Узнайте, что вы можете ожидать от лидера в обучении английскому языку за рубежом.

На протяжении более чем 50 лет студенты выбирают программы обучения английскому для достижения своих целей по английскому языку. Располагая 12 уровнями обучения, передовыми центрами компьютерных технологий, комплексными услугами по тестированию и поступлению в университеты, школа ELS обеспечивает успешность обучения с помощью нашего индивидуального подхода и нацеленности на высокие результаты наших студентов.

More Than Just English… Have fun and make friends!

You'll learn so much more than just English with ELS. Your time at ELS will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Learn English and American culture both inside and outside of the classroom.

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April 28, 2015


My name is Kharsan Alyami, I am 26 years old, a Saudi student, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. I decided to continue my education in the USA, my friend recommended me to study English at ELS Language Center, I choose ELS at St. Louis randomly, but I found lately that I made a good choice for my English school.

My English was terrible before I came to ELS. At ELS St. Louis I found a great environment for studying and the teachers at ELS helped me to improve my English Language skills and also prepared me to enrol in my Master’s program at an American University. They are excellent and respectful teachers.

At ELS not only do I learn English Language, but also I learned about United States history and culture. While I was at ELS, I met students from all over the world and I learned about their cultures and their customs, Also, I made friends with people from Asia, Africa, Europe, and South Africa. My experience at ELS improved my knowledge about the world. Moreover, ELS St. Louis makes amazing activities for students. These activities help students to try their English and to know about St. Louis. I have visited many places in St. Louis such as, Six Flags, The BoatHouse in Forest Park, and The City Museum.

St. Louis is a good place to live. It has many places to visit and to know. It has an ancient museums and it has modern skyscrapers in Downtown. Also, you can find a lot of places to have fun. Moreover, people at St. Louis are kind and helpful. I recommend St. Louis as the best for foreign people who come to the USA for study or visit. For people who want to learn English, I recommend you to study at ELS St. Louis.

-Kharsan,Saudi Arabia

Kharsan is on the right.


April 28, 2015


Hi, my name is Ko Kato! I studied at ELS Houston for three months before transferring to La Verne. I studied for six more months in La Verne and graduated from Level 112. I am currently studying the MBA program at the University of La Verne. I am not sure if i will work in the U.S. but I am really enjoy my life here.

While at ELS, I went to Conversation Cafe every week. It was an amazing experience because every week I interacted with many people from various countries and I learned a lot from them.

In addition to my classes, I volunteered in the ELS office so I could talk with the American staff members. It helped me to improve my English. They are so nice! I still visit them and enjoy talking with them.

I love every person at ELS including teachers, classmates and staff. They gave me a lot of knowledge and experiences. These experiences not only help my English skills but are also important to my life. I will never forget them.



April 28, 2015


Hi. My name is Saud. I have been at ELS for two sessions and I am very happy here. I like the location of the school. There are many things nearby. I like natural views and La Verne has a lot of them. I have many opportunities to practice English here. I like to practice English with my classmates and my host family.

-Saud,Saudi Arabia


April 28, 2015


When I knew that I had to come to Grand Forks, I was a little bit worried because I had never heard of this city before. ELS and Grand Forks surprised me in the most positive way. My classmates, my teachers and all the staff had been so kind and helpful. ELS has an excellent program, it helped me with some things that I needed to improve and made me lose the fear to make mistakes. Even though I came here to study, I've had a lot of fun with all the activities that ELS prepared for us. I made a lot of friends who have helped me on this trip. I really appreciate the kindness!My experience has been the best, so wonderful. Thanks you!



April 28, 2015


The ELS center has a good way to learn English. Before
I came to ELS, I didn't have any skills in writing. Now, I'm very good at writing. Also, ELS has events to practice our speaking. They have the best teachers. Besides that, ELS teachers are very friendly. The ELS is really useful for me. Now, I'm very happy to come to ELS.

-Faisal,Saudi Arabia


April 28, 2015


My name is Manuela Santos and I am from Brazil. I decided to come to ELS Johnson City to improve my English skills, and I studied there for two months. I could not only learn English as a second language , but also I could learn academic skills that complimented my student journey and my future career. I learned English with outstanding teachers. They and the staff from the center are very friendly and helpful. They always try to make our stay more pleasant and enjoyable.

