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ELS English Programs

Choose from our selection of English programs and classes that are designed to meet your language learning goals and dreams.


ELS English Programs Offer Unparalleled Quality 

Over the past 60 years, we’ve helped 1.2 million students from 143 countries across the globe learn English, and we can help you too! The ELS teaching method is founded on academically-supported and innovative learning techniques, delivered by highly trained instructors and helpful student support staff. More than 600 colleges and universities throughout the USA recognize our level 109 or 112 to meet their English language entry requirements!

We offer a range of program options to meet your American study and travel goals. Whichever program you choose we'll be here to support you on your life changing English learning journey!

Discover ELS English Programs

(1 Lesson = 50 minutes)

Intensive Progams-BOX Image-min

English program

30 Lessons
per week

English Learning Focus

All language skills including listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Why Choose This Program?

Enjoy the most complete English learning experience designed to develop your language proficiency to support success in English-speaking higher education, business, or social settings.

Semi-Intensive Progams-BOX Image-min

English program

20 Lessons
per week

English Learning Focus

Listening, speaking and oral communication

(reading & writing as a secondary focus)

Why Choose This Program?

Combine the best of both worlds - strengthen your English communication skills and improve reading and writing while having plenty of time for American adventure and cultural immersion.

American Explorer Programs-box Image-1


15 Lessons
per week

English Learning Focus

Listening, speaking and oral communication

Why Choose This Program?

A vacation English communication program designed to help you get the most out of your short-term holiday in the United States with plenty of free time to see attractions and connect with locals (12 weeks maximum).

Other English Programs
Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Youth Progams-BOX Image-min-1

Fun & Sun Youth Camp

An amazing American learning adventure for kids and teens age 10-17. Combine English classes with fun activities and excursions in and around ELS St. Petersburg, Florida while you live on campus at Eckerd College. This year includes a Marine Biology experience as part of the program.

English for Executives-BOX images-min

English for Executives

Combine group general English classes with private customized classes tailored to your unique business English learning needs or the needs of your team. Enjoy the benefits of practicing your English skills with others, and the extra support of one-to-one private English learning.

Super-Intensive-English Program-Business English-BOX Image-ok-min

Super Intensive

Super-Intensive English is a fully customizable, one-on-one course designed specifically for executives and professionals to quickly gain proficiency in business English. Enjoy a customized business English learning experience tailored to your unique needs and language learning goals.

Why Learn English with ELS?

ELS offers a high quality English learning experience. Our teaching excellence is respected throughout our industry, and 600+ USA university partner schools recognize ELS level 109 or 112 to meet their English language entry requirements.

We've developed customized curriculum and learning resources, powered by National Geographic, to offer students an English learning experience that's dynamic, interesting, and engaging.

Many of the most experienced teachers at ELS are members of TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), hold Master's degrees or TEFL Certificates, and have taught at ELS for 15+ years.

You'll learn more when you see results. Track your progress with report cards and celebrate your success. Over 40,000 ELS students have matriculated to university - you can, too.

You will learn by doing and getting involved. You'll enjoy interactive classes with real-world practice as you make friends in class, go on class outings, explore the local area, and attend social events.

You will learn and improve with feedback. Multiple touchpoints with our instructors will show how much you are progressing in your English learning journey.

ELS National Geographic
Learning Curriculum

ELS has partnered with National Geographic Learning to produce custom instructional materials specifically for the Structure and Speaking and Reading and Writing classes. These materials combine the engaging content that National Geographic is famous for, with comprehensive learning activities that focus on the effective use of the English language in meaningful and productive activities, and all unparalleled in its visual presentation. The materials also include robust digital content to enhance the learning experience for you both in and out of the classroom.