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Learn English in St. Paul, Minnesota with ELS St. Paul at the University of St. Thomas

Learn English in St. Paul on a university campus with ELS Language Centers.

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Discover ELS St. Paul

Nestled along the banks of Minnesota’s mighty Mississippi River, the famous Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul offer a unique blend of historical charm, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes.

Learn English at ELS St. Paul, where you can connect with American students at the University of St. Thomas. The university campus spans St. Paul and Minneapolis, allowing students to experience the charm of both cities while enjoying the university’s rich history and beautiful urban campus characterized by historic architecture and modern facilities.

At ELS St. Paul, you'll not only enhance your English skills but also be part of a community that celebrates the unique blend of Midwestern warmth and cosmopolitan allure that defines the Twin Cities. Immerse yourself in the diverse culinary scene, vibrant arts community, and friendly atmosphere that St. Paul and Minneapolis have to offer.


Learn English in St. Paul at university-of-st-thomas-logo

The private, Catholic University of St. Thomas is a Top 150 ranked university. As Minnesota's largest private university, the University of St. Thomas has a diverse student body, with students from 50 states and 63 countries.

Planning to transfer to an American college or university after your studies? Upon successful completion of ELS Intensive English level 112, you will fulfill the English language entry requirement for conditional admission to the University of St. Thomas, as well as additional nearby partner colleges and universities.

Explore the University of St. Thomas
An aerial view of the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis-St. Paul, the host institution of ELS St. Paul in Minnesota, USA.

Why you should Choose
ELS St. Paul for Your English
Learning Experience

  • Learn English in St. Paul at ELS’s campus on the beautiful campus of the University of St. Thomas which spans Minnesota’s famous Twin Cities, allowing students to experience the charm of both Minneapolis and St. Paul.
  • Get the full American student experience as you connect with students around the University of St. Thomas campus, and while you use the university facilities.
  • Enjoy easy access to the Twin Cities’ cultural scene, historical sites, ethnic eateries, and scenic riverfront.
  • Choose the right program to meet your goals and interests, whether you’re looking for intensive English study, or a program that supports more free time to explore and experience the US, we have something to meet your needs.
  • Study with our customized engaging curriculum and reputable high quality English training – ELS’s Intensive English level 109 or 112 meet the English language entry requirement for more than 600 colleges and universities throughout the USA!

Unique opportunities at
the University of St. Thomas


American Conversation Partnerships

ELS students can connect with current University of St. Thomas students to practice their English conversation.

Class Visitation

University Class Auditing*

Students who have reached ELS level 110 can audit entire University of St. Thomas classes.
* Additional fees may apply.


Concurrent Enrollment

Students who meet University of St. Thomas entry requirements and have achieved ELS level 110 can take concurrent studies at the university while still an ELS student.


IELTS Testing Center

Planning to take the IELTS test? ELS St. Paul is an official IELTS Test center.

Learn More

Explore the ELS St. Paul Campus


Jonathon Heide
ELS St. Paul Center Director

Jonathon is passionate about students' English and higher education learning journeys in the USA and is here to support your English acquisition and learning transformation at ELS St. Paul.


Important Campus Info


  • 16
    Years Old
  • 12-15
  • 18

ELS St. Paul | The University of St. Thomas Campus Facilities


The ELS St. Paul Center is located on the University of St. Thomas's Minneapolis Campus. Facilities may be located on this campus or on the St. Paul campus, easily accessible by shuttle bus.

  • cafeteria
  • computer-lab
  • paid-parking-nearby
  • fitness-center
  • free-parking
  • gymnasium
  • library
  • Music Practice Room
  • football-soccer-field
  • swimming-pool
  • tennis-court
  • barrier-free-center
  • barrier-free-classrooms
  • wi-fi
Schulze Hall
Student Center

Things to do in St. Paul

Explore St. Paul’s top attractions to make your English study experience unforgettable. 
An exterior view of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA near ELS St. Paul.

Mall of America

Located in Bloomington, just south of Minneapolis, the Mall of America is one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in the world. It features over 500 stores, numerous restaurants, an indoor amusement park, and the SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium.