Johnson City is a small city but it is a really safe and quiet place. It is surrounded by mountains, which have natural and beautiful views. These are several qualities that help you to study and keep focused. Further, the ELS center is located on the campus of ETSU which has a lot of international students. You can make friends and also learn different cultures. They meet every week so you can practice your speaking and listening outside of the classes.
For sure this experience has made me grow up and learn a lot. I had such a great time at ELS. I felt comfortable, happy, and realized here. I encourage all to come to ELS - Johnson City. I certify it will be worth it.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I achieved my goals!! I got 90 on TOEFL



April 28, 2015


ELS Berkeley is a place where people from very different cultures have the possibility to get together, to know each other by studying English. I found it a great experience, the teachers and the staff are all very nice and helpful. During the stay, I made many new friends and I enjoyed with them all that California has to offer. I think that it is a great experience!


Zi Jin

April 28, 2015


I'm glad I have been here to access the great English education. ELS has a fabulous environment in which to study. North Dakota is also one of the safest states which is nice. Most people from this city are friendly and they always give me a hand. A good environment can influence many things, such as our emotion and study. I feel lucky I decided to come here.
ELS has a great English education. Teachers are friendly and they helped me a lot. They always encourage me to try to solve many problems. I also like to talk to the teachers to improve my English. Overall, the teachers are great and ELS has the best teachers I have ever met!
One of the great parts in ELS life is meeting friends who are from different countries and nationalities. I like to talk with them because I can understand many things which I have never heard before. For instance, we share our cultures and customs; we also help each other with our English skills.
The greatest part of ELS is activities. There are many activities which I have never tried in China, and they are exciting because we can get together with students from around the world who make life amazing. The activity I enjoyed the most was skiing! I also like to go the movie theater because movies are a good way to practice my language skills.
All of these wonderful ELS experiences will be buried deep in my heart forever.

-Zi Jin ,China


April 28, 2015


When I was waiting for the time to come to ELS I never expected any of the things I experienced here, but now that I'm about to leave I can say that I wouldnå't change anything. From the weather to the friends I made, I just fell in love with everything. I met people from countries I didn't even know exactly where they were located, and I made great friends that I will always keep in my heart. Now I feel O'Kelly is like my home and my classmates and my teachers are like my family because they always made me feel comfortable and supported around them.
I also learned and practiced my English which was the mail purpose of coming here. All of the places and things I tried for the very first time are the best memories I will keep of this amazing experience. I want to thank everyone who made this experience one of the best I've had!



April 7, 2015


Kenji is graduating with his ELS 112 Certificate. He plans to return home to Japan for a few months before starting at the New York Film School in Los Angeles to study acting. He has studied with ELS San Francisco-North Bay for one year.

ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Kenji: I chose this center because it had very similar climate, it was very comfortable, and the reputation for the most difficult.

ELS: What was a favorite memory of yours while studying here?
Kenji: I love Special Coffee Day. This was my most favorite event. I can talk with many students and teachers. The donuts are delicious. It happens once a session, but I wish it happened every week.

ELS: Did you meet any American friends while you were here?
Kenji: Yes! Last summer I went to Novato and we played billiards many times.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations for any future students, who plan to study at ELS San Francisco-North Bay?
Kenji: Speak only English because I think it’s not only about passing your class to learn English, especially if you want to go to university. Students should find as many opportunities to practice speaking English.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Kenji: Halloween. I only knew about the concept of it, but I didn’t know why it was celebrated or about the history of it. I misunderstood that it wasn’t just for kids. Adults and college students dress up and participate too!



April 7, 2015


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Lydia: ELS assign me here in San Francisco-North Bay and I was very happy for that. It is a beautiful place.

ELS: What was a favorite memory of yours while studying here?
Lydia: I met so many friends from Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia. I met a lot of interesting people and learned about different cultures!

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice for any future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco- North Bay?
Lydia: My advice is you should take advantage of everything here: the classes, the different people around you, and all the experience you will learn!

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Lydia: The dinner is very early. The American people are very worried about the environment. They love their pets!

ELS: How can ELS improve (if applicable)?
Lydia: I think it is a very good school, congratulations! It was a pleasure to be here for me!


Hao-wen "Zac"

April 7, 2015


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Zac: My agent recommended it to me. It was very close to San Francisco, but better for study.

ELS: What was a favorite memory of yours while studying here?
Zac: I liked studying with students from other countries, this was the best part! Also, ELS made many events like Halloween Party, MBA games, Gingerbread house-making party, and pumpkin carving.

ELS: Did you meet any American friends while you were here?
Zac: Yes, I met them through other ELS students. We went to lunch. My one American friend was very strong and he would talk and help me to understand how to use the equipment and machines in the gym. They are all very friendly. I also had a
Conversation Partner, through ELS!

