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September 27, 2016


I came to Fort Wayne because I expected that there would not be many Japanese people and I would have the opportunity to speak English. I was recommended to come to the middle of America because I heard it was a good experience.

I am from Tokyo so there a lot of changes. It was so strange that there no sidewalks. You don’t have to use a car in Tokyo to get around. I thought Indiana would be very conservative, but people have been very nice to me and very open. I am a student at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and my major is Arabic. My school teaches 27 different languages. I came to ELS, I expected to meet a lot of people from many different countries.

Being able to communicate with people who could not speak my language I learned a lot of things besides English. I didn’t expect younger people to inspire me. I met people from other countries who were younger than me, and I was able to get know them. I saw other people give such amazing effort
and talent.

One of the most difficult things for me was being able to express myself. I am 22 years old, but I felt like I was only able to express myself as a 5 year old when I first came here. I stayed in on campus dorms and it was so helpful to have friends at ELS who were also non-native speakers. They understood how I felt and always cheered me up.

I think having studied English will help me find a good job. Remember, don’t be afraid of speaking English, and always respect older people.



September 13, 2016


I like that Santa Monica has a nice view and is near the beach. I play basketball at Venice Beach and it is good for me. Sometimes I walk from ELS to Venice! I like that ELS is more academic than other schools and we have homework. It’s good for us.



August 9, 2016


I’m Valeria Terralavoro and I’m from Caracas, Venezuela.

Going to ELS was the best decision I could ever made. I studied in ELS Boston Downtown for 7 months and it was just amazing. It wasn’t easy for me to start a new life far away from my home but ELS and their people helped me and made it easy for me. I was 17 years old when I arrived to Boston, I arrived alone and now I’m leaving with many friends around the world. I met people from places that I never imagined they could become my friends and that was one of the beautiful things that happen to me.

I completed the course of English successfully and that could’ve never happened without the help of my excellent teachers, my kind classmates and all the staff of ELS who helped me improve my English every day. ELS not only taught me English but also gave me the opportunity to join and enjoy the different activities and trips that they organized for us.

I’m in love with this spectacular city. Boston is my second home and I’m never going to forget it. I really enjoyed and learned every single day of this experience.
Thank you to everyone who made it possible.



August 5, 2016


The first day I came to ELS, Lubbock, I saw how spending some days at such a language institution would be a place where I could build my academic skills and be ready to start the academic life. ELS staff have been doing their best in order to come up with new strategies which can help English learners to develop and enrich their English skills. Finally, my days there were an experience to not forget.

-Mohammed,Saudi Arabia


August 4, 2016


Hello everybody, I’m Kosuke Horikawa from Osaka, Japan. Before I came here, I didn’t study English so much, because I was busy. Also, I didn’t like English, but I really like it now. Actually, I don’t want to go back to Japan recently because I have had a lot of good friends since I came here. I still want to try conversation with native speaker and other students. After graduation, I’m going to university in Japan, and then I’ll get a license of preschool teacher, and I want to teach English to children. It’s my dream. Also, I hope that they will try to have good conversation with native speaker and they will get an experience for their future.



August 4, 2016


I’m Yuki Kubota from Tokyo, Japan. My purposes for coming to ELS Tacoma were making foreign friends and speaking English as much as I could. I think ELS Tacoma is good for these purposes because the classes have few students and you can speak a lot. Consequently, it’s easy to make many friends and speak English however you want. I’m really proud of having studied in ELS Tacoma and I greatly appreciate my teachers and friends.



August 3, 2016


I decided to student at ELS because it’s an opportunity to grow. Rutgers University-Camden is a beautiful place and the people are very friendly. I feel very safe, this place has a lot of security. It’s the best experience to live on campus. My favorite memory is the activities after classes. The staff are the best people that I know, all of them help me. All the teachers are friendly and teach very well. The teachers know what they are teaching. I participate in all the activities after class and all of the activities were very funny. Yes, I would recommend this center because the system has a good structure.



August 3, 2016


I decide study in ELS Philadelphia-Camden because is the best option to learn English. In my opinion Rutgers University-Camden is amazing because it has all services, food, gym, etc. And all the people are so friendly and the buildings are in good condition. All the time I feel safe in Camden, all the time you can see the security. I think that it’s an incredible experience living on campus because you can live and enjoy an American university lifestyle. My favorite memory was when I was in the Philadelphia Art Museum, because it’s amazing and in this place I met new people. In my opinion Katherine, Tyrone, and Nyrie are so friendly, when you need help all the time are available for you. The teachers are professionals in their work. They listen to opinions. They do a lot of activities in the classroom, and they are so friendly. I participated in student activities. I think that the student activities is the best part to study in the United States because you can put in practice your English with a native people. I would definitely recommend ELS Philadelphia-Camden, you can learn and have fun at the same time.



