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ELS Canada signs pathway agreement with top-ranked University of British Columbia (UBC) Vantage College

September 23, 2014

ELS Language Centers Canada is pleased to have been selected as the only private language school pathway partner for University of British Columbia (UBC) Vantage College.


UBC Vantage College is the only international college of its kind at a top-tier university in Canada. Vantage One at UBC Vantage College is a unique first-year program designed for international students who have strong academic capabilities, but require support to succeed within the North American post-secondary environment. Unique qualities of the program include mentorship, small classroom sizes, vibrant student life and an award-winning faculty. Students complete 11 months of integrated content and language learning: successful completion of Vantage One will lead directly into the second year of a UBC degree program.


“UBC Vantage College is thrilled to partner with ELS Language Centers to foster growth and innovation in English language instruction, and to support international students on their journey to success at The University of British Columbia.”
James Ridge, Principal – UBC Vantage College

Completion of Level 112 of the ELS English for Academic Purposes program meets the minimum English language requirement for UBC Vantage College, with no further English language testing required. Students are still subject to UBC’s remaining academic admission requirements.

Over 650 colleges and universities worldwide honor the ELS certificate of completion as proof of fulfillment of their English language proficiency admissions requirements, opening the door to higher education to students who would otherwise be qualified for university admission but lack the required level of English proficiency. A student can apply for conditional admission directly to Vantage One at UBC before leaving his or her home country, giving the student the assurance that he or she will be able to enter university after completing ELS Level 112.

“ELS is extremely proud to have been selected to work with UBC Vantage College. Having a pathway agreement with such a highly-ranked university speaks strongly to the reputation of our academic English programs and the quality of the students we produce.”
Mike Walkey, Managing Director – Canada, ELS Educational Services Canada

ELS is continuing its efforts to develop more partnerships with Canadian colleges and universities.

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