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Cincinnati, OH

60 West Charlton Street
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Tel.: (513) 556-4034
ELS Center Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closed on weekends and holidays)
On the campus of: University of Cincinnati
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ELS/Cincinnati is located in the heart of the modern campus of the University of Cincinnati (UC), within walking distance to classrooms, housing, restaurants, shopping, activities and public transportation. UC, a large public research institution, offers more than 350 degree programs and has an overall enrollment of over 40,000 students. Since 1819, UC has been the source of many discoveries creating positive change for society and many programs offer the opportunity to co-op and get real-world work experience with Global 500 companies. <br/>Cincinnati, Ohio, is a vibrant and culturally diverse city in the Midwestern United States. International students feel very comfortable here and are often able to connect with others in the community from their culture. incinnati is also located in a perfect spot to easy and quick travel by car, bus or plane to other tourist destination cities, including Boston, New York and Washington, DC.

  • ELS/Cincinnati is located in an updated building with modern classsrooms on the beautiful modern campus of the University of Cincinnati
  • ELS students can access UC's libraries, athletic venues, academic resources, housing, events and more!
  • UC is a large public research institution, and offers more than 350 degree programs with an overall enrollment of over 40,000
  • ELS students can either live on campus or nearby with a host family
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Cincinnati Fast Facts

Cincinnati Fast Facts

Welcome to Cincinnati!

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Distance to Key Locations from ELS Center

Location Minutes Transportation Method
Airport 30/30
Bank 5
Downtown Area 10/10
Post Office 10
Restaurants 19
Shopping Mall/Outlet 25/25
Sports Stadium 5/10/10
Supermarket 10/5/5
Pharmacy 5
Public Transportation 5








110V 60KHz.
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Programs available at this location

2017 Cost Per Session
$1840 USD
2017 Cost Per Session
$1410 USD
American Explorer Program

Enjoy the Adventure

2017 Cost Per Session
$1350 USD

Outside the Student Residence Student Residence Building Student Residence Dorm Room Student Residence Grounds Student Residence

Homestays in the area(Homestay)

ELS/Cincinnati has a very well established homestay program with a variety of families to accommodate students' interests and needs. Living with a homestay family allows students to immerse themselves in American culture as well as practice their English skills on a daily basis. Cincinnati's homestay families offer a warm and welcoming environment. The homes are just a bus ride away from the ELS Center. They are also located close to attractions and events throughout Cincinnati. The families' homes are located in safe residential neighborhoods that are easily accessible to campus by either a shuttle or a bus.
Homestay students should notify their host families or ELS of their arrival times so that families will know to be home when they arrive. Students are responsible for their own transportation to ELS. Students can take the city bus at a reduced rate with their UC ID card.

Price per Session $955
Occupancy Single
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $115
Meals / week or Meal Credit
14 meals per week

Schneider Hall(Student Residence (On Campus))

Dormitories are co-ed by floor; suites are single gender. The suites (Schneider) are arranged with four people each having a private bedroom and a shared living space. The studios (Scioto) include shared rooms for two people, as well as a full kitchen. Both housing includes a bathroom facility shared with the residents of that room or suite. In addition, the halls have a small lounge with a television, vending machines and laundry facilities.
When students are not in their room or at class, they can be found studying at the library, working out in the fitness center or scaling the climbing wall, shopping at the on campus market, eating at one of the on campus dining halls or variety of on campus and off campus restaurants, watching a moving at the movie theater on campus, attending a meeting or event with one of the UC clubs/organizations, and much, much more! UC's campus is also conveniently located near banks, restaurants and grocery stores or markets.

Price per Session $1130
Occupancy Double - Each ELS student will have a private room in a shared four-bedroom suite.
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $115
Meals / week or Meal Credit
No meals included

Sciotto Hall(Student Residence (On Campus))

Sciotto Hall is a newly renovated uilding opening August 2016! . It is apartment style with shared bedrooms and each unit includes a kitchen! Apartment units are completely furnished and linens are provided.

