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ELS Los Angeles County, California at the University of La Verne

Learn English in Los Angeles County on a university campus with ELS Language Centers.

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About ELS Los Angeles County

Nestled against the scenic backdrop of California's San Gabriel Mountains, the city of La Verne exudes its own distinctive charm as a quaint and friendly suburb with a welcoming community and serene environment.

Learn English at ELS LA County, where you can engage with American students at the University of La Verne. With a campus spread across this inviting city, students have the opportunity to explore the community's local charm while enjoying the university's facilities and a mix of historic and modern architecture.

At ELS LA County, you'll not only refine your English language skills but also become part of a community that appreciates the city's suburban tranquility and diverse cultural offerings. Immerse yourself in the local attractions, from charming neighborhoods to cultural events, and discover the unique allure that La Verne has to offer. When you’re not taking English classes in La Verne, you can also venture west to Greater Los Angeles for cultural and recreational opportunities in the United States’ second largest city!


Learn English in Los Angeles County at ELS
on the campus of
 University of La Verne


The private University of La Verne is a Top 150 ranked university boasting robust academic options that include 55 undergraduate programs, 19 master's degrees, four doctorates, and eight credential programs.

Planning to transfer to an American college or university after your studies? Upon successful completion of ELS Intensive English level 112, you will fulfill the English language entry requirement for conditional admission to the University of La Verne, as well as additional nearby partner colleges and universities, and upon successful completion of level 109, students will fulfill the proficiency requirement for partner community colleges.

Explore the University of La Verne
An exterior view of the entrance to the University of La Verne, the host institution of ELS Language Centers in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Why you should Choose
ELS Los Angeles County for Your English
Learning Experience

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds by exploring La Verne’s natural attractions like the nearby San Gabriel Mountains and plentiful green spaces, or venture to Greater Los Angeles for big-city buzz.
  • Get the full American student experience as you connect with students around the University of La Verne campus, and while you use the university facilities.
  • Learn English in LA County at ELS’ center on the beautiful campus of the University of La Verne which provides a close-knit community. This supportive environment can enhance the overall university experience and make students feel more engaged in their academic journey.
  • Choose the right program to meet your goals and interests, whether you’re looking for intensive Academic English study, or a program that supports more free time to explore and experience the US, we have something to meet your needs.
  • Study with our customized engaging curriculum and reputable high quality English training – ELS’s Intensive English levels 109 or 112 meet the English language entry requirement for more than 600 colleges and universities throughout the USA!

Unique opportunities at
University of La Verne


American Conversation Partnerships

ELS students can connect with current University of La Verne students to practice their English conversation.

Class Visitation

University Class Auditing & Visitation*

Once you reach ELS level 110, you can enjoy free class visits to see what it’s like to learn at ULV and even audit entire ULV classes.
* Additional fees may apply.


Concurrent Enrollment

Students who meet University of La Verne entry requirements and have achieved ELS level 110 can take concurrent studies at the university while still an ELS student.


University Scholarships for ELS Students

Planning to study at the University of La Verne after you complete your ELS studies? Take advantage of scholarships to help with your tuition fees and other costs.

Explore the ELS Los Angeles County Campus


Trisha Sareen
ELS Los Angeles County Center Director

Trisha is passionate about students' English and higher education learning journeys in the USA and is here to support your English acquisition and learning transformation at ELS LA County. Trisha has worked with many students of diverse backgrounds. Her family has also been a homestay for many students.


Important Campus Info


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ELS Los Angeles County | University of La Verne Campus Facilities

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Sports Pavilion
Cafeteria Patio
Court Yard
ELS Office
Book Store

Things to do in Los Angeles County

Explore Los Angeles County's top attractions to make your English study experience unforgettable. 
The ocean and pier at Huntington Beach in Orange County, California, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Huntington Beach

Affectionately known as "Surf City, USA," Huntington Beach is a coastal city in Orange County, California. Renowned for its world-class surfing conditions, picturesque shoreline, and iconic Huntington Beach Pier, the city is a popular destination for beach lovers and surf enthusiasts alike.

An exterior view of the renaissance-style Pasadena City Hall building in Los Angeles County, California, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Old Town Pasadena

Known for its charming historic architecture and lively atmosphere, Old Town Pasadena is a delightful district in Pasadena, California that is renowned for its historic architecture, diverse shopping, and vibrant dining scene. With tree-lined streets, unique boutiques, and an array of restaurants, cafes, and cultural attractions, it's a delightful destination that seamlessly blends the past with the present.

A roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park in Valencia, California, USA near ELS Los Angeles County.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Situated in Valencia, California, Six Flags Magic Mountain offers a thrilling and uniquely American amusement park experience. The premier theme park is recognized for its world-class collection of roller coasters, including some record-breaking rides, making it a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers.

A butterfly perched on a branch at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California, USA near ELS Language Centers.

California Science Center

Located in Los Angeles, the California Science Center is a captivating destination for students seeking hands-on exploration of science and technology. With interactive exhibits, immersive displays, and attractions like the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the center offers an engaging and educational experience, making it a must-visit for those interested in STEM fields and scientific discovery.

A close-up view of a brown horse's head with a blue sky in the background.

Marshall Canyon Equestrian Center

Enjoy a scenic and serene environment at the Marshall Canyon Equestrian Center in La Verne, California. With well-maintained trails winding through picturesque landscapes and professional facilities, this horse-riding destination provides a delightful experience for riders of all levels, making it a charming escape into nature.

Dinosaur fossils at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles County, California, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Natural History Museum Los Angeles County

Discover Earth’s history at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: a captivating institution that showcases a diverse range of natural wonders, including dinosaur fossils, gemstones, and artifacts. With fascinating exhibits and educational programs, it provides an enriching experience for students interested in exploring the natural world.

A view of the lake at Frank G. Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California, USA near ELS Los Angeles County.

San Dimas Canyon Community Regional Park

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, San Dimas Canyon Community Regional Park offers a picturesque setting for outdoor activities with sprawling green spaces, picnic areas, and walking trails. Offering scenic views and a serene ambiance, the park provides a perfect escape for hikers and nature enthusiasts in the San Dimas area.

A close-up photo of a giraffe's head at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens in California, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a captivating destination that combines wildlife conservation with a diverse collection of plant species, creating an immersive and educational experience. With habitats for a wide range of animals and beautifully landscaped gardens, the zoo offers a delightful and educational visit.

ELS Los Angeles County
Homestay Accommodation

Homestay families offer a personable and friendly environment, and are sensitive to a student’s individual needs. Both the student and the homestay family have pleasant, memorable experiences and foster a rewarding, lasting friendship.
Many homestays are located in residential communities. All are within a 45 minute walk or public transportation. Students are responsible for their own transportation. Many students ride bikes to school and lock them at designated bike racks.

Housing availability and confirmations are contingent on university and/or provider approval and are subject to change.

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  • Meals
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ELS Los Angeles County
Student Residence

University of La Verne Campus Residences are in the center of campus and only a seven-minute walk to the learning center. Vista is near downtown La Verne, which has numerous shopping and dining options. The on-campus residence offers modern suite-style living with fully furnished bedrooms. Each suite features two single rooms, two double rooms, four private bathrooms, and a shared living room with a flat screen cable television. Students can also enjoy the convenience of in-suite central air conditioning and heat, Wi-Fi access, and state-of-the-art laundry facilities.
Clean, modern double rooms host ELS students, while single rooms host University of La Verne students. This provides an ideal setting for students to learn and experience American and university culture. The building boasts a large community lounge with a full kitchen and stove, community lounges, and study rooms on each floor.

Housing availability and confirmations are contingent on university and/or provider approval and are subject to change.

An evening view of students seated outside of the University of La Verne Campus Residences which is home to ELS Los Angeles County Students in California, USA.
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    On Campus

Discover ELS English Programs in Los Angeles County

Intensive English

Our most complete English learning experience, designed to develop your language proficiency to support success in English-speaking higher education, business, or in any activity where you need to speak English well. Choose this program if you plan to attend one of the 600+ colleges that recognize ELS level 109 or 112 for language entry. 

Semi-Intensive English

Make English language development a priority while still leaving plenty of time to discover local culture and activities. Enjoy four daily English lessons designed to quickly improve your English communication skills. Outside the classroom, connect with locals and discover the attractions in your USA study city. 

American Explorer

The American Explorer Program offers a casual English learning experience while providing plenty of free time for local discovery and American cultural immersion. Designed for the curious explorer, this relaxed study program will help you improve your English to enrich a short-term study adventure. 

English for Executives

English for Executives is built to cater to the unique needs of business executives and professionals. Combine group classes designed to build comprehensive English skills with private lessons tailored to your specific learning needs and business communication goals.  Available for individuals or for teams. 

Super Intensive English

A fully customizable, one-on-one course designed for executives and professionals to quickly gain proficiency in business English. Choose 15, 20 or 30 lessons per week, and schedule this flexible program at a time that fits around your professional and personal commitments. 

Where to Find ELS Los Angeles County

ELS los Angeles County is located on the Campus of University of La Verne:

  • 1886 3rd St,
    La Verne,
    California, United States
  • (909) 593-5555