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ELS/Charlotte is located at Johnson & Wales University's Charlotte Campus. ELS students have easy access to campus facilities. The center is in a beautiful urban location in Charlotte's vibrant Uptown City Center close to many cultural, sports and entertainment attractions. The newly designed and renovated Charlotte Center features an entry lobby area, 11 spacious and very comfortable classrooms, a 36-station Language Technology Center, 5 administrative offices, and 2 student lounge areas. One student lounge is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave oven for students who wish to bring lunches to school and dine with a high-rise city view. Students can access dining (including the campus dining hall) and shopping within walking distance of the center.Charlotte's bus system is also extensive, with a stop in front of the building where ELS is located.

Gateway Center, Charlotte, 노스캐롤라이나, 미국

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(704) 527-4172

  • 제휴 대학
    • Johnson & Wales University - Charlotte Campus
  • 숙소 옵션
    • Homestay
  • 센터 시설
    • Center is located in a newly renovated facility offering spacious classrooms and extensive natural lighting
    • Center is located on the host institution campus where ELS students can use the available facilities for free
    • Transit stop in front of the ELS building offers easy access to public transportation (buses) that operate throughout the Uptown City Center.
    • Bicycle rentals are available across the street from ELS.
    • A Starbucks coffee shop is in the hotel next door to ELS.

숙소 옵션


Living with an American host is one of the best ways for students to learn about American culture and improve their English abilities. ELS/Charlotte offers excellent homestays in safe residential neighborhoods. Students are placed with hosts who care about their students and want to help them to learn and practice English. Homes are located with access nearby to city bus stops that enable students to take public bus transportation to and from the ELS Center when the student purchases a bus pass. The typical travel time by public bus from homestay to the ELS Center is 25 - 40 minutes. Most bus passes provide unlimited travel by the week or by the month. This allows students to not only travel to and from ELS, but it allows them to explore Charlotte in their free time and enjoy many of the attractions that city has to offer. Home types vary, but each ELS student will be assigned as a single and have a private bedroom in the home, though most often the bathroom is shared. There is often more than 1 ELS student assigned to a a home, but each student has a bedroom alone. All homes have heating and air conditioning as well as wireless internet service. Students also have access to the kitchen and laundry facilities in the home.

  • 세션당 비용
  • $1100
  • 방 종류
  • Single
  • 제공 식사 수
  • 14 meals per week. Breakfast and dinner are meals included in the homestay program. Breakfast is often a self-help breakfast and is typically continental-style. Meals on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) may be brunch (a combination of breakfast and lunch often eaten late morning) and dinner.

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