Academic English Programs

If your goal is to attend a college or university, complete Level 109 or 112 of the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program. The Certificate of Completion you will earn is accepted by more than 650 colleges and universities worldwide as proof of the English proficiency required for admission.


Anglais à des fins académiques

Maîtrisez l’anglais pour faire des études universitaires


Academic English Preparation (AEP) - Australia

Academic English Preparation AEP1, AEP2, and AEP3 is for international students looking for direct entry into higher education institutions in Australia - the AEP1 course provides you with the fundamental skills for academic study, AEP2 is recommended if you are looking to study at TAFE or vocational colleges, and AEP3 prepares you for university study. 



English for Academic Purposes (EAP) - India

The English for Academic Purposes program in India is designed to help you achieve your goal of studying at a college or university abroad, including an opportunity to apply for conditional admission to any of the 600+ institutions ELS partners with. This intensive English course will give international students like you the skills you need for success in an academic setting, and beyond.

Anglais général

Communiquez couramment dans des situations sociales et professionnelles


Stage semi-intensif d’anglais

Apprenez l’anglais tout en explorant


General English (Day) - Australia

ELS Australia's General English programs support you as you improve essential English language skills.


General English - Canada

Our General English course in Canada helps you communicate more accurately and efficiently, with a curriculum that focuses on the fundamentals of the English language, including skill enhancement exercises that reinforce listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Semi-Intensive English - Canada

Learn English while still having the freedom to explore your surroundings.


General English - India

Our General English course helps you communicate more accurately and efficiently.

Semi Intensive English - India

Study English while still having the freedom to explore your surroundings. 

Vacation English Programs

If you're looking to improve your English proficiency in a casual learning environment while experiencing a variety of cultural and social activities outside of the classroom, our vacation English courses in the United States could be just what you need. These educational holidays emphasize conversational skills with a focus on everyday communication. These language holidays are also designed to allow you more time to explore your surroundings, and practice your English in the real world.


Stage Explorateur de l’Amérique

Apprenez l’anglais pendant vos vacances

ELS Language Experience+ 3 - USA

Learn to speak English with a fun English course focused on everyday communication, where you study for 3 hours a day – leaving plenty of time to explore your surroundings and get involved in cultural activities. 

ELS Language Experience+ 6 - USA

Learn English for international students with a program focused on everyday communication, where you study for 6 hours a day – leaving plenty of time to explore your surroundings and get involved in cultural activities. 

Business Communication Programs

Achieve your professional goals and strengthen your English proficiency through Business Communication programs!


Anglais des affaires

Communiquez en toute confiance avec vos partenaires commerciaux

Anglais pour cadres

Cours en groupe et individuels

Stage super-intensif d’anglais

Enseignement personnalisé pour les cadres

Stage super-intensif d’anglais Plus

Enseignement rigoureux destiné aux cadres très occupés


English for Business - Canada

Develop the English communication skills you need to be competitive in global business.

English for Executives - Canada

Increase your career-specific English proficiency with English for Executives.

Super-Intensive English Programs - Canada

Quickly improve your English proficiency to prepare for professional success using ELS's Super-Intensive English and Super-Intensive English Plus programs.

Youth and Young Adult Camps and Courses

ELS Youth and Young Adult programs give young learners the opportunity to study English and have fun with peers from all over the world!


Nike Sports Camp - San Domenico - USA

Young learners in the ELS Nike Sports Camp at the San Domenico School improve their English while receiving world-class sports training.

Summer in New York City - USA

The Summer in New York City program helps students ages 16+ to develop their English skills while enjoying one of the most energetic cities in the world – New York City! 


High School Preparation - Australia

The High School Preparation program in Australia allows students to develop their English skills and learn about Australian study methods and culture.

Junior Holiday English - Australia

Students can experience one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Sydney, Australia – as they become more proficient in the English language.


Vancouver Summer Youth Program - Canada

Young people can learn English in an exciting ELS Summer Youth Camp program in Canada.

Vancouver Winter Youth Program - Canada

Young people can learn English in an exciting ELS Winter Youth Camp program in Canada.

Testing and Test Preparation Programs

Learn valuable standardized test-taking strategies, practice your language skills, and increase your confidence in ELS's Testing and Test Preparation Programs.


Stage de préparation complète au TOEFL® iBT

Apprenez les stratégies d’examen pour obtenir les résultats qu’il vous faut

ELS Pre-Arrival Test - USA

Assess your knowledge of the English language, find out how long you can expect to study at ELS and what programs you are eligible to take.


Take online test is designed to assess the English skills of non-native speakers who wish to pursue studies at a college or university that requires the TOEFL.


This test is widely accepted by corporations and government agencies around the world as proof of English competency.

General English + IELTS - Australia

 Become more confident in using English and achieve the IELTS results you need. 


IELTS Preparation - Canada

Take the IELTS exam with confidence in your test-taking and English abilities.

TOEFL iBT® Preparation - Canada

Take the TOEFL iBT exam with confidence.