ELS: Do youhave any recommendations for any future students, who plan to study at ELS San Francisco-North Bay?
Zac: If you really want to be a good student, this is the best center! This is a challenging center, but it will help you when you want to transfer to university/college. I don’t think it is a good idea to go to an easy center, because you need to be challenged to go to school.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Zac: I was surprised at how polite drivers are when walking on the street. Drivers rarely honk.

-Hao-wen "Zac",Taiwan


April 7, 2015


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Guadalupe: Because it is an amazing program, even though my school in Mexico chose this center for me, it was the best choice.

ELS: What was a favorite memory of yours while studying here?
Guadalupe: To meet so many people from so many cultures. Every time they put us together, we celebrate, like St. Patrick’s Day.

ELS: Did you meet any American friends while you were here?
Guadalupe: Yes, my host family and the bus driver. They were very nice.

ELS: Do you have any recommendations and/or advice
for any future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco- North Bay?
Guadalupe: Yes, you need to stay for more than one month, because it is incredible here!

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Guadalupe: How Americans greet one another and what time is the normal time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.



April 7, 2015


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Fabio: I originally wanted to go to ELS in Australia, but it was super expensive. I talked with my friend, Lucas, who studied here last summer, and he recommended this location.

ELS: What was a favorite memory of yours while studying here?
Fabio: The friendships I have made, especially with the Saudi students, who are so nice! I have met people from all over the world and that is so special to me.

ELS: Did you meet any American friends while you were here?
Fabio: Yes, from the gym and cafeteria. I like to study here because I met so many Americans. Since ELS is located at Dominican University of CA, there are many American students studying here.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Fabio: Americans follow the rules very well, for example pedestrians and drinking laws. It is very good at following the rules, they are very strict laws. In Brazil, we are more relaxed and the rules are not so strict.


Noura & Yasser

April 7, 2015


ELS: Why did you choose San Francisco-North Bay as the center for your studies?
Noura: Because it’s a good center to study.

ELS: What was a favorite memory of yours while studying here?
Noura: Every time and moment! The favorite memory of ours is the people, office staff, teachers, and other students!!

ELS: Did you meet any American friends while you were here?
Noura: Yes, a lot of them! I loved English Club; it was such a good way to meet American friends!

ELS: Do you have any recommendations for any future students, who plan to study at ELS San Francisco-North Bay?
Noura: Don’t miss school. All the teachers are good and the area is very beautiful.

ELS: What is one thing you learned about American culture that you did not know before studying here?
Noura: If you work hard, you will get what you want. Americans are very friendly with anyone. I feel comfortable to ask questions and they will help me to understand and improve. I learned American slang.

-Noura & Yasser ,Saudi Arabia


April 7, 2015


I came to ELS Grand Rapids last July. Since I came here, my English has improved drastically. I felt like I was in a learning environment since the first day, and all my teachers have helped with patience, understanding and dedication.
Before I came here, I was afraid that it would be hard for me to acclimate, but with all the support from the teachers and the management, it has been a piece of cake! I made friends with people from all over the world and I'll miss all of them.

-Raheem,Saudi Arabia


March 19, 2015


“I couldn’t speak when I first came to the US to study English. My ELS classes gave me the confidence to learn and speak English well so that I could attend college here. I learned a lot from both my Teachers as well as my classmates. The Reading and Writing classes, as well as the Research class, helped prepare me for the Business Plan I had to create in the class I am now taking at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College.” – Shun


March 19, 2015


Hi! My name is Chaoran. I am from China. This is my first time in the U.S. and I am very glad to be here! I like the weather here in Melbourne and I have been here for three months. The teachers are very nice and they have a lot of experience teaching and helping students improve English skills. I can feel comfortable and safe with teachers and students. ELS helps me adapt to college in America and makes me feel more confident about my English.



March 19, 2015


JiaXin Fei, or Kelsi as she is known to her ELS family,
began her studies at ELS/Clemson-Greenville in 2014. She graduated six months
ago and is currently attending Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina. She returned to ELS this month to encourage current students to work hard and follow their dreams because dreams do come true.

“When I first came to America I had no idea I would go to
Greenville Tech,” Kelsi began. “My original plan was to study at ELS and go back home to work. But I couldn’t help myself to think how I could study more.”

Understanding her goals, the ELS/Clemson-Greenville staff
began working with Kelsi until she was admitted to Greenville Tech for the 2014 fall semester. “With the help of the ELS staff I transferred to Greenville Tech and will transfer to Clemson or USC (University of South Carolina) this fall. I will let you guys know, but please say ‘Congratulations’ to me anyway,” said Kelsi with a smile. Kelsi is able to continue on to either Clemson or USC
through a state-wide agreement between Greenville Technical College and these
universities which allows students to take 30 hours of transferable credit with Greenville Tech then move seamlessly into the university program of their choice.

