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Celebrating Culture and Community at ELS/Richmond – Kentucky

янв 29, 2018 5:00

ELS/Richmond – Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University celebrated diversity and culture during International Education Week 2017.

ELS/Richmond – Kentucky students hosted a tabling event to educate students and visitors on their native languages. As visitors stopped at the table they were presented with information on the many cultures and countries represented at the Center and had the opportunity to learn how to write their own names in Arabic, Korean, and Japanese.

Throughout International Education Week, both domestic and international students attended other events like “ELS Cultural Storytelling” and “Speed Friendship”. Students participating in Speed Friendship lined up face to face for introductions. When they heard the word “switch” they quickly stepped down the line to meet a new person, proving to be a nice activity for students to get to know their peers.  

During ELS Cultural Storytelling, visitors moved from one table to another interacting with ELS students and learning about popular culture in their countries, prized artifacts, and customary traditions.  Topics of the ELS Cultural Storytelling event included Korean Pop music, kimonos, and Colombian cumbia.

International Education Week wrapped with a faculty panel, hosted by ELS and the Eastern Kentucky University department of English, Office of International Student and Scholar Services, and the Office of Education Abroad. The panel focused on the international student experience and bringing domestic and international students together through their commonalities. During the panel students enjoyed Mediterranean food, quizzes on learning a second language, and prizes from an ELS and EKU swag bag.

While at ELS/Richmond – Kentucky, students can enjoy Kentucky’s rich American history through its museums, parks, and other educational opportunities. Charming downtown Richmond is home to shopping, dining, and nightlife options.

Eastern Kentucky University currently serves over 16,000 students in over 148 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and online degree programs. Students can enjoy access to 200+ student clubs and organizations and facilities like the campus recreation center, outdoor amphitheater and more. The university is located just 25 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky’s metropolitan area and 90 minutes from the major metropolitan cities of Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Learn more about ELS/Richmond – Kentucky.

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