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ELS Student Success Story: Christian at ELS/Richmond – Kentucky

6 02, 2017 7:30 오후


ELS/Richmond – Kentucky student Christian began ELS at level 106 and has since matriculated to university!

Christian, from Colombia, arrived at ELS after studying English as a Second Language in middle school and high school. Christian tested into level 106 and consistently passed all of his levels with high grade point averages. He finished level 112 of the English for Academic Purposes program in September of 2016 – just in time to start university study for the Fall 2016 semester.

Using his ELS graduation certificate, Christian was able to to satisfy the English requirement at his university. He is currently studying to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design. 

Christian said, “The program helped me to understand how a university in the United States works.” 

Christian believes that ELS levels 110 - 112, including the Guided Research Skills course, really helped prepare him for university.

“Everything that I learned in ELS was really helpful… all the friends that I met there, the staff that helped me with everything, the hospitality, etc. I had a lot of fun at ELS/Richmond – Kentucky,” Christian said. 

His advice for current and future ELS students is to “Enjoy your time there, because ELS is a good experience for you!”

To learn more about ELS/Richmond – Kentucky, visit: ELS.edu/RichmondKentucky


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