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ELS/Chicago Business English Students Attend Company Visits

11 08, 2016 5:00 오전

ELS/Chicago, located at Dominican University, now offers monthly company visits for students enrolled in the Business English Program at the Center.

During each session, students travel to top companies in Chicago where they hear presentations from company executives, tour the facilities, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Students have visited national and international companies in the fields of banking, media, marketing and advertising.

This unique opportunity provides students with the chance to observe the operations of top US companies while also practicing their learned English skills with native-speaking businessmen and women.

The ELS Business English Program helps students develop the skills useful in meetings and negotiations, business communication and business presentations. The program also provides them with an education in business vocabulary and the skills necessary to work in an international business structure.

The company visits help ELS/Chicago students apply their English-speaking skills to network with executives and peers.

The Business English Program at ELS/Chicago is open to students in Level 106 and above, with six modules for a possible six sessions of study. Students can enroll in the program at any time.

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