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路斯頓市, 路易斯安那州, 美國

Ruston | Louisiana Tech University




ELS Ruston位於路斯頓市(Ruston)路易斯安那理工大學(Louisiana Tech University)的校園內。路斯頓是路易斯安那州北部丘陵間的一座小城。當地市民十分友善好客,校區眾多。路斯頓有著豐富多彩的活動,包括綵球遊戲、遠足、騎自行車、垂釣、節日會演,週末還能去紐奧良(New Orleans)和達拉斯(Dallas)遊玩。

特色: 大學認證課程

報讀ELS學術英語課程(107級及以上)時,可透過大學認證計劃在路易斯安那理工大學選修課程。 該計劃是作為海外學年的一部份提供,機會難得。

305 Wisteria St., 路斯頓市, 路易斯安那州, 美國


  • 節日: 路易斯安那蜜桃節(Louisiana Peach Festival)是路斯頓一年一度的眾多活動之一,工匠和小販也會隨之而來,期間還會舉行遊行、車展、競技表演、5公里賽跑和烹飪比賽。
  • 林肯巴里公園(Lincoln Parish Park): 林肯巴里公園的車道是美國最好的越野自行車道之一,整條車道既刺激又富有挑戰性。
  • 週末遊: 可以去紐奧良度過週末時光,品嚐世界著名的肯瓊料理,欣賞爵士樂演出,還可遊覽歷史上著名的法國街區。

Ruston | Louisiana Tech University

(318) 257-2012

  • 合作大學
    • Louisiana Tech University
  • 住宿選項
    • Student Residence (On Campus)
    • Homestay
  • 城市環境
  • 郊區


Student Residence (On Campus)

The on-campus dorms are very economical and convenient. For students looking to save some money and have the opportunity to meet other American students this is a great option. Student also do not have to worry about furniture or dealing with a lease.
Various dormitories at LTU are used for ELS students. Males are in separate dorms from females. Both male and female dorms are typical double occupancy dorms located on campus. Shared hallway bathrooms. Rooms include sink, bed, desk, closet, and chest of drawers. Linens are also included. Exact dormitory placement is announced upon check-in.
Self-service laundry machines are available within walking-distance of rooms. Students can pay laundry machine fees using the "express" money allotment on their LTU student card.

  • 每期課程價格
  • $656
  • 占用
  • Double
  • 餐點點數
  • Price includes $160 cafeteria credit per session to use in various on campus food establishments. Credit can be used for food purchases only.


Capacity for homestays is limited. In the last year, host families have taken students on weekend trips to New Orleans and Mississippi. ELS/Ruston host families like to take their students to local sporting events, community picnics and celebrations. Some homestays are walking or biking-distance to campus. In other cases, homestay families will drive students to and from school.

  • 每期課程價格
  • $800
  • 占用
  • Single
  • 餐點點數
  • 14 meals per week



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