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洛杉矶, 加利福尼亚州, 美国

​Hollywood | The Los Angeles Film School





6363 Sunset Blvd, 洛杉矶, 加利福尼亚州, 美国


  • TCL中国剧院与好莱坞星光大道: 参观中国剧院这一标志性的好莱坞剧院,而著名的星光大道就在戏院外面,有无数电影明星在这里留下了他们的手印和脚印。
  • 格里菲斯公园: 这一大型城市公园的一大特色是格里菲斯天文台,该天文台是一处公共天文台,设有天文馆、公共望远镜并具有观赏著名好莱坞标志的最佳视角。
  • 好莱坞环球影城®: 洛杉矶地区最热门的景点之一,该游乐园的最大特色是模仿最有名的一些电影场景和角色的骑乘设施。

​Hollywood | The Los Angeles Film School

(323) 769-6800

  • 合作大学
    • The Los Angeles Film School
  • 住宿选项
    • Homestay
    • Student Residence (Off Campus)
  • 中心设施
    • Diverse student population from 10+ different countries
    • Very close walking distance to: Hollywood Boulevard, numerous restaurants, coffee shops, banks, and shopping (bus and train)
    • The ELS Center is located in the historic RCA Building, where rock legends such as the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley recorded music albums
    • A 345-seat, THX certified-theater featuring a Sony 4K projector where ELS students are invited to see numerous movie screenings each month at no cost
  • 城市环境
  • 市中心



Students can expect to take public transportation via bus and/or train for their daily commute. Please note that many ELS/Hollywood homestays are outside of the Hollywood area, and are near surrounding neighborhoods, such as the famous Beverly Hills. On orientation day, all students are led to the local station to purchase weekly and monthly transportation passes.

  • 每学期费用
  • $1380
  • 入住情况
  • Single
  • 用餐积分
  • 14 meals per week. Breakfast is usually self-serve at a time convenient to the student. Dinner is typically a prepared meal shared with the hosts.

Student Residence (Off Campus)

The ELS student residence is conveniently located just 1.5 miles, or 2.4 km from the center. It is a one building complex that consists of 8 separate, non-coed, apartments. Students are able to walk, bike, or take public transportation (bus or train) to and from the center.

There is a large lounge area provided for all students. This space includes table and chairs, as well as a shared BBQ where students are able to cook their own meals.

Meals are not included in the price of this accommodation type, but please note there are several supermarkets (Trader Joes, Food 4 Less) and ethnic restaurants located in very close walking distance to both the student residence and the ELS Hollywood center. Community clothes washers and dryers are located adjacent to the apartment complex. There is no monetary payment needed to check-in to the student residence, however, students are asked to complete credit card authorization forms on their orientation day to cover any lost keys or damage(s) to his or her's room or apartment.

  • 每学期费用
  • $730, $830
  • 入住情况
  • Double, Triple
  • 用餐积分
  • No meals included.
    There are several supermarkets and restaurants located in close walking distance to both the student residence and the ELS Hollywood Center.




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