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ELS: An Investment in Your Future

mai 10, 2016 4:00

Your journey to academic achievement does not end when you are accepted to a prestigious college or university abroad. You must also have the language and study skills needed to successfully complete your coursework. By choosing ELS, you are choosing the best path to prepare yourself for academic success.

At ELS, we are proud of our students’ achievements. When our students excel, it means that we are successfully easing our students’ transitions to university life. When our students are satisfied with their academic results, it means that our curriculum and teaching methods are giving students the tools they need for success.

How can we be sure that our programs are effective? ELS conducts research to assess ELS students’ academic performance at our partner universities. We have learned that our students who complete Level 112 and go on to higher education earn strong GPAs, both in undergraduate and graduate programs, and are consistently more successful in graduating from their degree programs than are their international student peers who do not attend ELS. In fact:

Your journey to a successful career begins with a prestigious degree. You are pursuing your English language training and higher education in the U.S.A. because you want to become proficient in English, get accepted to a prestigious university, successfully earn a degree, and find a good job in the future. These are not just goals, they are investments in yourself.

Invest wisely – trust ELS!