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Watch and Discover: ELS/Houston

มี.ค. 23, 2561 5:10 AM

In “Discover: ELS/Houston” students and staff share their experiences at the Center located near the University of St. Thomas – Houston.

ELS/Houston is in Houston, Texas, home to the most culturally diverse population of any major US city. While at the Center, students can enjoy visits to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Gulf of Mexico beaches, Galveston beaches, and much more!

ELS/Houston student Karen, originally from Mexico, spoke about her experience with her teachers: “They are so professional, they ask if we have any questions and they always answer. They are always trying to help me, they make you talk to improve your vocab and grammar, everything. You have presentations, so they make you be comfortable with yourself to talk in English with native speakers,” she said.

While at the Center, students can enjoy full access to the University of St. Thomas – Houston’s campus and facilities. The university maintains a student:faculty ratio of 9:1, and offers 36 undergraduate and pre-professional programs, 17 master’s degrees, and two doctoral programs.

Learn more about ELS/Houston: ELS.edu/Houston

Learn more about the University of St. Thomas – Houston: UniversitySearch.com





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