations, so it was important for me to learn that for university.

ELS: What is some advice or recommendations do you have for future students who plan to study at our center?

Xinyi: Do not just hang out with other Chinese people or only your culture. It is good to make friends of other cultures. Also, do not be shy. Also, since ELS is located at Dominican University of CA, you should hang out with Americans so that you can learn about their culture and language.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?

Xinyi: My stereotype was that all Americans eat meat, but that is not true. I also found that American students are very independent and they work part-time jobs while in school. This is very different than in China.

ELS: What are your future plans?

Xinyi: I want to travel around the world. My international business degree is perfect for this! Also, I have been working with my dad’s company since January and have been working hard and long. When I return to China, I want to stay with my family and get a local job at home.



June 26, 2014


ELS helped me a lot to improve my English and to practice for the TOEFL. I had a really good time going to class at ELS Ruston. It is an amazing experience because you get to meet people from all over the world and you learn about other cultures!



June 26, 2014


"Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing." It has been nearly five months since I started to study in ELS, which is a place where I improved my English and also met many nice people from different countries. It helped me to adapt to the American school life gradually and game me an awesome experience in America. The day I graduated from ELS was not the end but the new beginning of my master study in the United States. I want to thank the teachers and students who helped me a lot there and I wish ELS have a glorious future!