The College of Business and Public Management prepares Undergraduate students to become effective leaders and managers

The University of La Verne offers a comprehensive Undergraduate Business Program that emphasized hands-on learning experiences designed to address the needs of the modern business landscape. The program provides undergraduate degrees, as well as several organizations that are aimed at offering more professional development opportunities.

A Business Program for Today’s Students

The curriculum of the Undergraduate Business Program at the University of La Verne includes training that is directly applicable to the real world. Students will learn job interview skills, etiquette training, business consulting and much more. This focus on real-world skills prepares students for life after graduation and improves career opportunities for students.

Outside the classroom, students have access to organizations that will put them in direct contact with business owners and entrepreneurs. These organizations help to build relationships and gain first-hand knowledge of how the business world operates.

For students that do not meet the English or academic admissions requirements, the students may begin the International Year One Program at the University of La Verne. Upon successful completion, students can begin year two of the Undergraduate Business Program.

Why Study Business at the University of La Verne?


Business Degrees Offered

The University of La Verne offers a wide range of business degrees, including:

  • Business Administration Minor
  • Business Administration, BA
  • Business Administration, BS
  • Business Management Minor
  • Business Management, BS

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