Узнайте, что вы можете ожидать от лидера в обучении английскому языку за рубежом.

На протяжении более чем 50 лет студенты выбирают программы обучения английскому для достижения своих целей по английскому языку. Располагая 12 уровнями обучения, передовыми центрами компьютерных технологий, комплексными услугами по тестированию и поступлению в университеты, школа ELS обеспечивает успешность обучения с помощью нашего индивидуального подхода и нацеленности на высокие результаты наших студентов.

More Than Just English… Have fun and make friends!

You'll learn so much more than just English with ELS. Your time at ELS will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Learn English and American culture both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Patricia Chipahua Zopiyactle, Estefania Vazquez Palacios, and Juan Huerta Mijangos

November 7, 2016


What we like in ELS La Verne was the friendliness of all who comprise it. La Verne is a quiet and safe city with friendly people. Teachers explain and give you examples to better understand. We learn more English, meet people from other countries, know the culture from other country, and the class are only in
English. Host family had many kindness even though we did not know English. What we like most were the classrooms, they are very equipped for a thoroughly enjoyable class. We will miss teachers who gave lessons, the English class, and our friends from other countries.

Paola Perez Mendoza

November 7, 2016


This is one of the best experiences I have ever had! Never have I been so happy in school. I really like the way the teachers give classes and also the infrastructure of the classrooms, it helps you a lot to be motivated while studying in ELS. La Verne is such a beautiful and quiet city, you can enjoy different kind of food, and you can do a lot of different activities in or around the city/campus. I always went to the conversation club and activities done by ELS like the trip to Olvera Street or Universal Studios. I think I took part in all activities in calendar, because these kind of activities are good to improve our English and also to meet new people and learn about different cultures. I learned new rules of grammar, I learned a lot of vocabulary and I improved my speaking at school. Living with an American family gave me the opportunity to improve my listening skills and speaking abilities too!

-Paola Perez Mendoza,Mexico

Joao Adao, Angola

November 7, 2016

My Name is Joao Adao. I have took English course at Els Miami. My experiense in generaly was good.I make a lots of friend from all over the wold. I learned alots how to write , read and speak In English my teachers were funy .I love to study at Els Miami.Now I was tranfer at Atlantis University to take my MBA and I become Els counselour in my home country in Angola. I have recomender every one to stydy at EEls Miami.

-Joao Adao, Angola


October 24, 2016


I enjoyed the teaching methodology used at ELS-Sioux Falls. Excellent teacher, very attentive to my needs and difficulties
helped me a lot in learning. I was very well received at the school and received much attention and support from the directors and other people on staff. I learned a lot about English, but also on the American and local culture. Also, Augustana University has many artistic activities and cultures to participate in if you want to have option of activities every day. All University facilities may be used by the ELS students, from the library to the pool. I met many people from different places and countries, new friends. I loved it! I intend to return soon!!!



September 27, 2016


I came to Fort Wayne because I expected that there would not be many Japanese people and I would have the opportunity to speak English. I was recommended to come to the middle of America because I heard it was a good experience.

I am from Tokyo so there a lot of changes. It was so strange that there no sidewalks. You don’t have to use a car in Tokyo to get around. I thought Indiana would be very conservative, but people have been very nice to me and very open. I am a student at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and my major is Arabic. My school teaches 27 different languages. I came to ELS, I expected to meet a lot of people from many different countries.

Being able to communicate with people who could not speak my language I learned a lot of things besides English. I didn’t expect younger people to inspire me. I met people from other countries who were younger than me, and I was able to get know them. I saw other people give such amazing effort
and talent.

One of the most difficult things for me was being able to express myself. I am 22 years old, but I felt like I was only able to express myself as a 5 year old when I first came here. I stayed in on campus dorms and it was so helpful to have friends at ELS who were also non-native speakers. They understood how I felt and always cheered me up.

I think having studied English will help me find a good job. Remember, don’t be afraid of speaking English, and always respect older people.



September 13, 2016


I like that Santa Monica has a nice view and is near the beach. I play basketball at Venice Beach and it is good for me. Sometimes I walk from ELS to Venice! I like that ELS is more academic than other schools and we have homework. It’s good for us.