ELS Language Centers offer a variety of student options ranging from homestay to student residency. Prices quoted below are per week.

2024 US housing prices

2024 homestay fees are valid for applications received between Oct 1 and Dec 31, 2024 for arrivals in 2024, but are subject to change at any time. 2024 On and off campus student residence fees are valid for applications received between Oct 1, 2023 and Dec 31, 2024 for arrivals until the end of 2024, but are subject to change at any time.

Student Residence
Chicago, IL $370 $400 (Chicago Student Residence) D
Cincinnati, OH $335 $385 (University of Cincinnati Campus Residences) S & D
Cleveland, OH N/A $325 (Cleveland Student Residence) S
Houston, TX $370 $290 (Houston Student Residence) D
Los Angeles County, CA $350 $475 (University of La Verne Campus Residences) D
Melbourne, FL $360 $425 (Florida Institute of Technology Campus Residences) D
Nashville, TN N/A $290 (Nashville Student Residence) S
Manhattan, NY $375 N/A
Philadelphia, PA  N/A $375 (Living & Learning Commons) D
San Francisco, North Bay, CA $440 $335 (San Rafael Student Home) D
St. Paul, MN $355 $365 (St. Paul Student Residence) S
St. Petersburg, FL $385 $490 (Eckerd College Campus Residences) D
Tampa, FL $385 $375 (Tampa Student Residence) D


S = Single occupancy room (1-person)

D = Double occupancy room (2-person)

T = Triple occupancy room (3-person)

Prices are subject to change. Housing reservations are subject to availability.

Should ELS receive notification of visa approval fewer than 7 working days prior to arrival, ELS reserves the right to offer alternative housing, which may incur additional charges.

Should the arrival day be deferred due to delayed visa processing, ELS cannot guarantee the originally booked housing. If the student’s arrival is delayed, any additional cost that may be incurred in arranging housing for the student will be passed on to the student.

ELS offers 4-week session programs but allows for weekly start dates. As such, prices are listed by week.

Choose Your ELS Housing

We want you to be comfortable in the housing of your choice so you can concentrate on what’s most important - learning English.

  • If you would like ELS to arrange housing for you and you did not request housing in your application form, please review the housing options available at your Center and contact ELS to reserve your housing as soon as possible. Some of our housing options have limited availability and are in high demand.
  • ELS cannot reserve housing until we receive your housing reservation prepayment.
  • While ELS will make every effort to accommodate your housing preferences, we cannot guarantee specific room types. However, you will pay the fee for the housing type you are given, and in most cases of substitutions, this fee is less.
  • If you cancel or change any session of housing less than 28 days before the session begins, you will forfeit $300 for that session. If you change your mind after you arrive at the Center, and you choose to move out of your reserved housing early, you will lose $300 per session for up to two (2) sessions that you reserved, according to the Center’s housing refund policy.
  • ELS can only arrange housing for ELS students, and only while they are studying with ELS. Any dependents you bring with you must also be ELS students if you wish for ELS to arrange their housing. If you will bring dependents who will not be studying with ELS, then they will need to make their own housing arrangements.
  • ELS arranges all housing to begin 1 day before your session begins (Sunday), and end 1 day after your session ends (Saturday). If your arrival and departure days are different, and you will need additional housing while in the US, you will need to make additional arrangements for that time. (ELS can make special arrangements only for students 17 years old or younger.) Please contact ELS to obtain a list of recommended hotels in the area.
  • In America, not all places are located close to each other. Having a 30- to 45- minute commute from your host family or student residence to the Center is quite normal and represents an average American commute time.

Should you have any questions regarding these policies, please see your Center Staff.

If you have any problems with your accommodations, you must report them to the ELS Center as quickly as possible. The Center staff will be happy to help you resolve any problems, and will be able to assist you with all of your housing needs.

General ELS Housing Rules

  1. Students cannot smoke in any area or building of the residence, including student rooms. Most dorms also do not allow alcohol at any time, and others have strict rules regarding alcohol and parties at the dorms. The ELS Center Staff will inform you of these policies when you arrive at the Center.

  2. Overnight guests are not usually permitted in the student residences, and guests may be expected to leave between 10 and 11 pm, depending on the residence’s rules.

  3. Student rooms and belongings should be kept neat and clean at all times. You will be responsible for cleaning your room, and you must also clean up after yourself in the bathroom.

  4. Move-out times will be specified at the Center. In most cases, student rooms must be inspected before the student leaves. Please allow plenty of time for the inspection before departure.

  5. Student rooms include a desk, a chair, and a bed (bed is often a bunk bed), along with a place for clothes. ELS encourages students to decorate rooms with items that will not cause damage to the room.

  6. In many cases, students will share a bathroom with other students. Most dorm bathrooms are located in the hallway, and are used by all students living on your floor.

  7. Foods available near the Center will differ from the foods available in students’ home countries. If you have any specific dietary needs or allergies, please contact your Center for dining recommendations.

  8. Living with roommates may be a difficult adjustment. Remember that your roommates are also trying to adjust, so please be kind and patient. We recommend that students do not change their housing for at least 4 weeks during the adjustment process. If you have any problems after that period, please contact a Center representative directly.

  9. Each residence has its own rules and regulations. You will be required to follow all of the rules during your stay at the dorm.

  1. Students are generally not permitted to smoke in the host family’s home, including the student’s bedroom.

  2. Overnight guests are not permitted, and all guests will be expected to leave by 9 or 10 pm, depending on the rules of your host.

  3. Student rooms and belongings should be kept neat and clean at all times.

  4. Living with an American family may be a difficult adjustment. Remember that your host family is also trying to adjust, so please be kind and patient. We recommend that students do not change their housing for at least 4 weeks during the adjustment process.

  5. American host families live a busy lifestyle. Breakfast with the host family will often include cereal and toast, and you will be expected to prepare it yourself. If your homestay includes dinner meals, your dinner will be ready usually between 6 pm to 8 pm.

  6. American families eat a lot of meat, pasta, potatoes, and vegetables. The portions and variety may be different than other countries. You may wish to supplement your meals with a large lunch.

  7. ELS does not allow students to visit different families to choose a place or residence. ELS will use the information you provide on your application to find a suitable host family for your needs, so please make sure to give ELS all of your host family preferences. Please make sure to provide a completed application when applying for Homestay.

  8. Your host family will provide you with meals and a safe and comfortable place to live. The family will not cater to all of your needs, or clean up after you. You must treat your host family with respect and kindness at all times, and your host family will treat you with respect and kindness as well. It is considered rude to be impatient and demanding.

  9. Please provide your flight details two weeks before your session start date to your counseling agent or ELS Central Admissions Department. This is important for your host family. They need to know your estimated time of arrival so they can be home to welcome you.