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Discover ELS/Chicago-Romeoville

August 19, 2016

In “Discover ELS/Chicago-Romeoville,” students and staff members at ELS/Chicago-Romeoville and Lewis University, discuss the benefits of having an ELS Center on the university’s campus.

ELS/Chicago-Romeoville is located just 30 minutes outside of Chicago, allowing students the opportunities to be close to the city’s offerings, while still having the enriching experience of living on a college campus.

Romeoville provides students the ability to visit beaches, go shopping in downtown Chicago, and explore the city all while improving their English skills and making lifelong friendships with other international students.

In the video, students speak about their own experiences with ELS/Chicago-Romeoville and how ELS has helped them learn English and succeed while at the university.

“Discover ELS/Chicago-Romeoville” showcases the value of studying abroad and the value that international students bring to Lewis University and to the classroom. The students discuss the opportunities that ELS has provided them and explain more about their classroom experiences with other ELS students and teachers.

To learn more about ELS/Chicago-Romeoville, visit: or

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