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ELS Student Story: Vania at ELS/Ruston

8 18, 2017 6:06 오후

Vania, originally from Angola, recently graduated from ELS Level 112 at ELS/Ruston and will matriculate to Louisiana Tech University in September 2017!

While enrolled at ELS/Ruston, Vania also took a communications course at Louisiana Tech University – made up of students with many different majors – and received the ELS and Louisiana Tech University International Pathways Certificate. 

This class enabled Vania to ask questions and participate with Louisiana Tech students and her professor, which helped further strengthen her English. Vania learned new vocabulary, and experienced a variety of different American accents that greatly improved her listening skills. 

Vania feels that attending this class was an eye-opening experience into what a Louisiana Tech class is like. She learned first hand that presentations in her ELS classes help students prepare for university level presentations. 

She had a wonderful time and said she would recommend the ELS and Louisiana Tech University International Pathways Certificate to anyone in ELS Levels 110-112 at ELS/Ruston. 

While at ELS/Ruston, students can enjoy the welcoming and friendly city and practice conversation with native-speaking classmates on the Louisiana Tech University campus.

Louisiana Tech University will offer special in-state tuition for students who complete ELS 112, have a 2.5 GPA on their high school transcripts and attend a bachelor’s degree program at Louisiana Tech University. 

To learn more about Louisiana Tech University, click here!

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