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Cincinnati, OH

60 West Charlton Street
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Tel.: (513) 556-4034
ELS Center Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closed on weekends and holidays)
On the campus of: University of Cincinnati
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ELS/Cincinnati is located on the modern campus of the University of Cincinnati (UC). The Center is close to shops, restaurants, sporting events and many attractions. UC offers more than 300 degree programs. In addition, many university programs offer the opportunity to intern with numerous Global 500 companies that are based in the Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati Fast Facts

Cincinnati Fast Facts

Welcome to Cincinnati!

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Distance to Key Locations from ELS Center

Location Minutes Transportation Method
Airport 25
Bank 5-10
Downtown Area 10-15
Post Office 10
Restaurant(s) 5-10
Shopping Mall/Outlet 10-20
Supermarket 5-10
Bus Stop/Subway 5








110V 60KHz.
Electric Plug Details



Programs available at this location

2014 Cost Per Session
$1790 USD

2014 Cost Per Session
$1410 USD

American Explorer Program

Enjoy the Adventure

2014 Cost Per Session
$1350 USD

Student Residence Building Student Residence Dorm Room Outside the Student Residence Student Residence Grounds Student Residence

Schneider Hall(Student Residence (On Campus))

Students will live in 4-bedroom dormitories. Dorms are fully furnished with high-speed Internet. Students have the option to purchase a meal plan once they arrive on campus. There is also a weekly linen change service for students. Conveniently located to banks, restaurants, and convenient stores on Calhoun Street and ELS Cincinnati Center.

Price per Session $935
Occupancy Single, Single - Each ELS student will have a private room in a shared four-bedroom suite.
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $110
Meals / week or Meal Credit
No meals included

Homestays in the area(Homestay)

Homestay students should notify their Host Families or ELS of their arrival times so that families will know to be home when they arrive. Students are responsible for their own transportation to ELS. Students can take the city bus at a reduced rate with their UC ID card.

Price per Session $895
Occupancy Single, Single
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $110
Meals / week or Meal Credit
14 meals per week

Welcome to University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati Campus University of Cincinnati Building University of Cincinnati Walkway Campus Aerial Shot Tennis Courts Campus Building University Center Building Cincinnati Downtown University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati - McMicken Common University of Cincinnati - Campus Recreation Center University of Cincinnati - Campus Recreation Center University of Cincinnati - Nippert Stadium University of Cincinnati - Steger Hall and Campus Recreation University of Cincinnati - University Pavilion University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music
  • Baseball field
  • Computer center
  • Gymnasium
  • Soccer field
  • Swimming pool (indoor)
  • Tennis court(s)
  • Health center
  • Basketball court(s)
  • Library
  • Racquetball/squash Courts
  • Fitness Center
  • Center NOT handicapped accessible
  • Cafeteria

What is Conditional Admission?

Institutions in the ELS University Conditional Admission Network offer conditional admission to students who are academically admissible based on the student’s academic record and other university and/or departmental and program requirements, but who have not yet demonstrated English proficiency. Your admission is “conditional” based upon satisfying English proficiency through completion of a specified level of the ELS English for Academic Purposes program and any other specific requirements prior to full admission. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you are able to fully matriculate. These requirements will be outlined on your Conditional Letter of Admission, and your selected ELS center will assist you in completing all of the necessary requirements for matriculation.

Additional matriculation requirements may include other required scores, for example, GMAT® or GRE® for graduate programs.

Our ELS University Partners will offer a Conditional Letter of Admission (CLA) detailing the additional requirements needed for matriculation. You and your family can be assured that you have a university placement and ELS registration prior to departing for the USA.

What is the Conditional Admission Process?

  1. Find a university via our University Finder
  2. Apply for university admission and enroll for English studies at ELS Language Centers with help from a local ELS authorized Counseling Agent.
  3. If you are an acceptable candidate for university admission, you receive a letter of "Conditional university admission subject to English proficiency and submission of any other required documentation for matriculation."
  4. Study at any of the 60 ELS Centers in the USA to fulfill the university entrance requirement for English proficiency.
  5. Begin your university program!

Meet the Staff

Carol Olausen

Carol Olausen

Center Director

Hi, my name is Carol Olausen, and I've been with ELS in Cincinnati since we opened here in 2008. I'm not originally from Cincinnati, but I've discovered a lot of really great things to do here. I enjoy hiking, cycling, gardening, camping, swimming, exploring and being outdoors. Cincinnati has a lot of great places to do these things as well as great festivals and food from all over the world. I have really enjoyed my time here meeting students from so many different countries, and staying in touch with students who had a really great experience here. I look forward to welcoming you here!

David Miller

David Miller

Academic Director

David Miller holds a BA and MA in Linguistics from Ohio University. He has taught ESL courses to international students and residents at universities and institutes for nearly twelve years in Chicago and Cincinnati. In addition to teaching, he as written and edited newsletters and textbooks. He enjoys exploring new places with his wife and son.

