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You'll learn so much more than just English with ELS. Your time at ELS will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Learn English and American culture both inside and outside of the classroom.

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April 14, 2014


Being a part of ELS family was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Teachers and staffs have always been there to help us. They taught us how to improve our language skills, how to use English on a daily basis. They have been supporting us all the time. Studying at ELS Lubbock is a great opportunity for learning English.



April 14, 2014


I had awesome teachers: Julia, Allison and Sarah. With them, I could improve my English and learn about American culture.



April 14, 2014


I had a great time studying at ELS Santa Cruz. I learned a lot of English skills from Every teacher and made many friends who came from different countries here. In addition, there are beautiful beaches in Santa Cruz. I recommend people who would like to improve their English to come here. I think they will have a wonderful experience in their life.


Tomoyuki "Tomo"

April 14, 2014


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?

Tomo: It was not my decision. My company made the decision. Two years ago, my mentor came to ELS San Francisco-North Bay for training. He gave very good feedback to the company. My boss explained to me that it was a safe place and did not have tough climate such as Chicago and New York City.

ELS: How long have you studied with our center?
Tomo: 6 months- half a year.

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while studying here?
Tomo: I went to AT&T park with my friends for baseball game. Even though the Giants lost big time to the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was a good experience. It was a lot of fun. Also, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite are so beautiful with great nature. This amazing nature is only found in California.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice for any future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco- North Bay?
Tomo: Dominican has a wonderful library. It is very unique. ELS New York and Vancouver do not have a library like this. The library is a great place to study. My recommendation is to use the library as much as you can.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Tomo: American culture? I usually take America for granted. I don’t focus on the differences. People in American society really respect international students and are really understandable and open to non-English speakers. I did not have to hesitate with my English skills, because Americans are very kind and friendly.

-Tomoyuki "Tomo",Japan

-Tomoyuki "Tomo",Japan

Nobuhiro "Nobu"

April 14, 2014


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Nobu: My agent recommended ELS San Francisco- North Bay to me. California has great temperature and the people here are amazing. San Rafael, in particular, is very peaceful and safe.

ELS: How long have you studied with our center?
Nobu: I have been studying for 1 year.

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while
studying here?
Nobu: I have too many good memories. The most important memory is meeting my friends and girlfriend.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice for any future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco- North Bay?
Nobu: I would recommend do not lose your purpose.Everything is so special, treasure it. Also, go out and do not always stay inside.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Nobu: I thought that typically America would be dangerous, but in some parts, like San Rafael it is safe like Japan. Also, I was surprised that Americans are not so muscular like they are in the movies.

-Nobuhiro "Nobu",Japan

June Young

April 14, 2014


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as
the center for your studies?
June: I wanted to study somewhere that was safe and a good place to concentrate on my studies. My agent recommended ELS San Francisco- North Bay for the safety of the center, the library, campus life, and that there were not that many other Koreans. My first intention was to learn English and I wanted to have a variety of students at the center to do so.

ELS: How long have you studied with our center?
June: I have been studying for 6 months.

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while
studying here?
June: I loved going to Disneyland and my first ever NBA Warriors game with my friends.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice for any future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco- North Bay?
June: I really enjoyed living with other girls in the student home. Also, I recommend eating in the cafeteria for breakfast. The one thing I would say is to not stay in your room all the time, because you should go out and meet people and learn about different cultures. It is not fun to be alone all the time.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
June: When you watch movies and TV shows taxis are just waiting for you outside the building. I was surprised to know I had to call for taxis, especially since I was in San Rafael. I just thought I could waive them down. Also I really love American dogs and how friendly everyone here is.

-June Young,South Korea


April 14, 2014


ELS Riverdale is a beautiful place. We have very friendly teachers and a good community. It's a nice place to improve your English!


