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ELS is proud to support international education in Colombia via the ELS Agent Workshop 2017, What’s New: ELS 2018. The event took place in Bogotá, Colombia on 17, October 2017 and featured some of our university and agent partners.

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dezembro 14, 2017
Hailiang Education Group, in cooperation with ELS Educational Services, Inc., organized and hosted an event inaugurating the Community Colleges China Union (CCCU).  Ler mais
dezembro 12, 2017
ELS/Boston – Downtown students participated in a National Geographic Learning focus group, giving them the opportunity to practice their English skills with native-speakers. Ler mais
dezembro 08, 2017
In “Discover: ELS/St. Paul” students and staff speak about the safe and family-like environment at ELS/St. Paul and the University of St. Thomas – Minnesota. Ler mais
dezembro 05, 2017
ELS Language Experience + é uma experiência flexível de aprendizado de inglês tão única quanto você. Ler mais
dezembro 01, 2017
“Growing Career Opportunities in the Aviation Industry” will take place on 30 November 2017 from 8:00 am to 9:00 am EST and is hosted by ELS and presented by Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). Ler mais
novembro 28, 2017

ELS University Guide Online provides you with a list of over 180 universities that offer scholarships for international students. These universities provide financial opportunities for international students to achieve their educational goals.

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novembro 17, 2017
In “Discover: ELS/Honolulu” students and staff discuss learning English in the welcoming environment at ELS/Honolulu and Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU). Ler mais
novembro 10, 2017
As "Próximas Tendências da Tecnologia da Computação" será no dia 12 de outubro de 2017 às 9:30 da manhã (hora leste dos E.U.) e organizado pela ELS e apresentados pela Bowling Green State University. Ler mais
outubro 03, 2017
Watch the video and discover ELS/Charlotte! ELS students, ELS staff, and representatives from Johnson & Wales University speak about the experience of studying abroad in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Ler mais
setembro 22, 2017

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