Price per Session $1130
Occupancy Single
Minimum Age 18
Airport Pickup $115
Meals / week or Meal Credit
No meals included

Welcome to University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati Campus University of Cincinnati Building University of Cincinnati Walkway Campus Aerial Shot Tennis Courts Campus Building University Center Building Cincinnati Downtown University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati - McMicken Common University of Cincinnati - Campus Recreation Center University of Cincinnati - Campus Recreation Center University of Cincinnati - Nippert Stadium University of Cincinnati - Steger Hall and Campus Recreation University of Cincinnati - University Pavilion University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music
  • Baseball field
  • Computer lab
  • Gymnasium
  • Soccer field
  • Swimming pool (indoor)
  • Tennis court
  • Wi-Fi
  • Fitness center
  • Fee for parking at Center
  • Student Health Center
  • Basketball court
  • Library
  • Racquetball/Squash court
  • Center is handicapped accessible
  • Classrooms are handicapped accessible
  • Cafeteria

What is Conditional Admission?

Institutions in the ELS University Conditional Admission Network offer conditional admission to students who are academically admissible based on the student’s academic record and other university and/or departmental and program requirements, but who have not yet demonstrated English proficiency. Your admission is “conditional” based upon satisfying English proficiency through completion of a specified level of the ELS English for Academic Purposes program and any other specific requirements prior to full admission. Once these requirements are fulfilled, you are able to fully matriculate. These requirements will be outlined on your Conditional Letter of Admission, and your selected ELS center will assist you in completing all of the necessary requirements for matriculation.

Additional matriculation requirements may include other required scores, for example, GMAT® or GRE® for graduate programs.

Our ELS University Partners will offer a Conditional Letter of Admission (CLA) detailing the additional requirements needed for matriculation. You and your family can be assured that you have a university placement and ELS registration prior to departing for the USA.

What is the Conditional Admission Process?

  1. Find a university via our University Finder
  2. Apply for university admission and enroll for English studies at ELS Language Centers with help from a local ELS authorized Counseling Agent.
  3. If you are an acceptable candidate for university admission, you receive a letter of "Conditional university admission subject to English proficiency and submission of any other required documentation for matriculation."
  4. Study at any of the 60 ELS Centers in the USA to fulfill the university entrance requirement for English proficiency.
  5. Begin your university program!

Meet the Staff

Lindsey Garbenis

Lindsey Garbenis

Center Director

Hello, my name is Lindsey Garbenis and I am the Cincinnati Center Director. I have my BS in Marine Biology from Nova Southeastern University and my MBA from Hawaii Pacific University. I joined ELS in September 2015. Previously from 2010 to 2015 I was the Director of International Admissions at Hawaii Pacific University. Before that I was the Assistant Director of International Admissions at the University of Cincinnati. I greatly enjoy working with international students and guiding them through the process of getting an education in the United States. I love to see international and U.S. students transform into global citizens. In my free time I keep busy with my family, outdoor activities, house projects and watching football!

Lisa Berding

Lisa Berding

Academic Director

Hi! My name is Lisa and I joined the ELS family in 2012. I was a recipient of the ELS Excellence in Teaching Award in 2014. I moved to Cincinnati in 2015 and absolutely love how beautiful and energetic the city is. I have always been interested in languages and have a degree in Modern Language and International Studies from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. I also have a CELTA certificate from BridgeEnglish in Denver, Colorado and an M.A. TESOL from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I lived for several years in Germany and South Korea. In my spare time, I love reading grammar books, traveling to new places, taking long walks with my dog, and hanging out with my family. I am so excited to be able to guide ELS students to success in English so that they can achieve their dreams.

Lauren Steinmann

Lauren Steinmann

International Student Advisor

My name is Lauren. I have a BA from Ohio University in International Studies. I lived in Japan for 2 years teaching English to middle school students. Next I worked as a student advisor for 4 years with adult language learners. In my free time I enjoy exploring new places, watching sports (Go Bengals! Go Reds!), volunteering and going to events around the city. I was born and raised in Cincinnati. I love this city! There are so many wonderful and fun things to do here. Please feel free to come ask me for advice on events in Cincinnati any time!

Lee Fenner

Lee Fenner


I am from Cincinnati and I continue to enjoy the charm and attraction of the “Queen city.” I recently spent seven years working in Lithuania. There I married a Lithuanian, had two children and gained a conversational level of fluency in Lithuanian. I travelled several times to Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia and Germany. Thereafter I returned with my family to my home city. If I am not at ELS helping students achieve their ambitions, then I can be found watching the Cincinnati Reds playing baseball.