Paula Díaz Morales

April 14, 2014


ELS is a great school with awesome people like teachers and classmates. You can find support and a family in them. It's a great place to learn and grow as a person

-Paula Díaz Morales,Venezuela


April 11, 2014


My name is Oleksandra. I come from Ukraine. I wanted to improve my English language skills prior to entering an American college. Since I had a Conditional Acceptance from Adelphi University, I joined ELS in Garden City in the spring of 2012. I was looking for the opportunity to study English in an interactive environment and to better prepare for my academic life in the university. Thanks to the EAP program, I learned the skills that I needed for my university studies. Research Skills class gave me an opportunity to get introduced to the requirements of the academic writing. Moreover, I had the opportunity to explore the great NYC with the assistance of faculty and staff. Although I got 100 points on the TOEFL, I decided to continue at ELS. As a result, I graduated from level 112, which helped to successfully study at Adelphi University.


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March 13, 2014


It has been an amazing experience to study at ELS Lubbock Center. Since I arrived here, I have noticed the boosting of my speaking, reading and writing skills. The teachers and administrators are the ones who helped me archiving these goals and being prepared for future challenges. I love being part of this wonderful family.



March 10, 2014

Ana & Juan

March 7, 2014

Part 1: Part 2:


February 25, 2014


Studying at ELS Santa Cruz brought me a beautiful experience. I studied for 5 sessions and learned English grammar, how to organize an essay and also how to speak out in class. I felt ELS had really good programs for students studying English and the teachers were great. I really had fun with them. Also, since ELS has a lot of fun school activities, there were many opportunities to get to know classmates from other countries. I'm really glad I picked ELS Santa Cruz!



February 25, 2014

Hello, my name is Lenin Castillo Yagual and I am 24 years old. I came to ELS from Ecuador October 2013. I started at level 105 and am happy to complete level 108. Although I am sad to leave my American friends at ELS, I am happy to return home before I enter a Masters program in Germany. I have enjoyed ELS and am happy I chose this school. The teachers and staff are great! They make studying English fun and they plan fun activities. I have especially enjoyed the movie nights in the ELS backyard and I never miss Conversation Cafe. Everyone at ELS has been great! My host family is very kind. I am very satisfied with my time at ELS.



February 25, 2014


ELS Santa Cruz isn't only about teaching English, it's about a great class atmosphere between students and teachers. It's about learning good moral about this country and more. I really enjoyed my time here.

-Eslam,Saudi Arabia


February 25, 2014


ELS teachers helped me to see the strength in my personality, and how to improve my weak points. They have taught me not only English language, but also they gave me the confidence to speak English without fear of making mistakes. To be at ELS inspires me to study hard to be a successful person both at ELS and in TTU in the future.

-Ebtehal,Saudi Arabia


February 25, 2014


I have been in Santa Cruz for five and a half months. I have had a great time here. Everything that I have done was very special for me. I learned how to see life in a new way. Thank you!



February 25, 2014


I really like ELS Tacoma. It's a really good school. The ambiance is great, they have a lot of extra-curricular things. The teachers are very nice. It is a very good opportunity to learn English.


Junhao "Ivan"

February 25, 2014


“Berkeley is a wonderful place, especially ELS Berkeley. The teachers are awesome, helpful, patient, polite, and kind-hearted. I’m so glad to be their student. Moreover, the staff are accommodating. ELS must be your best choice if you want to learn English in the United States. Anyway, hopefully you will study here and have an unforgettable experience.”

-Junhao "Ivan",China


February 25, 2014


“The six sessions I studied here at ELS Berkeley were so exciting. All my teachers were so enthusiastic and they always tried to make our class interesting. Especially the discussion in the classes was always exciting and they often gave me motivation to study hard. I won’t forget what I learned here for my whole life. “



February 25, 2014


“When I came to ELS Berkeley three sessions ago, I couldn't understand many words. After six weeks I learned many things. All my teachers helped me. They were very kind. I improved my English and I learned about many different cultures. I will suggest ELS Berkeley for my friends. Thank you so much!”


