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Semi-Intensive English

If you want to learn English while still having time to visit local cities and attractions, the ELS Semi-Intensive English program is perfect for you! You will take classes in the morning and have afternoons free to explore and use your improving English.

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Tuition Cost

For tuition cost please use the Cost Calculator or visit a center's profile page.

Sample Class Schedule

Actual class times are subject to change

8:30 – 9:20Language Technology Center
9:30 – 10:20Vocabulary Enrichment
10:30 – 11:20Structure/Speaking Practice
11:30 – 12:20Structure/Speaking Practice

Level Placement

The ELS curriculum organizes your English learning into 12 levels of proficiency. Each level can be completed in a four-week session in an Intensive English Program.
101 / 102


Ability upon Completion:
  • Knows a few words and phrases
  • Can respond to simple questions and directions
102 / 103

High Beginner

Ability upon Completion:
  • Has a basic ability to communicate in everyday situations
  • Can understand English when spoken slowly and clearly
104 / 105


Ability upon Completion:
  • Understands most questions and statements at normal speaking speed
  • Can carry on conversations with native speakers
  • Can use English to shop, order food in restaurants, and ask for directions
105 / 106

High Intermediate

Ability upon Completion:
  • Can communicate facts and opinions
  • Is learning to discuss and argue in a culturally acceptable way
Options Upon Completion
  • Can begin the Complete Prep Program for the TOEFL® iBT or Business English Program
107 / 108


Ability upon Completion:
  • Can use English with growing accuracy and fluency, including reading and writing
  • Can participate fully in most conversations
Options Upon Completion
  • Is qualified to take a University Certificate Program at participating ELS locations
  • Can conduct business in English on a basic level
108 / 109

High Advanced

Ability upon Completion:
  • Is prepared for most social situations
  • Knows the meaning of a wide range of idioms
  • Can maintain extended conversations with native speakers
Options Upon Completion
  • Can earn college credit or enroll concurrently in a university
  • Is prepared to enter a two-year college (Only English for Academic Purposes students who complete Level 109)
110 / 111 / 112


Ability upon Completion:
  • Can speak and understand English with ease
  • Is proficient enough in reading and writing to satisfy professional and university requirements (EAP students)
Options Upon Completion
  • Is prepared to begin a four-year American college or university degree program (only English for Academic Purposes students who complete Level 112)
  • Can conduct business competently in English

Pre-Arrival Test: Understand where you are with your English proficiency

Want to find out which level you might place in? Learn More


Key Language Skills:

  • Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing

Applied Learning:

  • Students practice conversation and speaking skills using practical, real-world English. They learn to write with accuracy and effectiveness, develop strategic listening skills and improve their use of grammar.
In our state-of-the-art Language Technology Centers, students work on their individual language skills and objectives through technology-supported learning.

Other Resources

ELS state-of-the-art Language Technology Centers (LTC) are available at all ELS locations (except ELS/Juilliard). LTCs integrate computer-supported learning with center-based instructors who supervise student learning and assist with questions. You will have the chance to work on those aspects of your English skills which require the most attention, such as vocabulary development, reading and listening comprehension, and pronunciation.

  • Latest-model personal computers with 43 cm flat panel monitors and the capacity to record student voices
  • General English learning programs that develop listening, speaking, reading, and pronunciation skills
  • Grammar programs that explain important concepts in many different, easy-to-understand formats
  • Advanced listening programs that are based on real university lectures and presentations
  • Pronunciation programs for practice in individual sounds, intonation, and stress
  • Business English programs with authentic content from current business publications and practice scenarios
  • TOEFL® Prep listening excerpts designed to familiarize students with the content and format of the challenging TOEFL® iBT
  • Internet research capability for classroom projects and research papers