The 2017 Eclipse as Seen by ELS Students

8 25, 2017 8:00 午後

Students at our ELS Centers participated in different activities while viewing the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

Listed below are just a few of the Centers that had eclipse activities.


Students at the ELS/Cincinnati Center used templates of USA and Ohio found on the NASA website to see where the eclipse was located in Ohio. The students cut the templates out, poked a hole where the Cincinnati Center would be on the map and used the eclipse shadow to look at it.

Learn more about ELS/Cincinnati: ELS.edu/Cincinnati


Students spent time viewing and taking pictures of the eclipse. The image below was taken by ELS/Indianapolis student, Ryohei, who is originally from Japan.

Learn more about ELS/Indianapolis: ELS.edu/Indianapolis

ELS/New York – Hofstra

ELS/New York – Hofstra students enjoyed viewing the eclipse at the Center on the Hofstra University campus.

Learn more about ELS/New York – Hofstra: ELS.edu/NYHofstra

ELS/Myrtle Beach

Students at ELS/Myrtle Beach viewed the eclipse with their safety glasses. 

 Learn more about ELS/Myrtle Beach: ELS.edu/MyrtleBeach


ELS/Charlotte students were able to use their safety glasses to view the eclipse and participated in an activity where they were able to show the eclipse on paper.

Learn more about ELS/Charlotte: ELS.edu/Charlotte




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