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Discover Work Experience Opportunities at the Los Angeles Film School

June 28, 2016

Learn how the Los Angeles Film School can help you begin developing a career and thrive professionally!

LA Film

Located in Hollywood, California, the Los Angeles Film School is a creative media arts college offering accredited degrees in film, animation, game production, recording arts, music production, and entertainment business.

The college’s campus comprises four buildings, including the historic RCA building and Ivar Theatre. The campus also houses industry-standard sound stages, labs, dubbing stages, studios, a green screen and theatres, including a THX®-certified, RealD 3D®, 340-set Main Theatre.

The Los Angeles Film School’s hands-on programs are taught by award-winning industry professionals using industry-standard gear.

Awards and Honors

The Los Angeles Film School treats career development as a lifelong journey, and founded its Alumni Association to help students continue to network and showcase their accomplishments after graduation. Some Los Angeles Film School Alumni who are thriving professionally include:

  • Brandon Trost (film) received the Sundance Special Jury Award for Cinematography.
  • Martin Pensa (film) received an Oscar nomination for Best achievement in Film Editing for his work on the film Dallas Buyers Club.
  • Christopher Federici (Game Production) is currently a technical coordinator at Riot Games.
  • Neiko Nagy (Animation) has contributed to many major film projects and is a lead composer on a new Netflix series.

Los Angeles Film School: Key Programs

Please note: While you will build your resume and gain many professional skills during your internship, participation in an internship program does not guarantee employment. Sample companies and future job possibilities are intended to highlight possible outcomes.

Key Major Future Job Possibilities Sample Internship Companies
Music Production Music Recording Engineer, Music Producer, Composer Heavy Harmony Music, Astra Pacific
Film Production Film Director, Production Designer, Editor NBC Universal, Black Vault Entertainment, Stargate Studios
Animation and VFX 3D Artist, VFX Artist, Animator Pixologic, Digital Sandbox, Silo Media Company

At the Los Angeles Film School, students are given the opportunity to work side by side with industry professionals and complement their classroom learning through the internship program. Drawing from the LA Film School’s network within the Hollywood entertainment industry, these educational internships are tailored to the curriculum of each of LAF’s majors, affording students the chance to gain hands-on experience, interact with their future peers and get a head start on understanding the responsibilities they will be taking on in their future careers. Over the course of study, students will learn valuable career-building skills and get an insider’s perspective on established companies in the film, gaming and recording industries—all while earning credit toward their degree.

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