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At ELS, we know every student is different, but we all share the same goal: we want to see you succeed. To guide you, we offer a variety of English programs taught by expert teachers – allowing you to have the best educational experience possible. Your success is our success, and the choice is yours. 

Discover more about which English program is right for you.  From Intensive English to Vacation English and Youth Programs, develop the English language skills you need to succeed.  Choose your program: Intensive English, Semi-Intensive English, ELS Language Experience+® , American Explorer, or Youth Programs. 


Intensive English

Making the choice to attend a college or university in the US can be a big decision for international students, but with the help of our Intensive English program, ELS can help you prepare for academic success. If your goal is to learn English for college or university study abroad, or if you wish to apply for conditional admission to any of the 600+ universities ELS is partnered with, Intensive English may be the right choice for you. 


The Intensive English course curriculum is designed to help you easily transition to university study – you will learn the key fundamentals of the English language in conjunction with vital study and classroom skills that will lead to success. Our English courses cover all essential language skills such as: listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, and grammar. You will learn to speak with clarity, listen carefully, and gain the writing competencies necessary to complete your academic assignments with ease and accuracy. 

Morning classes consist of:

  • Structure and Speaking Practice or Language Studies
  • Skills Enhancement Classes
  • One lesson in our Language Technology Center (LTC)


Afternoon classes are dedicated to reading and writing.

Tuition Pricing*

$1,850 USD for 4 weeks of study (does not include housing expenses)

*Pricing is subject to change.  Please contact us for the most up to date pricing information.

Semi-Intensive English

If your goal is to learn English while still having time to explore local cities and attractions while practicing conversation outside the classroom, our Semi-Intensive English program may be the right fit for you. 


This program includes development of the important language skills that are needed to communicate accurately and effectively:

  • Listening
  • Pronunciation
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary


Classes are held only in the mornings and build a foundation for communication competency. They include:

  • Structure and Speaking Practice or Language Studies
  • Vocabulary Enrichment
  • One lesson in our Language Technology Center

Tuition Pricing *

$1,410 USD for 4 weeks of study (does not include housing expenses)

*Pricing is subject to change.  Please contact us for the most up to date pricing information.
ELS Language Experience+®

ELS Language Experience+® challenges you to create a flexible English-learning experience as unique as you are. Improve your everyday conversational skills while immersing yourself in activities and new cultural experiences in fascinating U.S. cities. We offer ELS Language Experience+ at our ELS/Boston, ELS/San Diego, ELS/Santa Monica , ELS/Orlando, and ELS/NY-Manhattan Centers. 

With weekly start dates, students have the option to study for full days or half days. Study for 3 or 6 hours per day, stay for 2 weeks or 24 weeks – the choice is yours. Learn English on your terms, at your pace, and on your schedule.

Speak more. See more. Be more. 


The program focuses on the fundamentals of the English language, such as listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary.

Morning classes consist of:

  • Everyday English
  • Grammar in Action
  • Digital Expression

If you choose to study for 6 hours per day, afternoon classes are dedicated to Discover and Discuss - where you will put your conversational skills to use while discussing contemporary topics. 

Tuition Pricing*


 ELS LE+ 3
(3 hours per day)

(6 hours per day) 

 1 - 4 weeks  $325 USD/week  $375 USD/week
 5 - 8 weeks  $300 USD/week  $350 USD/week
 9 - 12 weeks  $275 USD/week  $325 USD/week
 13+ weeks  ---  $300 USD/week


*Pricing is subject to change.  Please contact us for the most up to date pricing information.

American Explorer

The American Explorer program is designed for those who are planning a short vacation and would like to include some classes to improve their English speaking skills and enrich their vocabulary. Experience a new language while you experience new culture!



Mornings are dedicated to classes, and afternoons are free, allowing for local exploration and practicing English skills.

This program includes development of the important language skills that are needed to communicate accurately and effectively:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary

Tuition Pricing*

$1,350 USD for 4 weeks of study (does not include housing expenses)

*Pricing is subject to change.  Please contact us for the most up to date pricing information.

ELS Youth and Young Adult Programs

Vacation study with ELS brings young people face-to-face with new cultures and points of view unlike any virtual experience. Meeting other young people from around the globe opens young minds, giving them fresh perspectives on the world around them. Acquiring strong English language skills gives them an advantage as they navigate that world in the future.

Youth Camps – for students ages 10 to 16

  • Fun & Sun Camp
  • Malibu Youth Camp
  • January Youth Homestay 

University Preparation Programs – for students ages 14 to 17

Summer in New York City Program – for young adults ages 16+

Nike Sports Camps – for students ages 9 to 17


  • Summer and Winter Youth Programs – for students ages 9 to 17


  • Junior Holiday English Programs – for students ages 13 to 17

Youth Camp Programs

These short-term all-inclusive packaged programs are designed specifically for the young learner, combining the best parts of the academic experience with those of the area’s social and cultural attractions.

