Stay Up to Date with Your English Skills with These Three Activities

Posted by ELS on 5/2/2023

Learning a new language isn’t exactly like riding a bike. It takes constant practice to continue to feel confident speaking a second language.

If you speak a second language, interaction is one of the most important parts of keeping up to date with your language skills, so we definitely encourage getting out and practicing your English skills with real people, in real situations.  If you're not currently living somewhere where English is regularly spoken, and if you don't have anyone to practice with, here are some other activities that will help you stay up to date with your English skills.

Watch television in English

Television provides an important medium for language. The best way to feel confident with your English skills is to hear it spoken. Television offers that opportunity. Even better, is the use of subtitles, especially if you are not fluent. Using subtitles will give you the opportunity to hear English being spoken, while also following along with exactly what is being said.

The most important part of this strategy is finding something to watch that you are interested in. That will hold your attention, so you will reap all the benefits.

Follow English social media accounts

The great part about social media is it represents the way language is really used. You will get to stay up to date with the most recent phrases and word choices. Let’s face it, the English language evolves every day. If you don’t stay up to date, you can be out of date quickly.

Like television, it is important to follow accounts that interest you. Social media is an effective tool because it can suck you in and allow you to interact with the content. You are more likely to interact with content that interests you. Whether it is sports, politics, travel, music or anything you are interested in, you can find a social media account to follow.

Take a refresher course

The most efficient way to stay up to date with your English skills is to take a refresher course. Studying online has made it easier than ever to learn a new language and has also made it easier to stay confident. An online English course can help you brush up on your English skills without starting from scratch. It is the perfect way to maintain confidence speaking English during time when you cannot find opportunities to speak.

Speaking English is a valuable asset that can have a major impact on your life. Whether it is academic, social, leisure or professional, having an understanding of the English language opens a world of opportunity. With these tips, you can continue to have confidence speaking English long after you learn the language.