Kamellia Smith

Kamellia Smith

IELTS Administrator

Hi, I’m your IELTS Administrator at ELS Cincinnati. I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the busiest cities in the world. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Indonesia. This is also the university where I worked for many years coordinating exchange programs between Indonesia and the USA. I consider myself lucky that I’ve had opportunities to travel a lot and meet people from different countries. Prior to my time at ELS, I was an active freelance reporter for the Enquirer’s Community Recorder newspaper. I also love dancing. In my free time, I teach and perform Balinese dance. Come see me whenever you have questions about IELTS. I’d be happy to talk with you!


June 8, 2015

ELS Cincinnati is like a big family. Teachers and advisors really care about every student, not only for the English learning, but to help students to adapt to the new culture and new life at the UC campus. Students feel comfortable and are encouraged here. Also, ELS Cincinnati holds lots of activities. I always learn new things after participating in varieties of activities. It is a perfect place with perfect teachers and advisors for me to learn English. I will start my Master's degree at a US university this year and I feel ELS Cincinnati has helped me to be prepared for it.



June 8, 2015

I chose ELS Cincinnati because I need to improve my English skills and I want to study at the University of Cincinnati. When I arrived at ELS, I think my biggest challenge was that I couldn't understand what my teacher said. I love everybody at ELS Cincinnati. I love my teachers, my friends, and I can experience many cultures. The three biggest benefits of attending ELS Cincinnati are: getting English skills, making more friends, and having a very full day every day. Teachers at ELS Cincinnati are always full of energy. The teachers have many methods to teach us English. ELS often organizes activities to help you adjust to US life. After studying at ELS Cincinnati, I want to study at the University of Cincinnati.



June 8, 2015

I chose ELS Cincinnati because I've heard that it has strong teachers who can help me to improve my English skills. My biggest challenge was how to speak with American people and how to make a lot of friends. ELS Cincinnati is like the second home where someone can learn English with their friends. Actually, everyone in ELS Cincinnati is like my family. The three biggest benefits of attending ELS Cincinnati were: I made new friends, learned how to break the ice (I can talk in speaking evaluations), and I developed my mind. My teachers at ELS Cincinnati impacted me step by step. They encouraged my English skills so I can speak very fluently. Even though, sometimes, I felt stressed and that I could not concentrate in the classes, it was okay because a lot of my teachers and friends supported me. ELS Cincinnati absolutely helped me adjust to life in the US through their activities and staff presentations. It helps all the students. Right now, I'm trying to decide which university I want to attend after ELS. I am between two universities: the University of Cincinnati or Louisiana Tech University.

-Rani, Saudi Arabia


June 8, 2015

I was recommended to ELS Cincinnati by an agent. The language was the biggest challenge at first. When I came to Cincinnati, I did not speak, read or write in English. So obviously I could not communicate with other people who did not speak my native language. ELS Cincinnati can be described in three words: strict, challenging and fun. There are three benefits of attending ELS Cincinnati. The first one would be the language. Now, I can speak, read and write in English. The second one would be friends. I know many friends from different countries: Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Colombia...and the list is long. The third one is the field trips. I think ELS Cincinnati is unique on its trips. It was fun going out with friends and other students who later become my friends. I don't think that I ever missed one of ELS's trips except maybe when I was away from Cincinnati. The teachers at ELS Cincinnati are very helpful and experts in their position. For example, when I was in the beginner levels, my teacher told me that I should not translate words that I do not know to my native language. I did not take her advice seriously; however, when I got to the advanced levels, I found out that I did not have enough vocabulary to write an essay of 500 words. So I decided to change the way to get to know the words and even to find their English definition or pictures. ELS Cincinnati actually did help me adjust to life in the US. Plus, English is a global language. If you have it, many problems will be solved. I have graduated from ELS Cincinnati. Now, I will study Chemical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati.

