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Discover our variety of classes to help you develop your English language skills.


Classes at ELS

All ELS students will have several different types of English classes each day. Each class focuses on a specific language skill (listening, speaking, reading or writing) or an element of the language (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc.) The classes that you take will depend on which program you are studying in and on your English level. Explore our classes to learn more.


This class meets for two periods each day and focuses on speaking, listening and structure (grammar). Every student in Levels 101-109 takes Structure and Speaking Practice.

This class meets two periods each day and focuses on listening, speaking and critical thinking skills. Every student in Levels 110-112 takes Language Studies.

This class meets for one period each day. Skills Enhancement Classes may vary at each location. Examples of Skills Enhancement Classes include Communication Through Video, Conversation and Speaking Skills, Vocabulary Enrichment, Real World Listening, Idioms, and more. All Intensive and Semi-intensive students take a Skills Enhancement Class. Skills Enhancement Classes cover many topics. Your Academic Director will assign you to the most appropriate Skills Enhancement Class for your needs.

In the Language Technology Center, students learn English on computers at their own pace with the help of the Language Technology Center instructor. Language Technology Center supports what students are learning in other classes and can be especially helpful in improving listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. All Intensive and Semi-intensive students take Language Technology Center. (Depending on the level or the session, some student may take a Skills Enhancement Class instead of Language Technology Center.)

This class meets two periods every afternoon, Monday-Thursday and focuses on developing reading and writing skills. Since afternoon Reading & Writing periods are longer (60 and 65 minutes) than the morning classes, students receive the same amount of instruction time each week in Reading & Writing as they do in their morning classes. Only Intensive students take Reading & Writing.

Find the right English Program!

Intensive English

Our most complete English learning experience, designed to develop your language proficiency to support success in English-speaking higher education, business, or in any activity where you need to speak English well. Choose this program if you plan to attend one of the 600+ colleges that recognize ELS level 109 or 112 for language entry. 

Semi-Intensive English

Make English language development a priority while still leaving plenty of time to discover local culture and activities. Enjoy four daily English lessons designed to quickly improve your English communication skills. Outside the classroom, connect with locals and discover the attractions in your USA study city. 

American Explorer

The American Explorer Program offers a casual English learning experience while providing plenty of free time for local discovery and American cultural immersion. Designed for the curious explorer, this relaxed study program will help you improve your English to enrich a short-term study adventure. 

Fun and Sun Youth Camp

ELS’s Fun & Sun Youth Camp offers an amazing American learning adventure for kids and teens age 10-17. Combine English classes with fun activities and excursions in and around St. Petersburg while you live on campus at Eckerd College. This year includes a Marine Biology experience as part of the program. 

Fun and Sun Youth Camp Day Camp

ELS’s Fun & Sun Youth Camp offers an amazing American learning adventure for kids and teens age 10-17. Combine English classes with fun activities and excursions in and around St. Petersburg. This year includes a Marine Biology experience as part of the program. No accommodation included.

English for Executives

English for Executives is built to cater to the unique needs of business executives and professionals. Combine group classes designed to build comprehensive English skills with private lessons tailored to your specific learning needs and business communication goals.  Available for individuals or for teams. 

Super Intensive English

A fully customizable, one-on-one course designed for executives and professionals to quickly gain proficiency in business English. Choose 15, 20 or 30 lessons per week, and schedule this flexible program at a time that fits around your professional and personal commitments. 

ELS 2 + 2 Program

Combine ELS study with 2 years at a California community college, followed by 2 years at a top university. Realize your dream of earning a degree from a world-recognized university while you take advantage of tuition savings, lots of support, individualized attention, and smaller class sizes. 

College Year Program

Study English at ELS San Francisco, North Bay, then complete one full first-year semester or quarter at Foothill, De Anza, or Santa Rosa Junior College, choosing from a wide variety of first year courses. Enjoy an English language immersion experience that will enrich your life and support your future study goals.