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ELS/Chicago Students Design Online Portfolios to Showcase English Skills

Sep 01, 2017 5:06 PM

Over the past year, ELS/Chicago students have created electronic portfolios to showcase their academic progress and global communication skills. 

These online portfolios serve as a space for students to display their improved English skills and are tailored to their own personal goals and interests. 

Students personalize their portfolios with photos and music, monthly proficiency samples of speaking and writing, with reflection and analysis. Students may also include their experiences in community involvement, intercultural communication and presentations on global topics. 

Diana, originally from China, focused her profile on business. Diana enjoyed presenting her portfolio to her classmates, saying, “Everyone had different things to show, different emphasis points. That’s really good to learn from each other so that I could review mine and improve something more.”

Paula, from Argentina, liked sharing her international experience and community involvement.  Paula said, “to write my feelings and all the experience that I lived in the USA, I really enjoyed doing that!”  

The online portfolios have given the ELS/Chicago students a way to share their international experience to a broader, public audience. Alumni can present not only their English language skills, but how they have grown as a global citizen. The websites demonstrate the students’ progress while also providing ELS/Chicago alumni with a portfolio to show to future employers. 

ELS/Chicago is located on the campus of Dominican University, just 10 miles west of downtown Chicago. Students can spend time visiting many of Chicago’s stores, restaurants, museums, and parks.

ELS/Chicago offers students eight different program options including the Business English course, designed for effective communication in real business situations.

To learn more about ELS/Chicago, visit: ELS.edu/Chicago

To see additional activities ELS/Chicago students are participating in, follow our ELS/Chicago hasthag, #ELSChicago, on Instagram.

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