-Asem,Saudi Arabia


June 8, 2015

Do you intend to be fluent in speaking English and intellectual at the same time? Then ELS will help you with that effectively. I chose ELS Cincinnati because they have influential strategies of learning English language and also certainly because of its good reputation and they have professional teachers. ELS Cincinnati has encouraged me to improve my English language skills particularly in the writing area. I feel now, I have become a good writer and I attribute the improvement in my English language to all of my teachers who have always encouraged me. ELS Cincinnati has a diversity of international students which helps you to make friends and learn their culture. Students and teachers are so friendly, respectable, and kind. ELS Cincinnati provides interesting activities almost daily. For instance, they supply a conversation between students and native speakers in order to have the opportunity to practice the English language. They have a distinctive way of setting up the conversation meeting by providing some interesting games and some delicious food and beverages. ELS Cincinnati has a cooperative administration who gladly help you find suitable and appropriate shelter and, what is more, they inform you about the most remarkable places to visit. The program has 12 phases and I am currently and fortunately in level 112. I am planning, after finishing the ELS Cincinnati program, to enroll in a university, since many colleges accept the program. I enjoy being in ELS Cincinnati. I feel I am at my home!

-Mohammed,Saudi Arabia


June 8, 2015

Actually, choosing ELS Cincinnati was not my choice, because I was going to study in another ELS, which is in Cleveland, Ohio. Before I left my country, the Saudi Higher Education told me that I couldn't study in Cleveland anymore because there were a lot of Saudi students so I had to find an alternative school. I didn't have many choices because I already paid the tuition fee, so I was looking for another ELS. Fortunately, I found the ELS that is located in Cincinnati. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to Cincinnati, because I didn't know anyone there and my English was not good enough and that was the biggest challenge I faced. Now I feel ELS Cincinnati is my home in the United States. I loved being a student at ELS Cincinnati. They have amazing teachers and helpful staff. They helped me until I finished the program which wasn't a short time because I started from level 102 till 112. To be honest, I never thought that I would finish it at all. There were a lot of benefits at ELS Cincinnati, but the biggest one is the diversity which gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of students from different countries, languages and cultures. ELS Cincinnati helped me to improve my English and helped me become a University of Cincinnati student.

There is a story I would like to share with you. I had a meeting with the law school department at the University of Cincinnati after I graduated 112. I was nervous because of my English. I didn't know if my English was good enough to understand them. The first time I met with them, we couldn't understand each other. However, this time, after we finished, my advisor at the Law School was amazed at my English and she told me that my pronunciation was so much better than last time. Right now I am a University of Cincinnati student and I will start studying my major, Law, in Fall 2015. The truth is that I wouldn't have achieved my goal without ELS and my teachers there!

-Turki,Saudi Arabia


June 8, 2015

The reason why I chose ELS Cincinnati is that my best friend used to study there and he said I would change in terms of study and life. The truth is that he is changed just like the way he said. What's more, I chose ELS Cincinnati because I'd like to study at the University of Cincinnati.

When I arrived at ELS Cincinnati, everything was brand new to me, the way of studying, the lifestyle, the way I make friends, etc. I had no idea how to cope with that. I couldn't imagine how I was supposed to deal with it.

I have to say that ELS Cincinnati is the best place to enhance your study and learn your English skills. The teachers there are quite excellent. They will always help you figure out problems that you have until you understand. They will take their time and pay attention as much as possible.

The biggest benefit of applying to the University of Cincinnati is that everything goes well. Teachers and staff will tell you the certification you need to attend and they will provide you with all the information you need. So you guys don't have to worry about the difficulties there.

The time you spend on studying is the most effective way to improve your English skills. Also, teachers play a really significant role in the winning education. They will use all their knowledge to teach and give all they have (time, patience, strength, love) to their students. Most importantly, they will tell all the details about the way to learn English.

Studying at ELS Cincinnati actually gave me time to adapt to life in America. I was able to see what life was like there and I had more time to make more friends, which helped me to have more time to solve the challenges I met there.

My future plan is ongoing. Now that I have graduated ELS Cincinnati, my awesome plan is to use the three month time between classes to improve physically (work out) and keep on going mentally (mathematical study and English learning) while I am back in China. What's more, I will use most of my time to be with my parents and my little puppies.



June 8, 2015

I chose ELS Cincinnati because it's one of the five strongest ELSs in the USA. One of my biggest challenges before I arrived at ELS was trying to talk to people in English. I would say ELS is like a small house and inside the house there are teachers and students that I prefer to call brothers and sisters because they feel happy for you if you pass and they will help you if you need help.

