Conditional Admission to Colleges and Universities

  • ELS completion certificates are accepted by over 600 colleges and universities in the USA for conditional admission
  • ELS University Admissions Services staff can help you complete your college application - even before you leave home to study English with ELS

Conditional Admission

Before you even leave home to learn English, you can take full advantage of securing your conditional admission to one of our many partner colleges and universities in the USA. Our friendly and supportive ELS staff can assist you through the entire process, from selecting the right university to applying and meeting the English requirements for admission.

What is a "Conditional Admission"?

A conditional admission means that you have been accepted to your university of choice upon completion of your English language studies. Your admission will be updated to a “full acceptance” once you present the university or college with your ELS Certificate of Completion as proof of English language proficiency.

Why is it beneficial to have a conditional admission?

Securing a “conditional admission” is very beneficial to your plans to study in the United States.

  1. You will have a full study plan that includes both English language studies and higher education plans before leaving your home country.

  2. You will have a smooth transition upon graduating with your ELS Certificate of Completion.

  3. You will have an estimated university program start date for which semester you will begin your studies.

Which of ELS’s partner colleges and universities provide conditional admission?

Conditional admission applies to those seeking Associate, Bachelor, Master, Doctoral degrees and post-graduate certificates. To identify a school that best fits with your desires (program of study, admissions requirements, location, price point, etc.), speak with an agent near you.

How can I apply for a conditional admission?

ELS helps secure Conditional Admission for students while they are still in their home countries. Please reach out to your agent to get more information.