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火奴鲁鲁, 夏威夷州, 美国

Honolulu | Hawai'i Pacific University





特色: 大学提前入学课程

通过学习大学提前入学课程,在夏威夷太平洋大学的学位课程攻读上抢占先机。该课程为完成英语学习前获取大学学分提供了机会,允许您在校内学习英语的同时也学习大学课程。如您已完成ELS 109级别的学术用途英语课程或 TOEFL iBT®成绩最低61*,则该课程可将您完成学位课程的时间提前整整一学期!


提示:ELS/火奴鲁鲁 - 15th November 2019日结 束课程报名。我们诚邀您来以下的ELS语言中心参观,体验我们的课程,找到适合您的语言中心和课程。

1188 Fort Street, 火奴鲁鲁, 夏威夷州, 美国


  • 威基基海滩: 蜂蜜色沙滩和适合冲浪的巨浪是这一著名海滩的一大特色。
  • 钻石山(Diamond Head): 钻石山的山脊线上有岛上风景最为优美的步道。
  • 马诺阿瀑布: 马诺阿瀑布是火奴鲁鲁一处垂直落差为45米的瀑布,且只有通过走野外小路才能抵达。

Honolulu | Hawai'i Pacific University

(808) 543-8075

  • 合作大学
    • Hawai'i Pacific University
  • 住宿选项
    • Student Residence (Off Campus)
    • Homestay
  • 中心设施
    • The ELS offices and classrooms are located in a historic building (The Model Progess Building) of Hawaii Pacific University
    • The downtown university facilities are located within walking distance to the historic sights of Aloha Tower Marketplace, the Kamehameha Statue, the State Capitol, Arts District, and Chinatown
    • The ELS classrooms are "technology" ready classrooms.
    • The ELS Center is located in the heart of downtown Honolulu
  • 城市环境
  • 市中心


Student Residence (Off Campus)

The Kalo Terrace is situated in central Honolulu and a 10 minute bicycle ride to Waikiki Beach.
The student residence consists of "apartment-style" units with bedrooms including a furnished kitchen, shared bathrooms, living room, all utilities, and free Wi-Fi access.
A coin operated laundry is located on the property as well as a pool and outdoor lounge area.
The Kalo Terrace is walking distance to many cafes, grocery stores and restaurants. There is a public stop near by and direct buses to ELS Honolulu that take 15-20 minutes.
These self-contained furnished apartments are a great way to interact with other students.

  • 每学期费用
  • $1100, $1500
  • 入住情况
  • Double, Single
  • 用餐积分
  • No meals included. Restaurants, fast food eateries, markets, sundry stories, banks and a post office are all within walking distance.


ELS/Honolulu Host Families are located within a 35-50 minute commute via public bus. Most families are located in the residential neighborhoods of Hawaii Kai or Kaneohe/Kailua. All families are experienced in hosting international students and look forward to welcoming students into their home.

  • 每学期费用
  • $1100
  • 入住情况
  • Single
  • 用餐积分
  • 14 meals per week. ELS/Honolulu Host Families provide breakfast and dinner daily

Student Residence (Off Campus)

The Nu'uanu YMCA is situated just a 5 minute walk to the ELS center. This dormitory provides single rooms to students with communal bathrooms. Each room in this basic dormitory includes linen, refrigerator, A/C , hardwood floors and wifi access. While there are no kitchen facilities on site nor is there a meal plan, the YMCA provides a microwave in the lobby as well as many cafes, restaurants and supermarkets all within walking distance to the YMCA. There are also coin operated laundry machines on site. All residents who stay at the YMCA also have full access free of charge to the YMCA facilities including pool, weight room and fitness classes.

  • 每学期费用
  • $876
  • 入住情况
  • Single - Males only
  • 用餐积分
  • No meals included. There is an on-site cafe and many restaurants in the area. Supermarket is only 5 minutes away by foot.



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