Eliany, a recent ELS Toronto Level 112 grad, has been accepted to the University of Toronto's architecture program, which is ranked in the top 40 architecture programs in the world.

Eliany is the final of three children sent by her family in Panama to study with ELS in Toronto. It has become a family tradition to send their children to ELS and one that they hope will continue with grandchildren in the future.

“I always knew I wanted to study in a foreign country, I just didn’t know where,” said Eliany. “My experience at ELS had a great influence on my decision [to stay in Canada]. The support I received from my teachers and directors was priceless and knowing that I can still go there if I need help is very valuable.”

John Becker, Managing Director of ELS Canada, had the opportunity to meet Eliany and said she is clearly a very intelligent and remarkable person, and well loved by everyone at ELS Toronto.

“ELS has definitely helped me perfect my English in so many ways. I'd say that the most important skill that I developed during my time at ELS was my confidence. Speaking English as a foreign language in front of native speakers may be frightening. However, at ELS, I never felt judged for making mistakes,” said Elainy.

All ELS students who complete Level 112 are welcome to apply to a Canadian university or receive direct entry to many of ELS’ 30+ university and college pathway partners in Canada.