All programs are:

  • Fifteen 50-minute lessons per week, plus five 50-minute expansion activities centered on topics of interest to kids
  • Located on pristine, safe and secure university campuses
  • Taught by instructors who are certified and highly experienced with youths
  • Supervised 24 hours a day by carefully selected, attentive, caring and professional staff
  • Located right on campus with amenities such as the cafeteria, gym, pool and more

University Preparation Programs – U.S.

ELS is pleased to offer our University Preparation Program on the prestigious campuses of Pepperdine University in scenic Malibu, California, and in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, at The Lawrenceville School, just outside of Princeton. These all-inclusive programs provide students ages 14 to 17 with practical English skills combined with learning about the U.S. university system through in-class subject matter and during tours of area universities.

Tuition Pricing *







 Fun & Sun Camp

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks




Malibu Youth Camp

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks





University Prep
Malibu, CA

3 weeks $4,435

University Prep
Lawrenceville, NJ

3 weeks $4,222

January Youth

3 weeks $3,517

Nike Sports Camp
San Domenico School

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks



$3, 810

Summer in NYC


3 weeks $4,445

Summer/Winter Youth

2 weeks (minimum) $1,170


*Pricing is subject to change.  Please contact us for the most up to date pricing information.

Business Communications Programs

To successfully compete in today’s global marketplace, international business professionals at every level need the ability to communicate in English-speaking situations. Knowing you have powerful and effective English communication abilities gives you the confidence to realize your potential and achieve your career goals in your home country and around the globe. 

 Courses Offered

  • English for Executives

    If you want to increase your career-specific English proficiency, consider the English for Executives program. In this program, you will experience both group instruction and one-on-one classes designed to meet the language needs of business professionals.

  • Super-Intensive English

    The Super-Intensive English program is designed to quickly improve the English proficiency of executives and business professionals. In this program, you’ll receive highly concentrated, private and fully customized one-on-one instruction consisting of a robust curriculum targeted to your individual needs and interests.

  • Super-Intensive English Plus

Much like Super-Intensive English, Super-Intensive English Plus offers you one-on-one instruction designed to suit your individual language needs, skills, and goals, but at a significantly more intensive pace. Improve your English—fast.


Tuition Pricing *






English for Executives
(35 lessons per week)

2 weeks

4 weeks



Super-Intensive English 
(15-45 lessons per week; price varies depending on number of lessons)

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks





 Super-Intensive English Plus
(70 lessons per week)

1 week  $5,675


*Pricing is subject to change.  Please contact us for the most up to date pricing information.

Study English in USA

About ELS

ELS can help you learn english and explore the world.

Since 1961, ELS has been the leading provider of English programs on university campuses and in exciting city centers in the U.S. and Canada. We have over 50 Language Centers globally – the largest network of campus locations in the world. Choose to learn in a downtown environment, a city, or a suburban atmosphere. 

We have relationships with 600+ universities around the world. You can apply for conditional admission before you have mastered English, and once you have graduated from ELS, you can enter the university of your choice. 

ELS offers you a variety of programs to help you acquire the English skills so key to academic and career success today – experiences filled with discovery and adventure, new friends and new cultures, learning and achievement.

Here are the top 5 reasons you’ll benefit from English language study at ELS:

1. You can find your perfect program.
Our ELS counselors will discuss your study goals and expectations, and help you select a program that’s best suited for your needs. 

2. Our teachers are among the best in the industry and can help you succeed.
When it comes to English language instruction, our teachers are well-qualified, and many hold advanced degrees – but what’s most important: they are dedicated to teaching. They put you first. 

3. You can study in your ideal setting.
ELS has the largest network of campus locations in the world where you can learn English, and experience new culture. Big cities, small towns, rural atmospheres, rich cultures, and exciting social activities await you. 

4. Our course materials and resources are exclusive.
All textbooks, electronic resources, and other learning materials used are exclusive to ELS, and were created by top authors in English language instruction. 

5. You can prepare for college/university entry before you leave home.
Before you even master the English language outside of your home country, you can apply for conditional admission at the university of your choice. This means that once you graduate from ELS, you can begin your university studies immediately after. 



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1.2+ more than 1.2 million students have attended ELS
650+ more than 650 colleges and universities worldwide accept the ELS Certificate of Completion as proof of English proficiency
55+ ELS has more than 55 years of dedication to academic quality and success
8 ELS Centers are located in 8 different countries

Going to ELS was the best decision I could have ever made. I studied in ELS/Boston – Downtown for seven months and it was just amazing. It wasn’t easy for me to start a new life far away from my home, but ELS helped me and made it easy for me.

Valeria , Venezuela