August 3, 2016


I decided to study at ELS Philadelphia-Camden because I heard that it is a good school and the best place near the city. Rutgers University-Camden is a big university with many people and has a good reputation. I always felt safe on campus because there is a lot of security. My favorite memory at this center is going to the Philadelphia Art Museum. It was really amazing! I participated in most of the activities. It was a good for students and helped us to know the city and the culture. I would recommend this center. It has the best system of teaching and the staff is really nice. This was my first time in the USA. It was the best experience!

Dayang "Bean"

August 1, 2016


Dayang "Bean" is currently studying at Northeastern University in Boston, MA studying Neuroscience and Behavior. We were so happy to have Bean visit us and agree to a short interview.

ELS: How did ELS help you to prepare for university?

Bean: "The ELS classes really helped me by providing me with opportunities to work with a diverse group of international students. I enjoyed not only working with just other Chinese students but to gain perspectives from other students as well. I was also able to gain cultural awareness in a friendly environment, which really benefited me."

ELS: What was one of your favorite memories while studying here?

Bean: "My first level I was placed into was an advanced level of 109. I was very stressed and intimidated by this level. Teacher Lauren and teacher Racahel were very supportive and understanding about my fear. They gave me many opportunities to participate and I really loved their support. My fellow classmates also supported me, which was very relieving."

ELS: Do you have any recommendations or advice for future students planning to study at ELS San Francisco-North Bay?

Bean: "Try to understand different cultures and give priority to cultural differences. Don't be discouraged if you don't understand something new the first time, sometimes it takes time to fully understand something."

ELS: What's something that you learned at ELS that has been especially helpful to you at university?

Bean: "ELS taught me how to interact professionally with office personnel and learn basic things about America. ELS also taught me how to use the library resources and databases for research. Also the many presentations I gave while studying at ELS benefited me very much because I was able to really improve my skills of not only presenting better but being able to learn how to prepare as well."

ELS: Any last words?

Bean: "I really enjoyed studying at ELS San Francisco-North Bay because teachers are very positive and helpful to improve my vocabulary. The weather is great here and it helps to keep your mood happy. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about improving their English and transferring to university."

-Dayang "Bean",China


August 1, 2016


Tomohiro, his wife Masako and their two young boys came to visit our center recently. Tomohiro and Masako met and fell in love at our center in 2007. They are currently living in Laredo, Texas and Tomohiro is working for a top Japanese technology company there.

Tomohiro agreed to give some advice to future students who plan to study at ELS San Francisco-North Bay. He had graduated with the ELS 112 certificate and has been working in the U.S. for a long time.

We asked him about his recommendations to future students and he said: "have an open mind, especially if you are from Japan like me. Don't just make friends with those who speak your own language. Making friends with those from other countries helps you a lot by improving your English as well as having the ability to have friends in many different countries."

What was your favorite class while studying at ELS? "I really enjoyed the classes where I had to give presentations. Also, the research paper in the Masters level course was super helpful and allowed me to present an assortment of topics and improve my strength in my writing ability."

Any last words? "It's totally up to the student on how they will take advantage of the opportunities and experiences that can improve or advance their life. Not only in their business, but in their whole life. ELS has improved mine in all ways possible!"

Tomohiro and Masako have been married for 8 years and happy to be living in Texas. They said there are only about 15 Japanese people in their city, but the challenge of making friends doesn't seem to effect them as much as they are used to making friends from different backgrounds, like in ELS.

It was so nice to have our students return and visit with us. We welcome student alumni to return at any time and share with us their experiences and life stories.



July 22, 2016


I like everything about ELS-RICHMOND. First, the school has beautiful places that you can enjoy here. I like the structure and the architecture of the university! There are many comfortable places that can help you to learn. If you want to enjoy learning English, ELS Richmond is the best option. They help you to practice your pronunciation, meet different people, make new friends, and know the culture from other countries. My favorite things to do in Richmond is visit the library. And if you like to exercise, you can go to the gym. Also, the teachers are so great and wonderful… they really help you. They are very
prepared to teach and they love their jobs. They prepare you to learn new things. Also the staff is so friendly… They always help you! The people in Richmond are so lovely, cute, cordial, and helpful. ELS-RICHMOND helped me in many ways, especially with improving my English abilities, because the activities and the topics are favorable for speaking, writing, and practicing
English all the time. But the best thing is that at ELS-RICHMOND, you really love learning English!