About Business Communications Programs

Professional and business communication requires a specific set of skills necessary to excel in the modern workforce. With business communications programs from ELS, we created programs designed to target these specific skills, giving you the training necessary to learn the intricacies of the English language in a business setting.

For non-native English speakers just entering the workforce or moving to a global industry, our business communications programs will prepare you for the professional world. The curriculum is tailored to professional communication, allowing you to learn not just how to speak English, but how to do so in a business setting and in business situations. The nuances of business communication make it important to understand the various types of communication and how they are handled.

Our business communications programs are focused on the fundamentals of English, such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. This approach ensures you will completely understand every aspect of the English language, and with a focus on business communication training, you will understand these fundamentals within the context of business situations.

The fundamental aspects of English are covered in three major topics focused on business: workplace skills, discussion topics and intercultural communication skills.

Business Communications Program Options

Business English Presentations


This program is built to cater to the individual needs of executives. This could mean a program specific for just you or a program for you and your team. This career-specific program is also customizable to the industry and specific English-speaking goals and needs you have.

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Private Business English Courses


Super-Intensive English is a fully customizable, one-on-one course designed specifically for executives and professionals to quickly gain proficiency in English. We have developed this course for professionals that want to learn English around their schedule.

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Business Communications Programs Overview

Workplace Skills Training

One of the focus topics of our business communications programs is workplace skills. This includes training in giving presentations, negotiating agreements, and meeting participation, as well as email writing and networking.

These different workplace functions are common across almost every industry and represent common workplace interactions. Each also requires a specific set of communication skills. In this section of the business communication training, you will learn how to navigate these individual aspects of daily professional life. For example, you will learn the differences between answering an email from a work colleague and answering an email from a friend. While the differences are slight and may seem insignificant, they can play a big role in professional advancement and success.

Situational Training

There are many similarities between the situations in your daily life and at work; however, there are also many situations that are specific to the workplace.

The business communication training in this section focuses on management styles, team building, and job satisfaction, as well as covering topics such as mergers, crisis management, finance, and much more. Understanding these principles and situations can provide confidence and comfort. While you may not be directly involved in each of these business situations, having knowledge about them can increase job success and career advancement.

Intercultural Communication Skills Training

Successful business communication is about more than just writing and speaking. The intercultural communication skills training is focused on these skills, which include distance, nonverbal communication, directness, and views of time.

These non-traditional communication techniques are important in business situations. The cultural implications of these techniques will allow you to easily transition in your professional life, while also ensuring you are able to clearly convey ideas and thoughts in business situations.

Business communication training can be just as important as the actual professional skills you possess. Our business communications programs from ELS provide the necessary communication training to prepare you for the workplace. To learn more or to sign up, contact your local ELS center or use the form below.