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ELS Student Story: Vesua

12 06, 2016 5:00 오전

During her time at ELS/Ruston in Ruston, Louisiana, Vesua Teixeira started at ELS level 102 and completed ELS 112 in less than a year.

While at ELS/Ruston, Vesua loved the Center’s peaceful, small and friendly space, and believes it is a good environment to study English.

Although she excelled through the program, Vesua had trouble writing in English. She credits the ELS Writing Lab after her classes and the instruction of Research Paper writing for her improvement. While at ELS/Ruston, Vesua also received the Highest GPA Award.

Vesua, originally from Luanda, Angola, currently studies Architecture at Louisiana Tech University. Vesua is currently looking for a job or internship in the U.S. and looks forward to receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech.

Vesua was also featured in our newly released “Discover: ELS/Ruston,” video. The video showcases the safe, welcoming environment of ELS/Ruston and Louisiana Tech University.

To learn more about ELS/Ruston, visit: ELS.edu/Ruston

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