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In October 2018, master level English students at ELS/Boston enjoyed a morning at Fisher College, a local college that offers conditional letters of admission to ELS Level 112 graduates.   Читать еще
ноября 21, 2018
Students at ELS/Boston have the opportunity to experience Boston through an expanded four-seasons activities calendar.   Читать еще
сентября 07, 2018

In April 2018, the ELS/Boston’s Center staff participated in Japan Festival Boston 2018. The event showcased Japanese and American culture through food, workshops, products, music, and dance.

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мая 18, 2018

ELS/Boston’s female students attended and participated in Boston GLOW’s Career and Empowerment Conference. 

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мая 07, 2018

В видео студенты ELS делятся своими впечатлениями о школе ELS/San Francisco и жизни в живописном и удобном кампусе Dominican University of California в городке Сан-Рафаэль, Калифорния.

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апреля 06, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Tampa” students and staff discuss the friendly and supportive environment while studying at the Center on the University of Tampa campus.

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марта 27, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Melbourne” students and staff speak about the welcoming and helpful Center at Florida Institute of Technology.

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марта 23, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Houston” students and staff share their experiences at the Center located near the University of St. Thomas – Houston.

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марта 23, 2018

В видео студенты ELS делятся своими впечатлениями о школе ELS/Thousand Oaks и кампусе California Lutheran University.

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марта 20, 2018
The flexible English-learning experience as unique as you are, ELS Language Experience+, is now accepting enrollments in the major US cities of Boston, Massachusetts and San Diego, California! Читать еще
марта 06, 2018

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