The international student population at the University of La Verne continues to grow as the university supports a commitment to diversity. With over 650 international students and the new International Year One Program, the University of La Verne has become a beautiful destination for any international students looking to study in the United States.

Located in the East Los Angeles area, the University of La Verne not only provides a safe, welcoming campus but also allows students to experience American culture in the second-largest city in the United States.

Why Study With Us?


Key Areas of Study

  • Business
  • Computer Science/Engineering
  • Science
  • Liberal Arts

Immerse yourself in American culture while you study

There are many advantages to studying in America and we will be here to guide you through the entire process. You will be able to improve your English while gaining college credit while you study.

The American college experience provides much more than educational opportunities. Studying at the University of La Verne will also allow you to get involved in student organizations and clubs. These immersive cultural experiences can help give you a more global perspective that can shape your career choices.

Are you ready to join us? Find out how the University of La Verne can help you build your skills and adjust to life here in the U.S.

How to Apply with us

Our counseling experts are available to answer any questions you have regarding visas, application requirements, and what it’s like to study at the University of La Verne. Fill out the form below and one of our counseling experts will contact you and help guide you through the entire application and enrollment process.