Jiachen "Flame"

February 25, 2014


“I have studied here at ELS Berkeley for more than a year. All the teachers I met were very amazing teachers. They helped me with their knowledge. Not only do they have enough knowledge, but also they are kind. The teachers are also my friends.You can tell them anything. I thank this school a lot.”

-Jiachen "Flame",China

Lorraine, Aria & Cheyenne

February 25, 2014


Hi! We are Cheyenne, Aria and Lorraine. We came to ELS with our mother, Jessie to Study English July 2013. We are very happy here in La Verne. The teachers are very kind and have lots of enthusiasm in the classroom. They are always happy to help students and make us feel comfortable about asking questions. The University of La Verne's campus is very beautiful and it makes us feel like studying. The location is great because it is easy to visit famous landmarks and beautiful places with our classmates. We like to experience the culture of California. We have made a lot of friends at ELS. We like to practice English with them. Watching movies, reading and listening to the radio also helps us a lot. We like meeting native speakers and international classmates. We will go back to Taiwan in July 2014. Our ELS classes will help us to attend university and find work.

-Lorraine, Aria & Cheyenne,Taiwan


February 25, 2014


I attended ELS Santa Barbara because I wanted to go to university. I heard that Santa Barbara was a good place to study English so I decided to go to ELS. There are many great teachers here. They helped me many times with my problems. The student activities were good. The staff at ELS were always helpful. I will miss all the friends that I made. I will also miss my teachers.



February 25, 2014


I decided to come to ELS Santa Barbara because I have been here before. So, I decided that I would study English here. The teachers are always very kind to me. I liked the student activities especially the ones that are on Friday afternoon. I really liked my host family. I do not want to leave them.
I know that I will visit other cities in the USA but, I will always think about Santa Barbara, the beaches, the beautiful downtown and the kind people. I am going to miss everything about Santa Barbara. This has been a very good experience. I want to come back.



February 25, 2014


Hi. I'm an ELS student here, in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I'm studying English here because I want to improve my English skills.
Grand Forks is a small city but this is a really safe and quiet place, which is a perfect place to study. I really like nice and kind teachers and friends here.

-Saori, Japan


February 25, 2014


A friend who studied at ELS told me about the school, the University of North Dakota, and Grand Forks. I am a student from Brazil and always had a dream to study outside of my home country. ELS is giving me this unique opportunity of learning English with outstanding professors. They are preparing me to start my Master’s degree in Biology, here at the UND. When I first visited both ELS and the Biology department, the teachers and professors gave me all of the encouragement to move to Grand Forks and study here at UND. Since that, I was sure I would be successful in my education here. Grand Forks is a beautiful and safe city to live. People here are very friendly and good to stay around. The same thing is the administration crew and teachers at ELS!!! They are amazing! I can easily say that ELS-Grand Forks is a great place to help improve the international student’s education. And I cannot forget to mention all of the new friends from different cultures… they are fantastic!!! I really feel comfortable, happy, and realized here!!!

-Flavia, Brazil

Carlos and Alma

February 25, 2014


The quiet place and friendly ambience of Grand Forks make us feel comfortable and safe. We can develop our language, build our skills, and meet many people from different parts of the world. The ELS center in Grand Forks gives us the opportunity to have an experience into an international university environment and meet the culture around UND. The teachers and staff from this ELS center are very friendly and helpful. They always try to make our stay more enjoyable and pleasant where they plan different activities every week. So, the ELS from Grand Forks is the perfect place to study English and meet different cultures around the world.

-Carlos and Alma, Mexico

Yong-Han “Hank"

February 5, 2014


“I had a strong desire to pursue success in my English, so I chose the ELS center in Berkeley. Here, unquestionably, is a home far from our home, and teachers are like our brothers and sisters. Moreover, they teach us not only the English that we want, but also the attitude we need in the future. Basically, they are our lighthouse to show us the correct direction in our choppy life. Most importantly, the graduation from ELS is not an ending, but a beginning for us to perform on the life stage.”

-Yong-Han “Hank",Taiwan