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In April 2018, the ELS/Boston – Downtown’s Center staff participated in Japan Festival Boston 2018. The event showcased Japanese and American culture through food, workshops, products, music, and dance.

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Mayıs 18, 2018

ELS/Boston – Downtown’s female students attended and participated in Boston GLOW’s Career and Empowerment Conference. 

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Mayıs 07, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/San Francisco – North Bay” students and staff discuss life at the Center on the beautiful and comfortable Dominican University of California campus in San Rafael, California.

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Nisan 06, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Tampa” students and staff discuss the friendly and supportive environment while studying at the Center on the University of Tampa campus.

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Mart 27, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Melbourne” students and staff speak about the welcoming and helpful Center at Florida Institute of Technology.

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Mart 23, 2018
In “Discover: ELS/Thousand Oaks” ELS students and staff discuss their experiences at the welcoming Center on the California Lutheran University campus. Daha fazlasını oku
Mart 20, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Houston” students and staff share their experiences at the Center located near the University of St. Thomas – Houston.

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Mart 09, 2018
The flexible English-learning experience as unique as you are, ELS Language Experience+, is now accepting enrollments in the major US cities of Boston, Massachusetts and San Diego, California! Daha fazlasını oku
Mart 06, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Vancouver” students and staff at ELS/Vancouver discuss the Center, located in the heart of the city’s downtown area.

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Şubat 27, 2018

In “Discover: ELS/Seattle” ELS students and staff speak about the safe and kind environment at ELS/Seattle in Washington.

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Şubat 20, 2018

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