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里奇蒙, 肯塔基州, 美國

Richmond – Kentucky | Eastern Kentucky University




ELS Richmond – Kentucky位於安全友善的東肯塔基大學(Eastern Kentucky University)校園內,該大學地處肯塔基州第六大城市里奇蒙(Richmond)的中心,該城市歷史悠久、充滿魅力。享受200多個校園學生組織、大學的娛樂中心、市中心購物和美食、肯塔基州豐富的歷史及該地區美麗的自然風光。

521 Lancaster Ave., 103 Crabbe Library , 里奇蒙, 肯塔基州, 美國


  • 萊星頓市(Lexington): 萊星頓市被稱為「世界馬都」,是肯塔基州第二大城市,這裡富有南方魅力、歷史悠久而且風景優美。
  • 紅河峽谷(Red River Gorge): 親眼見證天然石橋(Natural Bridge)的美麗,它是由沙岩自然形成,高20米。
  • 天堂灣水上樂園(Paradise Cove Water Park): 在天堂灣享受游泳、跳水、滑水及在陽光下嬉戲的樂趣。

Richmond – Kentucky | Eastern Kentucky University

(859) 622-2510

  • 合作大學
    • Eastern Kentucky University
  • 住宿選項
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
    • Homestay
  • 中心設施
    • Noel Studio for Academic Creativity
    • John Grant Crabbe Library
    • The Ravine: Outdoor Amphitheater
    • Campus Recreation Center: Gym, Group Exercise, Climbing Wall
    • Powell Dining Hall: Food Court & Buffet style
    • Sports fields/courts (baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis)
    • Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools
    • EKU has many international student clubs, as well as clubs by interest (music, sports, art, etc.)
    • On Campus parking (with $60 pass)
    • Access to computer labs on campus
  • 城市環境
  • 郊區


Student Residence (On Campus)

The Telford Global Village is designed to bring ELS students together with EKU domestic and international students through the common language of English and specialized event planning. Students can enjoy practicing their language skills while sharing common floors, a large common kitchen and lounges with native English speakers and other international students studying at EKU.
Units are spacious double suite rooms, where two adjoined dorms have a shared bath that accommodate four students of the same gender. Each room has a mini-fridge for convenient food storage, as well as full size refrigerators in the common kitchen. Students can enjoy free cable TV and internet. All utilities are included in rental price, along with linens.
The Telford building has a 24 hours RA and is 8-10 minutes walking distance to downtown shopping, cafes and restaurants.

  • 每期課程價格
  • $780
  • 占用
  • Double
  • 餐點點數
  • No meals included


The Homestay Program at ELS/Richmond-Kentucky offers students the option to live with an American family and experience American culture firsthand! Families are limited, but students who live with a family are provided with a private bedroom, nearby bathroom, 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner), and a quiet area to study. Students will get the opportunity to practice English outside of the classroom while experiencing day-to-day life as a part of an American family.
Transportation requirement: Many Host Families live in nearby Lexington (30 minutes by car), and students are required to provide their own transportation from the Homestay to EKU campus in Richmond.

  • 每期課程價格
  • $820
  • 占用
  • Single
  • 餐點點數
  • 14 meals per week. Host families will provide a continental breakfast with cereal, bread and drink. Dinners are provided and vary based on food preference, allergies or restrictions noted in the student's application.



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