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July 22, 2016


I like everything about ELS-RICHMOND. First, the school has beautiful places that you can enjoy here. I like the structure and the architecture of the university! There are many comfortable places that can help you to learn. If you want to enjoy learning English, ELS Richmond is the best option. They help you to practice your pronunciation, meet different people, make new friends, and know the culture from other countries. My favorite things to do in Richmond is visit the library. And if you like to exercise, you can go to the gym. Also, the teachers are so great and wonderful… they really help you. They are very
prepared to teach and they love their jobs. They prepare you to learn new things. Also the staff is so friendly… They always help you! The people in Richmond are so lovely, cute, cordial, and helpful. ELS-RICHMOND helped me in many ways, especially with improving my English abilities, because the activities and the topics are favorable for speaking, writing, and practicing
English all the time. But the best thing is that at ELS-RICHMOND, you really love learning English!


July 20, 2016

I graduated from ELS almost a year ago with some of my
really good classmates, and I now go to the Illinois institute of art-Chicago
studying fashion marketing. I still remember the first day I went to ELS
without knowing English. I started from 106 and failed this level once because
I missed just one quiz and had a hard time in my reading class. Everything was
just so hard for me since I was not even the best in high school in Japan and
had not studied that much. However, it motivated me to study harder that made
me pass all the levels afterwards. Studying English was my dream but I said in
my mind I wanted to quit doing this many times because I was stressed and
disappointed myself when I did not have any friends. Everything changed when I
tried to make friends too. I did not like reading class at all because I was
bad at it, but when my classmates or friends encouraged me, I could do
anything. Even if some of them were in the different levels, I could think that
they were doing the same thing so I needed to go through this. I know it is
hard for some people to be outgoing and friendly to others, but I highly
recommend that you guys make friends or talk to people you do not know, or from
other countries. This way makes you want to go to school every day and also
gives you an opportunity to speak English. That helped me a lot for my speaking

I know all the classes are extremely difficult for us,
international students, however, I am sure what you are studying now in ELS
will help you when you go to university or college. Some of you, I actually should
say most of you might wonder why you are doing these hard stuff and you will
not use them. Yes, you will use them. You guys utilize what you are learning at
college and university including reading books or textbook even articles,
presentation, writing essays…well just everything! Since I am in fashion
marketing major, I need to do a lot projects every week and write an analysis
for them, and present about them. I am utilizing all the skills I got at ELS. I
am just so blessed that I studied at ELS Milwaukee. I could not have attended
my college without my experience at ELS. I learned a lot of things even life
lessons as well. I miss those days and, friends and
teachers I met that make me want to see again. I hope every student at ELS work
hard on studying English and make your dreams come true. I am sure you can do
it , because I did it!



July 7, 2016


My name is Hiro, and I'm from Japan. I have studied at ELS Milwaukee for 7 months. I work at a company in Japan and have studied English at ELS for my business. I really appreciate the respectable teachers and great friends I met. They always encouraged me and gave a good motivation.

Also, I have obtained a lot of experiences, not only studying English but also other cultures. There are many friends who came from different countries. I was very interested in talking about different cultures in English.

In addition, Milwaukee is a fantastic city! You can go to the lakeside to relax. There are a lot of music festivals to attend. I liked listening to music and drinking beer is awesome there! In addition, there are professional sports teams, such as Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks. You can watch NBA games and MBL games live. It's very exciting! There are a lot of advantages to studying in Milwaukee with different cultures. Studying at ELS Milwaukee will be the most wonderful memory for my life. I really would like to return to Milwaukee someday. I want to recommend to others, ELS Milwaukee. Study English and enjoy all the activities there is to do!



June 28, 2016


ELS Atlantic City is a great center which I extremely recommend. Teachers here are pretty nice. They will help you with whatever you want. The most important thing is they also care about your life and try their best for you. Especially as a foreign student, we have lots of things to learn and they will help you a lot. Also, the center is located in a university where you will make American friends to help you improve your English!



June 24, 2016


I think that this program (ELS- Richmond) is good to study. There are three reasons: First, teachers are very kind. So, people can be comfortable during study. Second, Richmond is environment- friendly. So, people can do many things outside and this environment is good in order to study. Finally, this program helps students. For example, they give many information to students.

-Sejun,South Korea


June 21, 2016


My name is Ahmed Al Mansori. I am from Qatar. ELS helped me to improve my English
overall, it helped me be a better academic. At the beginning you will face
challenges while learning, but with the help of the teachers, you will grow your
study skills. Also, the city was great; I loved the Milwaukee football stadium.
I enjoyed walking next to the river. The best thing was the clean lake and it's
beach. Camping in the national park was an exciting experience for me as well.
I am used to camping in the desert, but this was my first time in the woods.
Milwaukee museum engaged my interest in dinosaurs, now I want to learn more
about them. No one can imagine the fun I had while making a snowman. I may
leave to Miami, but my heart will stay in Milwaukee.


June 17, 2016


I did not know ELS would help me with my writing. I had a big
problem with organizing topics, thesis statements, introductions and conclusions. ELS helped me a lot. It was a real pleasure to study here. I found my needs here.


May 26, 2016


ELS have helped me with my English significantly especially in writing. I remember my first day at ELS/Seattle. I had no confidence in my English skill, but look at me now- full of confidence! I would like to thank everybody at ELS/Seattle for their help and I would never forget my time here.

-Khalid,Saudi Arabia


May 26, 2016


I have been at ELS for nine months. I don’t know how to
describe my experience in just a few words, but I had a great time here.
Everyone should learn English because it will help their education in the
future. At ELS we learn not only English but also about American culture and
lifestyle. I was happy to make friends from many different countries and to
learn about their culture, food and characteristics. I would recommend ELS to
all students. Thank you for my valuable experience here!


Kemal Dogru

May 26, 2016


I have been at ELS for three months. I had a great time
here. ELS has a good method of education. All of the ELS staff is very helpful
and friendly. They teach not only English, but also American culture, history
and way of life. I met a lot of students and made friends from countries
including Saudi Arabia, Korea, China, Spain, Japan and Brazil and I
learned about their ways and cultures. I would recommend ELS for all students!

-Kemal Dogru,Turkey


May 16, 2016


My name is Vanessa and I studied 8 weeks at ELS. I really at first didn’t think I’ll like it but I did. It was a wonderful experience. You will meet so many people from other countries and that’s really fun. You learn about the culture from them, but the main thing is that you make friends all over the world. The teachers at ELS are really great. They always help you, they are funny, always happy and at the same time you’re learning with them. That’s amazing. I liked it so much and I will miss them. Thank you ELS for this experience.



May 13, 2016


Hello friends my name is Ruslan. I am from Russia. I came to the United States in 2012. Initially, I could not speak English very well. I started at level 104 and was able to graduate in eight months. Shortly after graduation from ELS, I started my graduate degree in California Lutheran University in Business Administration. I also continued my relationship with ELS by helping them out with the new student orientation. I enjoy meeting new people from other countries and helping them out. During my study at CLU, I was able to obtain a highly competitive position as a graduate research assistant. I graduated from the MBA program in 2015 with honors and was accepted to Sigma Beta Delta honor Society. Now, I am finishing another graduate degree in Information Systems and Technologies. I want to thank ELS for their amazing teachers and staff, who helped me learn English quickly from the beginning. The skills that I learned at ELS allowed me to become very successful in my after school educational experience in the United States.