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Ривер-Форест, Иллинойс, США

Chicago | Dominican University

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Информация о центре


Школа ELS в Чикаго (штат Иллинойс) находится на территории студгородка Доминиканского университета в Ривер-Форесте. На находящихся неподалеку «Великолепной миле» и морском пирсе Чикаго магазины и рестораны располагаются в нескольких шагах от озера Мичиган. В парках «Миллениум» и «Грант» летом проходят музыкальные фестивали и концерты, а зимой на них работают катки.

7200 West Division Street, Ривер-Форест, Иллинойс, США

Достопримечательности и развлечения

  • Музеи: Многочисленные музеи Чикаго, от художественных музеев до музеев естественной истории и астрономии, считаются одними из лучших в мире.
  • Спорт: Поболейте за знаменитые профессиональные чикагские баскетбольный, бейсбольный, футбольный и хоккейный клубы.
  • Парк «Миллениум»: В этом парке в самом центре Чикаго всего в нескольких кварталах от «Великолепной мили» ежегодно проводятся сотни концертов, выставок, экскурсий и семейных мероприятий.

Chicago | Dominican University

(708) 488-5010

  • Университеты–партнеры
    • Dominican University
  • Варианты размещения
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
    • Homestay
    • Student Residence (Off Campus)
  • Объекты центра
    • Gorgeous ivy-covered buildings on classic university campus
    • Large, modern classrooms with smart technology
    • Free and unlimited access to printing and copying for ELS students
    • Modern three-story library with full access to books and study rooms for ELS students
    • New fitness center with basketball courts and indoor running track
    • Free shuttle bus service around university and to subway station
  • Район
  • Город

Варианты размещения

Student Residence (On Campus)

The Aquinas Hall dorm rooms are conveniently located in the same building as the ELS Center on the historic campus of Dominican University. All rooms are single occupancy with a sink and closet. However, bathrooms are shared with other residents. Linens are provided, and coin-operated laundry machines are located in the basement of the building. There is a common area with a refrigerator and microwave. There is no meal plan included and there is no dining hall in the building. The Aquinas dorms are not available in Sessions 5, 6, 7, and 8.

  • Стоимость одного семестра
  • $1200
  • Проживание
  • Single - At Dominican University
  • Предоставляемое питание
  • Meals not included, but students have the option to purchase a $75 Concordia University discount meal card (includes 10 meals)


Many of the ELS\Chicago homestays are located within walking distance from the ELS center in the historic neighborhoods of the local community. Most students walk or bike to school. Located on the outskirts of Chicago, homestays provide students with a safe and quiet place to live and experience American life during the week and the chance to explore downtown Chicago on the weekends.
These communities are connected by an extensive public transportation network of buses, trains, and two subway lines, which provide easy access to the ELS Center and downtown Chicago, which is fewer than 30 minutes away. The local community also provides a wide variety of grocery stores, restaurants, and shops within walking distance of most host families.

  • Стоимость одного семестра
  • $1220
  • Проживание
  • Single
  • Предоставляемое питание
  • 14 meals per week

Student Residence (Off Campus)

The North Boulevard Apartments are located at 1002-1008 North Boulevard, Oak Park, IL 60301, adjacent to public transportation, in the upscale neighborhood of Oak Park, once home to Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway. This housing is within minutes to the ELS/Chicago Center, shops, a movie theater, bookstore, and a variety of restaurants.

  • Стоимость одного семестра
  • $1032, $1272
  • Проживание
  • Single
  • Предоставляемое питание
  • Meals are not included, but all units have kitchen amenities for students to keep and prepare food.

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