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Online Programs


Online English Through ILSC HELLO
Higher Education & Language Learning Online

ILSC Hello Logo - says ILSC HELLO: Higher Education & Language Learning Online
  • Learn English online from anywhere in the world through our partner school ILSC.
  • Choose from three online English schedule options - study between 5-20 hours per week.
  • Different program options include: English for Academic Purposes, University Pathway, & General English (English Foundation)
  • Programs offered twice per day - choose the time that fits your time zone and life.
  • Live virtual instruction from teachers with years of English teaching experience.
  • Progress one level in as little as 4 weeks of online English study.
  • Start online with ILSC HELLO, then transition to an ELS campus in the USA.

Study English Online then Transition to ELS On Campus

The ILSC HELLO Online English program is offered through our partner school, ILSC. Upon completion of each 4-week session, students will be graded according to ILSC Language Levels. ILSC's levels map to ELS USA levels according to the below chart.


The range of tests listed varies greatly in design, purpose, and format. This chart is intended to serve only as a guideline of test scores and ILSC and ELS levels and may not apply equally to every individual.

Students completing a level in the ILSC HELLO Online English program are welcome to transfer to an in-person campus at either ILSC or ELS in accordance with the above level equivalency chart. Students who are planning to begin university studies in the US at ELS partner universities which accept ELS Level 112 completion will be required to attend the full Master’s level program (Levels 110, 111 and 112) in person at an ELS Language Center to receive a qualifying certificate. Students who wish to enroll in partner colleges which require Level 109 completion will need to attend and complete Level 109 in person at an ELS Language Center.