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Youth and young adult English summer camps and courses

ELS Youth and Young Adult programs give young learners the opportunity to study English and have fun with peers from all over the world!

United States

Fun & Sun Camp - USA

The all-inclusive Fun & Sun Camp allows young people to learn English while enjoying sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.

Malibu Youth Camp - USA

Malibu Youth Camp students will have fun and learn English in beautiful Southern California!

University Preparation – Malibu - USA

Young students in our Malibu University Preparation program can improve their English and learn about higher education in the United States.

January Youth Homestay - USA

The January Youth Homestay program offers young students a unique, short-term experience in the United States while on break from their regular academic studies.

Nike Sports Camp - San Domenico - USA

Young learners in the ELS Nike Sports Camp at the San Domenico School improve their English while receiving world-class sports training.

Summer in New York City - USA

The Summer in New York City program helps students ages 17+ to develop their English skills while enjoying one of the most energetic cities in the world – New York City! 


Vancouver Summer Youth Program - Canada

Young people can learn English in an exciting ELS Summer Youth Camp program in Canada.

Vancouver Winter Youth Program - Canada

Young people can learn English in an exciting ELS Winter Youth Camp program in Canada.

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