As advice for other students planning to follow their time
at ELS with a college career, Kelsi expressed that the critical thinking skills she acquired while at ELS along with practice reading and preparing argumentative essays have helped her the most in her college studies. She added, “I could not speak as fluently without practice at ELS. I’m glad for that experience so when I go to college I don’t feel uncomfortable. I feel OK.”

-JiaXin ,China

Yi-Tzu "Joely"

March 11, 2015


"ELS is a good place for prepare before you go to college.
And ELS in Denver is a good place for you improve your English skill because
the relationship between teacher and student is like friends. Also you can go
to ski and you can go to see a beautiful view here because every season, the
view is different. The transition between ELS and community college was easy
because it is in the same building and if you have a question, you can go back
to ELS, ask any teacher, and they will help you. The class for research paper
is a good class for you to improve your writing skill because when you get into
the college, you need to write a lot of essays."


Shiempheotchan "Roland"

March 11, 2015


"I always liked to be in contact with different cultures (at
ELS) because it helps your perspective as a human being. It helps your English too
because I speak French. Somebody else can speak Chinese, Vietnamese, something
else – Arabic. And it helps us to come together and share our point of view,
and become a better person, better learners… In the regular class (at Community
College), you have a bunch of students around you who have a background in English,
they are American born. You can definitely learn from them. And you don’t have
to be shy, you probably have to open yourself; and this is honestly what
college is about: you need to learn more. So the transition from ELS to the
regular courses was good… The advisors were there for me, they were very
helpful at Front Range Community College… ELS too was very responsive. That was
very helpful, very fast - especially when you have to meet the deadlines."

-Shiempheotchan,Cote D Ivoire

Phuc "Austin"

March 11, 2015


“This is a good experience for me because ELS is a good
language center, and it’s help me a lot to improve my English… Furthermore, in
ELS there are many sensible activities for us, and when we take these
activities we can learn the American culture and it is easier for you guys to
communicate with American friends when you study in colleges and universities…

I think study in community college is a little bit different with you study in
ELS because you not only study English, you have to study about your major.
But, when you study in ELS, they provide you with the common knowledge before you study in college so you have enough knowledge to study in college. You are not afraid before you study in the college because you have to meet some American classmates and English is their first language.”

-Phuc "Austin",Vietnam


March 11, 2015


Aloha everyone!
My name is Masami. I had studied at ELS Honolulu for one year a half. I had great time at ELS because teachers and students were very friendly and kind.
At first, I could not speak English very well and was not good at writing essays. Teachers taught me many skills to improve my English.

Another reason why I like this school is that students come from different counties. For instance, there are Taiwanese, Japanese,
Korean, Chinese, Brazilian, and Saudi Arabian students. I was glad to make many friends at this school. I also enjoyed the food; there is a variety of food close to ELS, such as Korean food, Mexican food, Japanese, and Vietnamese food. These foods are cheap and very delicious.

I am now a student majoring in Liberal Arts at Kapiolani Community College (KCC). I have been at KCC for two years. I am studying mathematics, history, hula, and biology this semester. My first class at KCC was difficult; I could not keep up with the class. After studying hard, I gradually adjusted to the pace of the class and my community college life became more enjoyable.

My future goal is to work at an airport in Japan because I love to watch airplanes. After graduating from KCC, I want to transfer to University of Hawaii and major in Travel Industry Management (TIM). Many tourists from around the world visit Hawaii so it’s a great place to study TIM.
I hope I can graduate from University of Hawaii. My ultimate goal is to work at an airport.



March 11, 2015


Now I am a community college student. Before I came to community college, I felt really afraid that I would not be able to catch up with other classmates and wondered how hard the real college was going to be. It turned out that I got the highest level on my English placement test and easily adapted myself to programs. I found out that ELS provided me with entirely foundational English skills for colleges and universities; reading, writing, and particularly speaking. In addition, with the 112 certificate, it can guarantee my English proficiency to a lot of schools and replace the IELTS or TOEFL test score for ELS’s partner institutions. I would like to say thank you to ELS for helping me not only with my English but also all other kinds of issues.

The reason I decided not to go to a university is not at all because I was not confident in my English which ELS provided for me, but it
actually was the fact that community college can save far more money with the same subjects. Eventually, we can all transfer there, spend the other 2 years, and then get our degree.


Meet our Students from Ivory Coast

February 26, 2015