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拉孚恩, 加州, 美國

La Verne | University of La Verne




ELS La Verne位於加州拉孚恩(La Verne)的拉孚恩大學(University of La Verne)校園內,拉孚恩是洛杉磯東部一座安全的小城。拉孚恩是一個友善的住宅社區,公司、商店及餐廳林立,公共交通便捷。拉孚恩距離海灘、博物館及包括廣受歡迎的主題樂園在內的觀光勝地都不遠。 

1886 Third Street, 拉孚恩, 加州, 美國


  • 蓋蒂中心(J. Paul Getty Center): 蓋蒂中心收藏著世界上最傑出的藝術品。
  • 亨廷頓海灘(Huntington Beach): 亨廷頓每年平均有340天陽光明媚,這裡有海灘、商店及餐廳。
  • 好萊塢環球影城® 作為洛杉磯地區最受歡迎的旅遊景點之一,其遊樂設施以熱門電影場景和角色為基礎,別具特色。

La Verne | University of La Verne

(909) 593-5555

  • 合作大學
    • University of La Verne
  • 住宿選項
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
    • Homestay
  • 中心設施
    • Art Gallery
    • Chapel
    • Computer Center
    • Park (Sneaky Park)
    • Romero Family Lounge and Game Room & Lounges (Rinehart, Laird and Root Lounge)
    • Gymnasium
    • Library
    • Football/Soccer Field
  • 城市環境
  • 城市


Student Residence (On Campus)

Dorm is located on the second floor and is less than 3 blocks from furthest classroom. All rooms are double occupancy that include 2 single beds, 2 desks, 2 dressers and 2 closets. Rooms are well lit with big windows and a bureau. Males and females may NOT share the same room in the dorm; however, males and females are housed on the same floor. Linens are not provided. Shared hallway bathrooms. Students should bring or purchase upon arrival: extra long twin sheets, blanket/comforter, pillow, towels, alarm clock. Self service laundry machines are available for a small fee. Free WiFi access to all students. There is a centralized kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave. Open flame/warmer plates are NOT allowed. Resident Advisor (RA) are always on duty and frequently creates fun activities for all dormitory students (ELS and university students).

  • 每期課程價格
  • $950
  • 占用
  • Double
  • 餐點點數
  • No meals included


  • Homestay Families offer a personable and friendly environment to all students as they are sensitive to student's needs. ELS wants both student and Homestay Family to have a pleasant and memorable experience to gain a rewarding and everlasting friendship.
  • Many Homestays are located in residential communities
  • All Homestays are within 45 minutes of walking and/or public transportation (students are responsible for their own personal transportation)
  • Many students ride their bicycle to school and lock their bicycle at designated racks

  • 每期課程價格
  • $1090
  • 占用
  • Single
  • 餐點點數
  • 14 meals per week.



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