The biggest benefit of ELS is they help improve your grammar, writing and reading. My teachers impacted me by helping me to speak well and by correcting my grammar and mistakes. Also, they teach me how to talk to people in English. ELS Cincinnati helped me adjust to the US life because they have activities on the weekends to go to great places.

After I finish ELS I will study at university in America and get a Master's degree in my major.

-Nawaf,Saudi Arabia


July 11, 2014


Being part of ELS is a wonderful experience. I had a very good time with my teachers and my classmates. I feel grateful for having the experience to interact with people from different countries because you can learn many things from each person.

Before I came to the United States thought that I just was going to learn English but I have learned many things because I have had the opportunity to interact with many people and visit many cities in the country.

Once I started taking classes at ELS, I started to enjoy everything in the center because there are many activities inside and outside the classes. The center gives you the opportunity to learn and enjoy at the same time. I have realized that I have improved my English because now I can communicate with American people and I can watch American TV programs and movies understanding almost everything.

Every week there are different kinds of activities with affordable prices, which is very good for all the students. The staff is very kind, which is very good because every morning I felt welcome at ELS, everybody is very nice, and everybody wanted me to feel very good.



September 20, 2013


Doctoral Candidate
James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
University of Cincinnati

How did you learn about and decide upon attending the University of Cincinnati?

I was interested in pharmacoepidemiology. I discovered a professor from the University of Cincinnati when I was at a conference, and I decided that I wanted to get my knowledge from him because he is iconic in this field. He told me that because I didn’t speak English, I couldn’t enroll in this program. So, I created a plan to meet the English requirement for admission by laying out how I would attend ELS on campus and prepare the GRE, and he said yes to admitting me conditionally.

How was your transition to UC?

The education is so different in this country. As a graduate student in Pharmacy, my professor told me I couldn’t ever get below a B in a class, so there was a lot of pressure. I had a plan for everything to prepare to study. I took everything seriously to prove I could succeed to my professor, who had his eyes on everything I did. It was like a trial, but I was prepared for it. This is a big change from when I first arrived in America, and I was so shy and felt English was so hard.

What were the advantages of studying at ELS prior to UC?

Everything at ELS put me on the right track. The way they teach, they way they grade. Before I could speak much English, I got a lot of help when I would email my professor. After I finished level 109, I could email my professor on my own without help. When my professor saw this, he could see I was ready. After ELS I am more confident: I can now speak to a thousand people at a conference and write articles to be published. I was once afraid people wouldn’t understand me and think I sounded weird. Now, I have a seminar every week, and I can present. I’ve published one paper, and two more are on the way. I am waiting for the next two until after I present at a conference in Canada. All of my confidence I got from ELS, from all of the evaluations, all the presentations, and all the writing I did. I used to be a slow reader, but now I’m not.

ELS helped me a lot. ELS was not just for English, it was for everything. I wanna go back sometimes: It was so much fun, and I learned so much. The teachers were great, and they were flexible and made classes fun. You don’t laugh in class with your professors! It was the best time of my life.

-Ziyad,Saudi Arabia

Students Speak: About opportunities for lawyers at ELS/Cincinnati

July 26, 2013

ELS Students Speak: About going to University of Cincinnati

July 26, 2013


May 13, 2013

I can still remember my first day in Cincinnati. I was scared and felt lonely. Actually, Cincinnati gave me wonderful things I will never forget my whole life. The first time in my life I saw snow here and it was a special moment. I like three places here; Newport, downtown and the Cincinnati Zoo.

People in Cincinnati are respectful and friendly. I am a Muslim woman and I feel the freedom and safety here.

I have two houses in Cincinnati, my apartment and ELS. ELS is not just a school. It is an amazing place for education, co-operation and love. We are in ELS like one family. My English became better here. ELS has many programs for the development of language. I feel in ELS comfortable. All my questions find their answers in ELS.

Now, I am happy in Cincinnati.

-Eyman,Saudi Arabia


May 13, 2013


I chose the University of Cincinnati due to the rich history in discovery and research in my major. But, I never expected the hospitality of the city. Every thing is wonderful: the people, the weather and the most important, the ELS. The faculty are the most friendly people I have ever met they are willing to help in any problem. They answer any question I ask about anything, studying, driving lessons, movies, restaurants, furniture, grocery stores, places to travel and so much more. They even join the students in shopping trips. I love the activities of the ELS since they help me relieve the stress of studying and allow me to socialize with different people and enhance my skills.

