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N.Y., Manhattan, NY

75 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013
Tel.: (212) 431-9330
ELS Center Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closed on weekends and holidays)
In affiliation with: Adelphi University
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ELS/Manhattan is located on the urban campus of Adelphi University, which borders Tribeca and the trendy Soho district. You have access to cultural resources, such as world-class art, theatre, dining and shopping. The culture and creativity of our neighborhood can only be experienced in America's largest and most diverse city.

  • Walking-distance to New York City attractions
  • Convenient & extensive public transportation
  • Student Residence is 30 to 40 mins away by subway
  • Homestay option choices in and outside Manhattan

Distance to Key Locations from ELS Center

Location Minutes Transportation Method
Airport 45-60
Bank 10
Downtown Area 5
Post Office 5
Restaurant(s) 1
Shopping Mall/Outlet 10
Sports Stadium/Center 10
Supermarket 5
Bus Stop/Subway 1








110V 60KHz.
Electric Plug Details



Programs available at this location

2015 Cost Per Session
$1790 USD

2015 Cost Per Session
$1680 USD

2015 Cost Per Session
$1410 USD

Business English

Communicate with Confidence in Business

2015 Cost Per Session
$1680 USD

American Explorer Program

Enjoy the Adventure

2015 Cost Per Session
$1350 USD

The Complete Prep Program for the TOEFL® iBT

Achieve your goals by preparing for the TOEFL® iBT with ELS!

2015 Cost Per Session
$2040 USD

English for Executives

Group and One-to-One Instruction

2015 Cost Per Session
$5725 USD

Super Intensive English Program

One-to-One instruction

Super Intensive Plus

One-to-One Instruction

Amsterdam Residence - Student Computer Area Amsterdam Residence - Student Cooking Area Amsterdam Residence - Front Door Amsterdam Residence - Front of Building Amsterdam Residence - Dorm Room Amsterdam Residence - Laundry Room Double Room Single Room Amsterdam Double Room Amsterdam Entrance Amsterdam Residence - Shared Bathroom and Shower Amsterdam Residence - Shared Bathroom and Shower Amsterdam Residence - Front Desk Amsterdam Residence - Double Room Amsterdam Residence - Single Room Amsterdam Residence - All Rooms Come With a Sink

The Amsterdam Residence Hall(Student Residence (Off Campus))

The Amsterdam Residence Hall is located on Manhattan's exclusive Upper West Side, considered one of Manhattan's safest neighborhoods. The Upper West Side is an upscale, primarily residential, area of Manhattan. The Amsterdam Residence Hall has 24-hour security.
Students will also have many opportunities to meet other students from around the world by taking advantage of the multipurpose lounge, large communal kitchen, and shared computer area. Additionally, the Amsterdam Residence Hall provides you with a Residence Assistant, who lives full time on the premises and who is available to personally assist students and answer questions.
Single and Double dorm style rooms are available: -Twin size bed or twin size bunk beds, with linens -3 hallway bathrooms per floor -Washers and dryers in the building -Shared kitchen, dining area, and lounge (with TV) in building -Free Wi-Fi Internet
Amenities include: -High speed Internet access -Computer area in the lobby -24-hour reception desk
Residence's emergency contact number: 732.278.1189

Price per Session $1425 - 1725
Occupancy Double, Double, Single, Single
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $135 - 145
Meals / week or Meal Credit
Not available. A shared cooking area is in the residence, and several restaurants are within a 3-5 minute walking distance.

Inside Manhattan homestay(Homestay)

Homestay students are responsible for their personal transportation. Homestay students in this option stay in Manhattan residences. Lunches and dinners can be purchased in local delicatessens / restaurants.

Price per Session $2080
Occupancy Single, Single, Single
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $135 - 145
Meals / week or Meal Credit
Breakfast, 7 days a week

Outside Manhattan homestay(Homestay)

Homestay students are responsible for their personal transportation. Homestay students in this option stay in suburban New York, which includes Staten Island and New Jersey, depending on the homestay. There is good public transportation to all areas. The limited meals allow students more freedom to take meals in New York City.

Price per Session $1350
Occupancy Single, Single, Single
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $135 - 145
Meals / week or Meal Credit
Breakfast, 7 days a week

ELS Building ELS Building Front ELS Manhattan Second Floor Lobby ELS Manhattan Third Floor Computer Lab Students Test-Taking Classroom Teaching Student Learning Third Floor Restaurant/Cafe Bustling Soho Shopping District New York City Skyline
  • Computer center
  • Library
  • Center is handicapped accessible
  • Classrooms are handicapped accessible
  • Cafeteria

What is Conditional Admission?

