Proven language learning founded on innovation and academics

The ELS teaching method is founded on academically-supported and innovative learning techniques, delivered by highly trained instructors and helpful student support staff.

  • You learn by doing and getting involved: Interactive classes with real-world practice – making friends in class, going on class outings, exploring the local area, attending social events
  • You learn and improve with feedback: Multiple touchpoints with our instructors to show how much you are progressing in your learning journey
  • You learn more when you see results: Track your progress with report cards and celebrate your success. Over 40,000 ELS students have matriculated to university – you can, too.

Online Learning Platform

As soon as you apply to ELS, you will receive access to an online pre-arrival assessment and an online self-study course to help you prepare for your studies abroad. You will also supplement your in-person classes with online practice sessions. Upon completion of your ELS course, you will continue to receive access to additional online content to achieve your English language goals.

American Experience

When you are in a new city, it can take time to build meaningful connections and feel at home. ELS’s new American Experience course is a “guide to American culture and life” and will provide many opportunities for you to personally connect with Americans, highlight the expectations of the American education system, and allow you to take control of your success at ELS and beyond. You will practice your English language skills firsthand in experiential learning activities (sports and wellness, volunteer opportunities, field trips, museum tours) and will gain confidence in your new study environment.

ELS National Geographic Learning Curriculum

ELS has partnered with National Geographic Learning to produce custom instructional materials specifically for the Structure and Speaking and Reading and Writing classes. The new materials combine the engaging content that National Geographic is famous for, with comprehensive learning activities that focus on the effective use of the English language in meaningful and productive activities, and all unparalleled in its visual presentation. The materials also include robust digital content to enhance the learning experience for you both in and out of the classroom.