Business English course – USA

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About the programme

Learn Business English and develop the communication skills you need to be competitive in global business. The ELS Business English course is designed for effective communication in real business situations – you will receive instruction in workplace skills, intercultural communication skills and relevant business discussion topics – so you can be sure you are prepared for success. Business English is recommended for people ages 18 to 25.


  • Key language skills: Speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing
  • Key workplace skills: Giving presentations, negotiating, participating in meetings, networking, writing emails and more
  • Key intercultural communication skills: Power and distance, non-verbal communication, directness, views of time and more
  • Discussion topics: Management styles, team-building, job satisfaction, communications, business relationships, strategy, finance, marketing, training, project management, ethics and more

Course structure

The Business English course is made up of six unique modules, each four weeks long. You may register for any number of modules.
In each module, you will:

  • Give presentations
  • Listen to professional interviews
  • Read news articles
  • Discuss current issues and events
  • Write business correspondence
  • Attend field trips to learn how businesses function

Business English

  • Age requirements
    • Age varies based on centre and accommodation option
  • ELS levels covered
    • 7 levels: 106 (High Intermediate) to 112 (Masters)
  • Maximum students / class
    • 15
  • Number of centres offered
    Chicago, New York-Manhattan, San Francisco-Downtown, Washington, DC
    • 4
  • Lessons / week
    50 minutes each Monday – Friday with Friday afternoons free. 20 lessons in General English and 10 in Business English
    • 30
  • Number of weeks for each ELS level
    • 4
  • Start dates annually
    • 26


Levels 106
  • Communicates facts and opinions
  • Discusses and argues in a culturally acceptable way
  • Understands most questions and statements at normal speaking speed
  • Carries on conversations with native speakers
  • Uses English to shop, order food in restaurants and ask for directions
Option on completion
  • Enrol in the Complete Prep Programme for the TOEFL iBT® or Business English Programme (available at select centres)
Levels 107/108/109
  • Communicates effectively in most social situations
  • Understands a wide range of idioms
  • Maintains extended conversations with native speakers
  • Participates fully in most conversations
Levels 110/111/112
  • Speaks and understands English with ease
  • Conducts business competently in English

Business English course – USA ELS Centers

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