ELS Boston – Downtown Participates in Japan Festival Boston 


ELS/Boston Participates in Japan Festival Boston

5 18, 2018 1:30 午後

In April 2018, the ELS/Boston’s Center staff participated in Japan Festival Boston 2018. The event showcased Japanese and American culture through food, workshops, products, music, and dance.  

ELS Boston’s booth at Japan Festival Boston – one of the 80 booths present – featured English and Japanese language games. Festival attendees voted on the most surprising English loan word used in Japan based on its different translation or connotation. Attendees from all ages and nationalities enjoyed learning about English language cognates. Among the booth’s visitors were former ELS students from across the U.S.

Japan Festival Boston’s mission is to introduce authentic Japanese culture and tradition to the greater Boston community.  

About ELS/Boston

ELS/Boston boasts a robust student activities program that focuses on unique opportunities for speaking English with native speakers. Students in any program are welcome to attend these activities to practice their English and prepare for their future.

ELS/Boston is located in a fun, urban setting in the heart of Boston. The Boston Commons, Government Center, Theater District, and Chinatown are all within walking distance of the Center.  To see some of these activities, search #ELSBostonDowntown on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  

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