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How best to measure five decades of success for ELS, our students and our university partners? Here are just a few ways:


Student Arrival Days

with crowds of eager young students filled with anticipation arriving at ELS Language Centers across the USA.


ESL Classes Enrolled and Taught

by warm, patient and caring professional teachers sharing language, culture and energy each day.


Homestays Arranged and Roommates Matched

with cultures, customs and hospitality shared.


ELS Graduate Success Stories

from heads of government and top researchers to internationally successful musicians, artists, athletes and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.


of International Students

admitted to colleges, universities and post graduate studies in institutions of higher learning.



with farewells to friends and teachers who will be remembered for a lifetime.


Students From More Than
140 Countries

mastering English and study skills for success in higher education, careers and life.


Global Citizenships Attained

through the ELS experience, encourage our graduates to value peace and communion with their fellow citizens around the globe.

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