Institutions in the ELS University Conditional Admission Network offer conditional admission to students who are academically admissible based on the student’s academic record and other university and/or departmental and program requirements, but who have not yet demonstrated English proficiency. Your admission is “conditional” based upon satisfying English proficiency through completion of a specified level of the ELS English for Academic Purposes program and any other specific requirements prior to full admission. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you are able to fully matriculate. These requirements will be outlined on your Conditional Letter of Admission, and your selected ELS center will assist you in completing all of the necessary requirements for matriculation.

Additional matriculation requirements may include other required scores, for example, GMAT® or GRE® for graduate programs.

Our ELS University Partners will offer a Conditional Letter of Admission (CLA) detailing the additional requirements needed for matriculation. You and your family can be assured that you have a university placement and ELS registration prior to departing for the USA.

What is the Conditional Admission Process?

  1. Find a university via our University Finder
  2. Apply for university admission and enroll for English studies at ELS Language Centers with help from a local ELS authorized Counseling Agent.
  3. If you are an acceptable candidate for university admission, you receive a letter of "Conditional university admission subject to English proficiency and submission of any other required documentation for matriculation."
  4. Study at any of the 60 ELS Centers in the USA to fulfill the university entrance requirement for English proficiency.
  5. Begin your university program!

Meet the Staff

Matt Darr

Matt Darr

Center Director

After teaching English in Japan for 3 years, Matt relocated to Southern California where he continued to work as an ESL instructor and Academic Director for a number of years. Matt later worked as a Center Director and DSO in schools located in San Francisco and New York City. Most recently Matt was working as a Center Director, PDSO and Compliance Officer for an international ESL corporation just prior to joining ELS in June 2013. Matt brings with him almost 20 years of experience working in all aspects of ESL center operations.

Dan Manolescu

Dan Manolescu

Academic Director

For over 25 years, Dan has shared with students his enthusiasm for teaching and learning in the classroom. From classroom to college advisement, he has provided guidance in all aspects of educational achievement. He holds a Masters in English and was a member of the committee which developed the first ELS curriculum.

Danielle De Koker

Danielle De Koker

Assistant Academic Director

Danielle joined ELS Manhattan in 2007 after spending four years teaching Business English in companies such as BMW Motorrad, BASF and Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Berlin, Germany, where she also earned her CELTA. After two years as a full-time instructor at ELS, she accepted the position of Assistant Academic Director, which has given her an opportunity to contribute to curriculum development, college advisement, and new instructor training. She thoroughly enjoys working with international students, both in the classroom and the academic office, to help them meet their language goals.

Sabra Shelly

Sabra Shelly

International Student Advisor

Sabra joined ELS back in 2011 as the International Student Advisor at the Santa Monica center. From there she moved to ELS Juilliard and has now found a home at the Manhattan Center. Her experience as an ISA began back in 2005 when she first began working with International Students at a high school and college. To help her stay well-rounded, Sabra also teaches workshops to children with Autism and is learning French.

Irina Gambarova

Irina Gambarova

IELTS Administrator

Irina began her career at ELS as a teacher 5 years ago. She then transitioned into an administrative position at ELS Manhattan’s IELTS office. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and is currently working on her Master’s degree in TESOL.

Daniela Doneva

Daniela Doneva

IELTS Administrator

Daniela is the Assistant IELTS Administrator at ELS Manhattan. She loves the busy and diverse atmosphere that the NYC campus provides. Daniela holds a BS degree in Biochemistry.

Victoria González Graells

February 15, 2012

Because NY is a multicultural city, you can meet people from a lot of different counties and you can learn many things about their cultures. My favorite thing about studying English in NY is that this city gives you a lot of topics to discuss in class. I love ELS because I can make friends from other countries and learn English.

-Victoria González Graells, Venezuela

Kamonrat Ladseeta

February 15, 2012

I love ELS school. They are very professional, very well organized. They have many programs you can choose. Nice teachers and good friends make me feel like home. I love the people here in New York. They are nice and friendly very where you go.

-Kamonrat Ladseeta, Thailand

Nicola Collino

February 15, 2012

I enjoy learning at ELS because of the way they teach and how they are organized.

-Nicola Collino, Italy

Marisa Lepore

February 15, 2012

The teacher help student to feel confident and to know how to live in a big city with different culture. ELS give you friends and a good way to learn English.

-Marisa Lepore, Venezuela

Nader Alyami

February 15, 2012

The teachers tell you how you can learn English very well and how you can do everything on your own. I love the academic parts, and they have a lot of activities. You can enjoy and study in the same time. I like the diversity in New York City. You can communicate with other people from various countries.

-Nader Alyami, Saudi Arabia

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December 9, 2014

ELS Manhattan Testing Our SUPERHERO abilities! :)

AVENGERS The Exhibition

December 9, 2014

Testing our SUPERHERO abilities! :D ELS Manhattan


ELS at Adelphi University NYC

ELS at Adelphi University NYC

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