An interior view of Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Located in St. Paul, Como Park offers a free zoo and a beautiful conservatory. It's a great place to relax, explore botanical gardens, and enjoy a variety of animals from around the world.

Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Minnehaha Falls

Located in Minneapolis, Minnehaha Falls is a stunning natural attraction known for its 53-foot waterfall nestled within Minnehaha Park. Visitors can adventure through winding paths to the waterfall and relax in the park’s green spaces. Minnehaha Falls serves as a popular spot for nature enthusiasts, picnickers, and those seeking a serene outdoor experience in the heart of the Twin Cities.

Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Mill City Museum

Situated in Minneapolis, this museum is built within the ruins of an old flour mill and provides insight into the city's milling history. The museum offers interactive exhibits and picturesque views of the Mississippi River.

A scenic view of the Mississippi River that flows between the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Minnesota, USA near ELS Language Centers.

Mississippi Riverfront

The scenic Mississippi River flows through both Minneapolis and St. Paul, offering walking and biking trails, parks, and stunning views. The Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis is a popular spot for walks and picnics.

ELS St. Paul
Homestay Accommodation

Host family students look forward to eating dinner in the evenings with their host families, celebrating holidays and other traditions with them, and having the opportunity to practice their English with them every day. Host families assist students in finding their way to the Center on the first day, and teach them how to use the bus system, as needed. Students who choose to live with host families are able to learn more about American culture than those who live on their own.

Housing availability and confirmations are contingent on university and/or provider approval and are subject to change.

  • price
    Cost per week
  • single
  • Meals
    Meals per week
  • age
    Minimum Age

ELS St. Paul
Student Residence

St. Paul Student Residence, located 4.5 miles from the ELS center, provides fully furnished shared apartments with private bedrooms, modern amenities, and internet access. The residence also offers communal spaces for relaxation and recreation, including a fitness center, yoga studio, and club room with billiards and lounge seating. Nearby shopping centers and grocery stores simplify independent living, and students can explore diverse cultural offerings in Minneapolis-St. Paul through local restaurants.

Housing availability and confirmations are contingent on university and/or provider approval and are subject to change.

A single occupancy bedroom at the St. Paul Student Residence that is home to students studying at ELS St. Paul in Minnesota, USA.
  • price
    Cost per week
  • single
  • age
  • shared-kitchen
    No meals included
    Fridge and freezer, microwave, oven, stove top w/four burners, and dishwasher
  • off-campus
    Off Campus
  • fitness-center
    24-hours Fitness Center
  • 24-hour Yoga Studio
    24-hour Yoga Studio

Discover ELS English Programs in St. Paul

Intensive English

Our most complete English learning experience, designed to develop your language proficiency to support success in English-speaking higher education, business, or in any activity where you need to speak English well. Choose this program if you plan to attend one of the 600+ colleges that recognize ELS level 109 or 112 for language entry. 

Semi-Intensive English

Make English language development a priority while still leaving plenty of time to discover local culture and activities. Enjoy four daily English lessons designed to quickly improve your English communication skills. Outside the classroom, connect with locals and discover the attractions in your USA study city. 

American Explorer

The American Explorer Program offers a casual English learning experience while providing plenty of free time for local discovery and American cultural immersion. Designed for the curious explorer, this relaxed study program will help you improve your English to enrich a short-term study adventure. 

English for Executives

English for Executives is built to cater to the unique needs of business executives and professionals. Combine group classes designed to build comprehensive English skills with private lessons tailored to your specific learning needs and business communication goals.  Available for individuals or for teams. 

Super Intensive English

A fully customizable, one-on-one course designed for executives and professionals to quickly gain proficiency in business English. Choose 15, 20 or 30 lessons per week, and schedule this flexible program at a time that fits around your professional and personal commitments. 

Where to Find ELS St. Paul

ELS St. Paul is located on the Campus of the University of St. Thomas:

  • Minneapolis Campus,
    Terrence Murphy Hall, Suite 444,
    1000 LaSalle Ave.,
    Minnesota, United States
  • (651) 240-5666