When I came to the United States, my worst problems were my speaking and writing skills. I couldn't say a whole understandable sentence and I could hardly write a paragraph about a topic. Now, when I speak, people think that I have been living here in U.S.A for years.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.



April 30, 2013


I learned lots of new things about American culture and the world only for joining you guys. The most important thing is all teachers and especially Linda, help me alot. I am really thankful to all who help me to improve my English. All teachers and students are very friendly and helpful. I attended lots of ELS activities which I enjoyed. Attending all activities and taking participation in all activities will help me in UC to become more and more famous and good person.

1st time when I came to America I felt afraid because of my English speaking problem. But now I love the USA. I feel like I can do whatever I want because now I have the ability to speak fluent English. Thank you so much Carol. I made lots of Chinese and Saudi friends at ELS. Still I have some problems with grammar but now I can do anything. I have improved pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Finally, I would suggest to students that if they have a problem with English please join ELS. I am really thankful to all. I will miss all teachers, Carol and all other activities. Please don't forget me!


Pintuorn Thaikla, Thailand

September 17, 2009

I like to study here because ELS Center has a lot of interesting and fun activities for me to join. Our teachers are very kind and friendly. It is such a good time to study English here.

Eun Jin Choi, South Korea

September 17, 2009

The thing I liked most in this center was the atmosphere and teachers. I think the quality of teachers is very important to study English. Teachers who use various activities in teaching method are very helpful to me. Also, class’s atmosphere, teachers and students was very critical factors. The class I have attended and classmates motivate each other to study English.

- Eun Jin Choi

International Eduation Week

December 30, 2016

ELS/Cincinnati students introduced their countries to University of Cincinnati students.

Food Pantry Donations

December 30, 2016

ELS/Cincinnati students have HUGE hearts! Look at all the food and personal items they donated. We took them up to the local food pantry to help the homeless and hungry in Cincinnati

Ice Skating

December 30, 2016

Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati

Christmas Cookie Decorating

December 30, 2016

Students decorated their own gingerbread cookies at ELS/Cincinnati

Volunteering with Working In Neighborhoods

December 30, 2016

ELS/Cincinnati students helped local children have a wonderful Christmas by making crafts together and distributing Christmas presents to the children.

Festival of Lights

December 30, 2016

The Cincinnati Zoo has the largest light show in the U.S. Over 2.5 million LED lights!


June 22, 2016

Hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center


June 22, 2016

We rafted on the Little Miami River which is about 45 minutes away from ELS/Cincinnati.


June 22, 2016

Did you know the Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team in the U.S.A?

Outlet Mall Shopping

March 23, 2016

Spring is almost here so we all decided that we needed new outfits!

Contemporary Arts Center

March 23, 2016

Celebrated Korean-American artist Do Ho Suh's Passage exhibit shows the meditations on the legacy of home, place and migration.


2017 ELS/Cincinnati Application

2017 ELS/Cincinnati Application

2017 ELS/Cincinnati Center Application

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Checklist of Things to do while Studying in Cincinnati!

Checklist of Things to do while Studying in Cincinnati!

There's a lot to see and do in Cincinnati. Come check us out!

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Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 6

Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 6

See all the great activities Cincinnati ELS has to offer!

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Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 7

Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 7

Some of the great activities this session include, going to a baseball game, having an ice cream party, and going together to a wonderful Chinese restaurant! Come to Cincinnati and join the fun!

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Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 8

Cincinnati Activity Calendar - Session 8

Some of this session's great activities are a Ladies Lunch where ELS women can get together and enjoy each others company, an ice cream party to beat the summer heat and a trip to King's Island - the largest amusement park in the area!

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Cincinnati Fast Facts

Cincinnati Fast Facts

Welcome to Cincinnati!

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ELS at The University of Cincinnati

ELS at The University of Cincinnati

Provides a brief description of ELS, our Programs and the Cincinnati ELS Language Center at the University of Cincinnati. The flyer also offers some specific attributes of the university, its programs and other helpful information.

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Schneider Residence Hall

Schneider Residence Hall

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Top 10 Reasons to Study at ELS/Cincinnati

Top 10 Reasons to Study at ELS/Cincinnati

Provides a list of the top 10 reasons for studying at our ELS/Cincinnati Center.

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