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About the program

Take the IELTS exam with confidence in your test-taking and English abilities. The ELS IELTS Preparation program will equip you with the English and test-taking skills needed to be successful on the IELTS exam. Your morning classes will be devoted to general English skills, and you will prepare for the exam itself in your afternoon classes. This course is designed for students in Levels 106 and above.

This course is consistently available in Vancouver; it is available in Toronto only as an elective when there is sufficient demand.


  • Key Language Skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking
  • Test-taking strategies

IELTS™ Preparation

  • Age Requirements
    • 16+
  • ELS Levels Covered
    • 7 Levels: 106 (High intermediate) to 112 (Masters)
  • Maximum Students / Class
    • 15
  • Number of ELS
    Locations Offered
    • 2
    • Vancouver, BC
    • Toronto, ON (upon demand)
  • Lessons / Week
    • 30
    • 50 minutes each Monday – Friday
  • Session / Level
    • 1 session (4-weeks) for each level


ELS Vancouver (ID-04002) is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of British Columbia. Any program listed on this page, when contracted for more than 6 months or $4000 in tuition, is considered a PTIB approved program. Please visit for more information.

    • 15
    • 15

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ELS offers 12 proficiency levels (Beginner to Masters), as well as placement testing to determine the level that best fits your abilities. At the end of every four-week session, if you successfully meet your level's requirements, you will move up to the next level. As you progress through the levels, your courses build upon the skills you learned in the lower levels and become more complex.

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