Lauren Steinmann

Lauren Steinmann

International Student Advisor

My name is Lauren. I have a BA from Ohio University in International Studies. I lived in Japan for 2 years teaching English to middle school students. Next I worked as a student advisor for 4 years with adult language learners. In my free time I enjoy exploring new places, watching sports (Go Bengals! Go Reds!), volunteering and going to events around the city. I was born and raised in Cincinnati. I love this city! There are so many wonderful and fun things to do here. Please feel free to come ask me for advice on events in Cincinnati any time!

Josh Chal

Josh Chal

University Admissions and Placement Counselor

Hello world. My name is Josh Chal. I have a B.B.A. in Marketing and an M.A. in School Counseling. I feel blessed that I am able to help people on a daily basis as the University Placement and Admissions Counselor with ELS. When I’m not busy working with students, you may find me cooking up a nice meal, taking an evening jog with my dog, or playing on the guitar. Cincinnati welcomes you!


July 11, 2014


Being part of ELS is a wonderful experience. I had a very good time with my teachers and my classmates. I feel grateful for having the experience to interact with people from different countries because you can learn many things from each person.

Before I came to the United States thought that I just was going to learn English but I have learned many things because I have had the opportunity to interact with many people and visit many cities in the country.

Once I started taking classes at ELS, I started to enjoy everything in the center because there are many activities inside and outside the classes. The center gives you the opportunity to learn and enjoy at the same time. I have realized that I have improved my English because now I can communicate with American people and I can watch American TV programs and movies understanding almost everything.

Every week there are different kinds of activities with affordable prices, which is very good for all the students. The staff is very kind, which is very good because every morning I felt welcome at ELS, everybody is very nice, and everybody wanted me to feel very good.



September 20, 2013


Doctoral Candidate
James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
University of Cincinnati

How did you learn about and decide upon attending the University of Cincinnati?

I was interested in pharmacoepidemiology. I discovered a professor from the University of Cincinnati when I was at a conference, and I decided that I wanted to get my knowledge from him because he is iconic in this field. He told me that because I didn’t speak English, I couldn’t enroll in this program. So, I created a plan to meet the English requirement for admission by laying out how I would attend ELS on campus and prepare the GRE, and he said yes to admitting me conditionally.

How was your transition to UC?

The education is so different in this country. As a graduate student in Pharmacy, my professor told me I couldn’t ever get below a B in a class, so there was a lot of pressure. I had a plan for everything to prepare to study. I took everything seriously to prove I could succeed to my professor, who had his eyes on everything I did. It was like a trial, but I was prepared for it. This is a big change from when I first arrived in America, and I was so shy and felt English was so hard.

What were the advantages of studying at ELS prior to UC?

Everything at ELS put me on the right track. The way they teach, they way they grade. Before I could speak much English, I got a lot of help when I would email my professor. After I finished level 109, I could email my professor on my own without help. When my professor saw this, he could see I was ready. After ELS I am more confident: I can now speak to a thousand people at a conference and write articles to be published. I was once afraid people wouldn’t understand me and think I sounded weird. Now, I have a seminar every week, and I can present. I’ve published one paper, and two more are on the way. I am waiting for the next two until after I present at a conference in Canada. All of my confidence I got from ELS, from all of the evaluations, all the presentations, and all the writing I did. I used to be a slow reader, but now I’m not.

ELS helped me a lot. ELS was not just for English, it was for everything. I wanna go back sometimes: It was so much fun, and I learned so much. The teachers were great, and they were flexible and made classes fun. You don’t laugh in class with your professors! It was the best time of my life.

-Ziyad,Saudi Arabia

Students Speak: About opportunities for lawyers at ELS/Cincinnati

July 26, 2013

ELS Students Speak: About going to University of Cincinnati

July 26, 2013


May 13, 2013

I can still remember my first day in Cincinnati. I was scared and felt lonely. Actually, Cincinnati gave me wonderful things I will never forget my whole life. The first time in my life I saw snow here and it was a special moment. I like three places here; Newport, downtown and the Cincinnati Zoo.

People in Cincinnati are respectful and friendly. I am a Muslim woman and I feel the freedom and safety here.

I have two houses in Cincinnati, my apartment and ELS. ELS is not just a school. It is an amazing place for education, co-operation and love. We are in ELS like one family. My English became better here. ELS has many programs for the development of language. I feel in ELS comfortable. All my questions find their answers in ELS.

Now, I am happy in Cincinnati.

-Eyman,Saudi Arabia


May 13, 2013


I chose the University of Cincinnati due to the rich history in discovery and research in my major. But, I never expected the hospitality of the city. Every thing is wonderful: the people, the weather and the most important, the ELS. The faculty are the most friendly people I have ever met they are willing to help in any problem. They answer any question I ask about anything, studying, driving lessons, movies, restaurants, furniture, grocery stores, places to travel and so much more. They even join the students in shopping trips. I love the activities of the ELS since they help me relieve the stress of studying and allow me to socialize with different people and enhance my skills.

When I came to the United States, my worst problems were my speaking and writing skills. I couldn't say a whole understandable sentence and I could hardly write a paragraph about a topic. Now, when I speak, people think that I have been living here in U.S.A for years.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.



April 30, 2013


I learned lots of new things about American culture and the world only for joining you guys. The most important thing is all teachers and especially Linda, help me alot. I am really thankful to all who help me to improve my English. All teachers and students are very friendly and helpful. I attended lots of ELS activities which I enjoyed. Attending all activities and taking participation in all activities will help me in UC to become more and more famous and good person.

1st time when I came to America I felt afraid because of my English speaking problem. But now I love the USA. I feel like I can do whatever I want because now I have the ability to speak fluent English. Thank you so much Carol. I made lots of Chinese and Saudi friends at ELS. Still I have some problems with grammar but now I can do anything. I have improved pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Finally, I would suggest to students that if they have a problem with English please join ELS. I am really thankful to all. I will miss all teachers, Carol and all other activities. Please don't forget me!


ELS Students Speak - About Continuing to Study at a University

August 15, 2011

ELS Students Speak - About Visiting Local Attractions

August 15, 2011

Pintuorn Thaikla, Thailand

September 17, 2009

I like to study here because ELS Center has a lot of interesting and fun activities for me to join. Our teachers are very kind and friendly. It is such a good time to study English here.

Eun Jin Choi, South Korea

September 17, 2009

The thing I liked most in this center was the atmosphere and teachers. I think the quality of teachers is very important to study English. Teachers who use various activities in teaching method are very helpful to me. Also, class’s atmosphere, teachers and students was very critical factors. The class I have attended and classmates motivate each other to study English.

- Eun Jin Choi

Halloween 2014

November 7, 2014

Our Halloween Party at our center on Friday, October 31, 2014.

Bengals vs. Patriots ELS Style

October 6, 2014

Some of us love the professional football team the Cincinnati Bengals and some of us love the New England Patriots. It got a little heated here on Friday. Everyone showed their spirit by wearing their favorite teams' colors.

UC Football Game

October 6, 2014

University of Cincinnati Bearcats vs. University of Toledo Rockets


October 6, 2014

Students and staff enjoyed eating lunch together outside at the Sigma Sigma Commons

ELS Students

September 18, 2014

The University of Cincinnati hosted "Into the Streets -2014" in September. There were 500 UC students who participated in volunteer activities throughout the Cincinnati area. This year, ELS students participated on the student teams that went out into the neighborhoods to make Cincinnati an even better place to live!

Backyard Bonfire and S'Mores

September 11, 2014

ELS students and homestay families gathered for an evening of games and conversation at the home of our Homestay Coordinator. And of course, that included roasting marshmallows and making s'mores!

University of Cincinnati New International Student Orientation

August 15, 2014

ELS students participated in the orientation for 650 international students entering the University of Cincinnati for the Fall 2014 semester. ELS students performed skits with UC professors to demonstrate the differences international students may find in an American university classroom. Because they understand how American classrooms work (and don't!), they were a great choice for this role!

Major League Baseball....Major League Fun

July 18, 2014

A group of ELS/Cincinnati students cheered on our hometown Cincinnati Reds at a baseball game!

World Cup of Ping Pong!

June 23, 2014

In honor of the World Cup, ELS/Cincinnati held a World Cup of Ping Pong. Our students representing many different countries participated!


Checklist of Things to do while Studying in Cincinnati!

Checklist of Things to do while Studying in Cincinnati!

There's a lot to see and do in Cincinnati. Come check us out!

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Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 13

Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 13

Go karting, holiday treats, ice skating and more!

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Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 6

Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 6

See all the great activities Cincinnati ELS has to offer!

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Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 7

Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 7

Some of the great activities this session include, going to a baseball game, having an ice cream party, and going together to a wonderful Chinese restaurant! Come to Cincinnati and join the fun!

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Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 8

Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 8

Some of this session's great activities are a Ladies Lunch where ELS women can get together and enjoy each others company, an ice cream party to beat the summer heat and a trip to King's Island - the largest amusement park in the area!

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Cincinnati Fast Facts

Cincinnati Fast Facts

Welcome to Cincinnati!

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ELS at The University of Cincinnati

ELS at The University of Cincinnati

Provides a brief description of ELS, our Programs and the Cincinnati ELS Language Center at the University of Cincinnati. The flyer also offers some specific attributes of the university, its programs and other helpful information.

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Schneider Residence Hall

Schneider Residence Hall

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